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5/23/08: Grossly misleading headline re Israeli Air Force foments torrent of hate (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")


On May 23, 2008, HuffPost published an article at 1:30pm with the headline:
“Israel Mistakes Tony Blair's Plane For Hostile Aircraft”

The following screen capture of HuffPost’s front page was obtained at 7:59pm, after it had been moved down from being the top thread (but it was still near the top):

The article that HuffPost linked to, however, told a very different story – basically, that it was not the Israeli Air Force's near-mistake, it was the pilot of Blair’s plane that nearly caused it to be shot down:
JERUSALEM — Israeli fighter jets scrambled to intercept an unidentified aircraft suspected to be hostile this week, only to find that it carried none other than Tony Blair, a top military official said Friday.

Blair, the International Mideast peace envoy, was on a private plane from the World Economic Forum summit in Sinai, Egypt to an investment conference in the West Bank city of Bethlehem Wednesday when it penetrated Israeli airspace, the official said. The plane failed to respond to repeated control tower radio calls demanding that it identify itself, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not permitted to speak to the media.

Most other "newspapers" played this story “straight,” without trying to falsely lay the blame at Israel’s feet.

The following JPG, showing the headline, Israeli Jet Planes Scramble Toward Tony Blair Aircraft That Failed To Respond To Signals, was captured the same evening, regarding the same story, posted by the International Herald-Tribune (owned by the New York Times --- not exactly known for its support for Israel):

Given the precedent of HuffPost attracting vicious anti-Israel haters and propagandists, and the torrent of vicious Israel-hating, anti-Semitic user comments it allows them to post, a headline as misleading as this one could easily have been anticipated to unleash a similar torrent --- which is exactly what happened.

The key difference this time, however, is that barely three weeks earlier, HuffPost announced in multiple ways that it was going to be fully pre-moderating user comments on news threads --- meaning that only those comments that it had reviewed and approved would show up on them.

Keep this in mind as you review the following sampling of user comments that HuffPost reviewed, approved and published on this thread (PDFs available upon request):
pedrothemigrant See Profile I'm a Fan of pedrothemigrant
Jews are evil. Israel runs the world. Lets kill 'em all and give the land back to Islam; result-perpetual peace. Seig Heil.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:56 PM on 05/23/2008
(Ed.: This user is still active as of November 2009; see analysis here)

lydia See Profile I'm a Fan of lydia
We call the Arabs terrorists but their terrorism pales in comparison to the jewsh huggery since 1937. We refuse to recognize the grievances of the Muslim World in seeing their land overrun by a bunch of murderous thugs, who now walk brazenly into the UN with fangs and talons still dripping with Arab blood and scream victimhood.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:03 PM on 05/23/2008

(reply to above)
truthbrigade See Profile I'm a Fan of truthbrigade
The world never had a day of peace since the creation of this blight on the face of humanity.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:40 PM on 05/23/2008

Birdman See Profile I'm a Fan of Birdman
Israel Mistakes Tony Blair's Plane For Hostile Aircraft
Reminds me when Isreal Claimed they claimed that a US ship was an enemy vessel and shot all up back in the 60's we let em off the hook then. It was nice to know that thye did not shoot up this plane, in any case I'm sure nothing will change as far as attitude, even if it had turned out in fatalities.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 08:39 PM on 05/23/2008

loki See Profile I'm a Fan of loki
Good thing they didnt shoot the Bush's poodle down. they could have blamed it on Iran and had the war they all have been drooling over.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 09:38 PM on 05/23/2008

(reply to above)
amanda85 See Profile I'm a Fan of amanda85
"they could have blamed it on Iran"
More like "would have"...
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 10:58 PM on 05/23/2008

tinkaboutit See Profile I'm a Fan of tinkaboutit
"Blair's plane apparently had a technical malfunction and could not hear the Israeli control tower's calls."
That is extremely poor journalism. The word "apparently" indicates that the only point of view being reported is that of the top Israeli military official. We know the Israeli military are itinerant liars-what military spokesperson isn't?
How do we know Israel wasn't deliberately intimidating Tony Blair the same way they bully and intimidate everyone else?
I don't believe the Israeli-controlled American media. It wasn't a "mistake".
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 12:40 PM on 05/24/2008

sebocd See Profile I'm a Fan of sebocd
A real close call. Tony came within milimeters of being circumcised.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 06:07 AM on 05/24/2008

