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5/13/09: (Kennedy-esque) Obama "warns" (sinister-looking) Netenyahu; predictable Israel-hatred ensues (with approval!!!)


Take a look at the following teaser piece (click to enlarge) at the top of HuffPost on the evening of May 13, 2009:

How about a closer look?

Wow. Let's really take this in.
On the left, HuffPost chose to have a warm, upward-glancing, vigorous-looking President Obama, mid-speech. Quite reminiscent of President Kennedy.

On the right, we have a HuffPost-cropped picture of Prime Minister Netenyahu, looking... what? Scared? Not so much. Sinister. Cold. Dispassionate. Submissive. Resentful. Perhaps a combination. But certainly nothing good.

And then, the headline: "Obama Warns Netenyahu..."

On any other website that professes to deliver nonpartisan "news," and one that didn't have HuffPost's history of fomenting and approving vicious anti-Israel, anti-Jewish hatred and propaganda, these factors would not be so significant, and no one would pay much attention.

But on HuffPost, at this late date, it is significant... as is shown in the following items. (It is also interesting to note the fact that of all the nations in the Middle East --- including those that are the most active, dangerous sponsors of Islamist terror, including Iran, which this story actually focuses on --- Obama has never "warned" any of them. Only Israel.)

Here are the two pictures that HuffPost placed on the story thread:

Well, at least it demonstrates where HuffPost got the picture of Netenyahu --- but note that it forgot to crop it in such a deliberately menacing fashion, when contrasted to the teaser, next to the Kennedy-esque Obama.

So, what other pictures could HuffPost have chosen to use of Netenyahu as their source? Here are a few that are readily available from a few moments using the Google:

Were these photos not chosen because they don't make Netenyahu quite look sinister, and they couldn't even be cropped to have that effect?

Next, consider the fact that as of 11:15pm, HuffPost had reviewed, approved and published 28 comments for this story, while 4 more were "pending" its approval (or rejection):

So, what kinds of comments did HuffPost review, approve and publish on this thread?

Let's take a look: Right near the top was this gem --- a clear violation of HuffPost's (supposed) "Comment Policies" and Terms of Service:
tiktokklok I'm a Fan of tiktokklok permalink
The U.S. should nuke Israel if those Israeli sleaze-balls attack Iran.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 10:52 PM on 05/13/2009

The following are some of the remaining 28 comments that HuffPost reviewed, approved and published on this thread (PDF verification available upon request). Although they are not violations of its policies, they certainly showcase the rantings of the Israel-bashers and terror-sympathizers that flock to threads like this at HuffPost --- to whom it throws obligatory red meat, like the pictures and headline above.
idiocr4cy I'm a Fan of idiocr4cy permalink
IT depends on which country do you see as a threat to your national interests. I see Israel as more of a threat to our long term interests than Iran.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 10:54 PM on 05/13/2009

Dayahka I'm a Fan of Dayahka permalink
First of all, if an Israeli strike on Iran came as a surprise to Obama, then the entire military intelligence complex and the CIA would need to be fired. Second, how can Israel launch a strike without the US being aware of it, for surely they must strike by flying over Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, or other places where the US has both control and troops. Third, if Israel did launch an attack, the US should shoot down all Israeli planes, and also issue a world-wide alert to all nations about what was happening.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 10:44 PM on 05/13/2009

jojony I'm a Fan of jojony permalink
The US will let the Israelis do the dirty work. Who do u think is giving the USA its intelligence regarding Iran in the first place?
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 11:01 PM on 05/13/2009

themodernleader I'm a Fan of themodernleader permalink
In many ways Israeli leadership has exhibited hostility and vindictiveness to any leader that stands in their expansionist and aggressive policies. The President is exhibiting a courage unknown since President Carter. The Israelis rarely tolerate or forgive opposition to their policies. Their meddling in our political campaigns and other processes is especially dangerous and demeaning to democratic governance. Their toxic influence has done great harm to our national security while waylaying our foreign policy.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 10:51 PM on 05/13/2009

An upcoming post will detail the incredible disparity in HuffPost's standards and practices, regarding the conflict in how it handles anti-Israel, Jew-bashing comments --- versus anti-Islamist, anti-Muslim ones --- and the users who submit them.

Note: The issue of HuffPost's use of photos re Netanyahu is continued here:
5/20/09 onward: Pathological photo-bias re Netanyahu, Ahmadinejad


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