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4/15/10: U.S. military contractor deaths surge; users erupt in hate-fest (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")

  • Violating its own policy, HuffPost permitted certain users to celebrate the murder of U.S. civilian contractors in Afghanistan, claiming they "got what they deserved," and denounce them as "murderers," "nuts," "jackals," etc.

  • These users were not hit-and-run "trolls" seeking to embarrass HuffPost, as Arianna Huffington has falsely claimed in the past, when "outrageous" comments appear on her site. Most are long-term radical leftists, with up to 28,000 comments in their archives, who are among the most notorious, egregious violators of the site's policies.

  • Instead of instantly banning these violators (as HuffPost claims is its policy in cases of "outrageous" conduct), it not only left all their accounts active, it protected them by banned a non-violating user who dared to stand up to them. This is part of HuffPost's continuing practice of protecting its most egregious menaces, while censoring and banning other users who challenge them, on a minute-to-minute basis; see special report documenting this here.

  • This incident is part of a broader pattern of anti-U.S. military bias at HuffPost: 12/30/09: CIA officers murdered in Afghanistan; users erupt with hate and libels (HuffPost: "Approved!!!"). More in this archive.

On April 15, 2010, the following was HuffPost's splash front page headline:
Contractor Deaths Surge In Afghanistan As They Outnumber US Soldiers

What are "civilian contractors" --- and who are they?

Despite the photo that HuffPost chose to match this headline to, many if not most of the civilian contractors that work for the U.S. government do not provide security services, but are instead ex-military personnel who provide support services. H
ere are profiles of a few of the civilian contractors that were murdered in Afghanistan, from here:
Paula Loyd, 36, from the San Antonio area, died at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX from burns she received on 4 November 2008 in Maywand, near Kandahar, when doused with fuel and set afire by an irate Afghan civilian. Paula, a social scientist/anthropologist, worked for BAE Systems as part of the Human Terrain Team helping US soldiers navigate the local culture. Prior to this position Paula had served in the Army for 4 years and the USAR for another 4 years where she attained the rank of staff sergeant. Her expertise in both components led her to accept the position with BAE. Her goal had been to rebuild both lives and services within foreign countries. [More...]

Santa Garcia Ramirez, 33, from Florence, AZ died near Kabul when a suicide car bomber detonated near her convoy. Santa, who was born in Casa Grande, AZ, had been a corrections officer in Florence for 12 years before joining Pacific Architects & Engineers servicing the US State Department working for the NATO led International Security Assistance Force. [More...]


So what kinds of user comments do you think HuffPost published on this thread?

Below is a sampling. As you can see, they contain a variety of:
  • Denunciations of these contractors, claims they "got what they deserved," etc.

  • Congratulations to those who murdered these men and women

As you review these comments, you may find yourself asking:
  • How could such vile comments appear on a reputable news website?

  • How could they appear on a website that has repeatedly claimed it works vigilantly 24-7 to prevent such comments from being published, and such users from having access?

A summary of the shocking answer is found at the conclusion of this article.


The comments:
Amock 58 fans permalink
That is the BEST news I have heard thus far coming out of Afghanistan.
If only Blackwater (or whatever they call themselves now) guys are getting shot in the head then good for the Taliban!
They are doing us all a favor.
Glad I am not there I would give away their location!

Posted 09:59 AM on 4/15/2010

Snarkyone 21 fans permalink
So by your logic since these jackals were there under his watch Bush was a liberal eh??? [...]
Posted 07:23 AM on 4/15/2010

BOBINMO 65 fans permalink
Its a good day when a Blackwater thug gets killed.
Posted 12:48 AM on 4/15/2010

sense oar sheep 55 fans permalink
[...] american mercenaries deserve no american sympathy [...]
Posted 12:56 AM on 4/15/2010

KarateKid 862 fans permalink
I have no problem with mercs losing their lives; they're all nutz anyway. [...]
Posted 07:51 AM on 4/15/2010

punk 125 fans permalink
We all should join the war against hired mercenaries.

Posted 12:32 AM on 4/15/2010

BraineyRubble 187 fans permalink
The civilian contractors do it for the money, not their country. Their deaths are as not to be mourned, as they exchanged their honor for a paycheck, footed by an American public that foolishly pays a premium for their services.
Posted 12:42 AM on 4/15/2010


HC4BO 61 fans permalink
So long as American SOLDIERS are not dying over there, I could care less ...
( except if those "contractors" are killing innocent women and children ... )
Posted 12:49 AM on 4/15/2010
10 fans permalink
they are killing innocent women and children!
Maybe you need to see a video-tape, I don't!
Posted 12:52 AM on 4/15/2010
Chazmania 146 fans permalink
That makes it OK by "law" American law! the kind that is wholly duplicitous in nature!
Posted 01:08 AM on 4/15/2010


CIH8 U2 11 fans permalink
How about Dυmb Fυcκ?????
Take your pick........Dυmb Fυcκ or Crackhead???????
Both describe you well.
Posted 09:46 AM on 4/15/2010


CountryBeforeParty 25 fans permalink
These are mercenaries. They have no loyalty is to the corporation before the United States. Therefore, their deaths mean nothing to me.
Posted 06:40 AM on 4/15/2010
62 fans permalink
They just got what they deserved
Posted 06:42 AM on 4/15/2010


Mencken Today 7 fans permalink
They are mercenaries at the core and nothing more.
I won't loose a moments sleep over their losses.
Posted 06:43 AM on 4/15/2010

KewlJoJo 293 fans permalink
Foxrocks I'm a Fan of Foxrocks I'm a fan of this user 170 fans permalink
Didn't ever serve. Matter of fact, Biden was granted a waiver due to hay fever
Cheeney got a waiver for that crosseyed beech of a daughter of his.
Posted 07:16 AM on 4/15/2010

fabricnthreads 110 fans permalink
They have "accidentally" killed so many Afghan civilians....
Same in Iraq. I guess their own deaths come with the territory, so to say. Oh well.
Posted 07:58 AM on 4/15/2010

pointyheadprodigy 207 fans permalink
Maybe we should try helping people without using our guns.
And MOST DEFINITELY without the "sport" killings the mercs enjoy so much.
Posted 12:12 AM on 4/15/2010


[Ed.: One user,
"RollTide4Change," stood against this tidal wave of hatred:]

Poncia 4 fans permalink
These contractors saw profit and are paying the price for it. Choice! It was a choice they made and they are paying the price for it.
Posted 06:27 AM on 4/15/2010
RollTide4Change permalink
Eff you. These were almost exclusively former US soldiers, honorably discharged, answering their govt's call again, and were working for their nation, their firms and their families.
Posted 06:37 AM on 4/15/2010

[Ed.: See below to learn what HuffPost did to "RollTide4Change" for daring to stand against these anti-U.S. military propagandists.]


How could such vile, hateful comments appear on HuffPost, the world's most popular blogsite, and an extremely influential source of "news"?

As documented in Part 2 of this post, the shocking answer is:
  • Only because HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish each and every one of these comments

  • Only because HuffPost has chosen to enable, protect and embolden these vile users, who are the most egregious, long-term violators of its comment policies --- while ejecting users who dare to stand against them

Continue to Part 2, here.


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