FBatRNC See Profile I'm a Fan of FBatRNC
I agree with you one hundred percent. I could not of articulated my feelings better then you have. Israel with the support of United States weapons and money have been complicit in the extermination of the Palestineine people. This is the one of the most important reasons that I and probablly many people do not want a HRC to become president. If I was a Palestineine living in what was once there homeland I would also be fighting against the enemy Israel. I beleive that many other people would do teh same if there homeland was simply stolen from them by an outside foreign government. The US and Israel are one of the biggest sponsor of state sponsored terrorism mascarading as "self defense".
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:10 AM on 05/24/2008

Being that "Lydia" was among the most prolific users whose comments HuffPost was reviewing, approving and publishing on this grossly-misleading thread, we thought we'd publish some more of what was contained in her comment archive at that time (PDFs available upon request):
The jews were running a nice little scam, selling on Iranian oil, supplied through the old Mosul- Haifa pipeline. The coming of the Mullahs put pay to the little money spinner and the Mullahs turned off their oil. The Iranians are still owed $$mils by the jews and are insistent that they will be paid even if it means pushing the illegal Zionist settlement into the sea.
The US, despite Sharon's remarks,does not belong to Israel. Israel must stand up on its own feet, fight its own battles and stop braying for the US to support its illegal occupation and demand the US protect them from the angry neighbors. The US is tired to the gills with sacrificing our nearest and dearest to save their jewish ***..
posted 04/09/2008 at 04:02:24

Off with their heads I tell you! The more I listen to the discusting conduct of these dick**** the more I have come to appreciate the French Revolution. Roll up with the Gillotine outside the WhiteHouse and decapitate the lot of them!
posted 04/11/2008 at 01:57:10

"Israel is our ally". A ally/friend does not attack a nest of killer bees leaving you exposed to a bunch of deadly stingers. Israel continually stirs up trouble in the ME and refuses to recognize laws concerning its occupation. A friend does not use your generosity to bribe your own congressmen.
posted 04/24/2008 at 18:56:01

Before a Jew cast the first stone against Obama let them look to their own barbarism against the Palestinians. Women and toddlers bombed at the beach, women dying at border crossing! Women and babies denied access to Hospitals. Let the Jews come out and decry the fact that the IOF murders women and children daily. Let the IOF cease invading the homes of these long suffering women stealing their jewellery and subjecting them to the indignity of these nightly raids.
posted 05/08/2008 at 20:03:26

You are surely talking about the unconscionable actions of the jews against the Palestinians i.e. the systematic actions of the IOFs nightly raids: Smashing down doors dragging women and children out of their beds, ransacking their homes, stealing money and jewelery. Incarcerating underage kids without trial. Unless they are now harvesting organs I can't see the value in imprisoning soo many children.
posted 05/16/2008 at 01:24:54

It speaks mountains however, where Bush chose to attack Barack Obama with such filth while in a country, like the Nazis, that ghettoize the Palestinians and mows down defenseless women and children daily.
posted 05/16/2008 at 18:13:58

Given HuffPost's Comment Policy and Terms of Service, one might think it might have banned a "user" such as "Lydia" --- especially as it has made it a habit of removing the comments from/fast-banning non-violating users whom its resident "gang" of unhinged leftists complain about.

One would be wrong.

As of June 16, 2008, as shown below, HuffPost still was reviewing, approving and publishing comments by "Lydia":

Considering how HuffPost has treated "Lydia," it shouldn't be all too surprising that while it removed his "let's kill all the Jews" comment, it left "pedrothemigrant" free to continue posting comments. Here is the screencap of his profile page, taken on November 27, 2009 --- showing that HuffPost left his account active.

For more detail on "pedrothemigrant," see this analysis.

Keep all of this in mind as you explore this article, which documents how rapidly HuffPost removes the comments from and/or fast-bans non-violating users --- while protecting the most egregious violators of its (supposed) Comment Policy and Terms of Service.

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HuffPost's ongoing blackout of credible rebuttals to the anti-Israel stories it publishes


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