Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2/2/06: HuffPost blogger depicts Sen. Lieberman in blackface (HuffPost: "You're NOT fired!!!")


On August 2, 2006, in the leadup to the mid-term elections, HuffPost published an article by one of its official resident bloggers, Jane Hamsher, entitled:
“On the Ground with Lamont/Lieberman”

Shockingly, HuffPost also published the picture that Hamsher included of Sen. Lieberman --- in blackface:

For those unfamiliar with the incredible racist insult that "blackface" represents, learn more here.

As Michelle Malkin noted in her
story on this incident (also see additional posts nearby on Malkin's site), thsoe who observe HuffPost know that were this kind of hate-based smear used against one of its favored politicians, it would have gone apoplectic with cries of "right-wing racism."

Because it was directed at Sen. Lieberman, however, apparently HuffPost threw out the rules that (supposedly) govern its site, described in its high-minded policy statements concerning racial and ethnic slurs, ad hominem attacks, etc.

We contend that in the case of Lieberman, it also represented subtle anti-Semitism, and could serve only to stoke same, because of how certain hate groups and race-baiters have worked to foment hostility against Jews among African-Americans (1, 2, 3, 4; one recent example here; innumerable others available via the Google).

While HuffPost ultimately removed the photo, it made the choice to keep Hamsher as an official blogger --- a status she has retained ever since.

The following screen capture was taken on July 8, 2010 --- showing that HuffPost still had Hamsher as one of its official resident bloggers:

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