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"KevenSeven" - Addendum Items


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April '08-present: User boasts about in-home interview by Secret Service re his threats against Bush on HuffPost (HuffPost: "Approved!!," protected!!)


ADDENDUM 1: HuffPost has been allowing "kevenseven" to post under at least two other, similar screen names, one of which he openly admits is him:

Even though HuffPost had "banned" "kevenseven" in November 2007, it soon fully reinstated him under his original screen name. There is a question as to how many times it had banned him in the past; he was originally "kevinofburbank," then went to "kevintwo," "kevinthree" and so on.

As is shown earlier in this article, however, he admits to having been banned by HuffPost approximately ten times. How many times HuffPost fully reinstated him as "kevenseven" is unknown --- but it is clearly more than once.

It is unknown how many other similar names he posts under, but here are three that he admits to. The following screen captures were obtained on June 15, 2009.

Note that in his "kevenseven" user profile, he states:

"I am also posting as kevenhussienseven..."

Note that in his kevenhussienseven user profile (under which HuffPost allowed him to post 1,141 comments), he claims:
"I am, in fact, kevenseven. See:"

Note that in his "kevineight" user profile --- under which HuffPost allowed him to post at least 946 comments, which was created in November 2007, about the time HuffPost banned him as "kevenseven" --- he didn't identify himself explicitly...

... but in his first two posts, he made it pretty clear that it was, in fact, him:
Hi, This is my first post for some time. I hear Neo is passing her drunken sow ass off under another name? Shit, gotta go!
posted Nov 22, 2007 at 01:42:40

Well, I know that kevenseven agrees that the settlement policy must be reversed, and he is a good guy, just as decent as all get out.
posted Nov 22, 2007 at 01:48:38


ADDENDUM 2: HuffPost's "Comment Policy" claims that pathological violators are subject to having their IP addresses banned. Yet in its correspondence to a user who complained about "kevenseven" and other violators, it stated that it cannot even compare (let alone ban) user IP addresses.

Comment Policy and its FAQ: Comments & Moderation (more here) make the following claim:
If a commenter has previously posted comments that are abusive, off-topic, used excessive foul language, or include ad hominem attacks, a Huff Post moderator may decide to ban the commenter's IP address. This means the abusive commenter is banned from commenting on the site in the future, even if the later comments are not abusive. We ban IPs because the sheer volume of comments makes it too time consuming to individually delete comments written by someone with a pattern of abuse.

On September 30, 2008, a HuffPost user sent in an email to its management, to complain that even though it "bans" its most egregious violators (e.g. "kevenseven," et al), it allows them to continue posting under similar screen names, and does nothing to stop them --- or to protect other users.

The user inquired as to why HuffPost does not employ its "IP ban" against them, to prevent them from creating new screen names altogether --- as it says in its (supposed) "Comment Policy." On the same date, HuffPost's "Community Manager" emailed back, claiming the following:
"I do not have a way to verify that this account is the same as the account of a user that has been banned."
The proof of the existence of these emails is available --- and will be disclosed should such exposure be required (or advisable).

The reader of this article must come to his/her own conclusions as to the validity of this statement --- and the validity of every other statement contained in HuffPost's "Comment Policy," "Terms of Use," etc.


ADDENDUM 3: March 8, 2009 --- "kevenseven" again threatens another user's children (HuffPost: Approved!!!)

On the evening of March 8, 2009, HuffPost's topnews thread was entitled Gingrich Takes On Rush: Hoping For Prez's Failure Is "Irrational" (VIDEO).

And it was on this thread that while 2 other user comments were stuck in "pending," HuffPost reviewed, approved and published "kevenseven's" latest (tenth? hundredth? thousandth?) explicit threat against another user's children. Apparently, he became convinced that the other user, "DaMan01" was the "neo" whose children this article documents he has been threatening for more than a year. The following was his reply to her comment:
DaMan01 See Profile I'm a Fan of DaMan01 permalink
LOL, when did you become a comedian?
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 02:10 PM on 03/08/2009

kevenseven See Profile I'm a Fan of kevenseven permalink
Neo. Look out the window. Those guys sitting in the late-model sedan at the end of the block? They are the crack detectives of the Child Protective Services. They will be taking away your grubby little kids in a few days.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 02:14 PM on 03/08/2009

And of course, as of June 13, 2009 --- four months later --- HuffPost had still not (re)banned "kevenseven":


ADDENDUM 4: September-October, 2009 --- HuffPost "banned" "kevenseven" three more times, then fully reinstated him after each incident, in some cases, due to the influence of another pathological violator of its policies, "HumeSkeptic"

On September 12, HuffPost again banned "kevenseven":

Yet on September 13, HuffPost fully reinstated him (including his complete archive, and prized "fan" base; see second frame) --- at which time he once again engaged in his vulgar attacks, even involving bestiality:

This behavior continued straight through until September 24, when "kevenseven" began obsessively stalking and repeatedly accusing a female user of having committed a murder, for which he threatened that she "will burn." This occurred on all of HuffPost's top "news" threads, for days on end.

Example --- on a "news" thread dealing with the appointment of a replacement for Sen. Ted Kennedy:

The above is one of about 50 instances in which this went on, around the clock, over the coming days. When other users called "kevenseven" out on the obsessive, threatening behavior that HuffPost was allowing him to engage in, it permitted him to respond with even more vulgar personal attacks. Examples:

HuffPost banned "kevenseven" again, on September 29:

It allowed him to return, however, as "raisedTexian," and to flood its "news" threads with his appeals for users to petition for his reinstatement. As shown below, another one of HuffPost's most pathological, long-term, "protected" violators, "HumeSkeptic" --- who helped him get reinstated before --- offered to use his personal influence with HuffPost to help him:

And as had been its practice in the past, thanks in part to "HumeSkeptic's appeal, HuffPost fully reinstated "kevenseven" on October 1:

And once again, HuffPost permitted "kevenseven" to resume his pathological violations of its policies, and his obsessive stalking of the same female user. He even defended his behavior when directly called a "stalker" by another user:

On October 4, HuffPost once again banned "kevenseven" --- yet under another screen name it permitted him to repeatedly post its "warning" letter to him, and to ridicule the site:

During the latest "banning," HuffPost permitted "kevenseven" to create yet another screen name, "raisedTexian," under which he repeatedly posted a "warning" email sent to him by HuffPost management, indicating that this was, once again, a "temporary" ban. The screen shot below shows one of about 50 instances in which it permitted him to post this --- and to ridicule the sender, and the site:

Presumably with "HumeSkeptic's" intervention, on October 8, HuffPost once again fully reinstated "kevenseven," after which he once again began his same conduct:

Soon thereafter, "kevenseven" complained about the fact that HuffPost had banned him three times in two months --- and insulted the site, again --- while claiming that in the end, all it does is drive his prized "fan" numbers higher:

And as before, when other users spoke up about "kevenseven's" abusive behavior, he responded by claiming that his validation comes from his "fan count":

On October 11, "kevenseven" again complained about HuffPost's refusal to publish his "comments," and again denounced its moderator, "RobS," by name:

And as of October 18, HuffPost had allowed "kevenseven" to post 28,275 comments

As documented above, many thousands of these comments were reviewed, approved and published by HuffPost since April 2008, when it began allowing him to brag that he'd be interviewed in his home by the U.S. Secret Service, for his urgings of violence/threats on the site. Yet as this documentation (and more, not disclosed thus far) clearly shows, HuffPost made the decision time and time and time again to protect "kevenseven."
And yet, during this entire period, HuffPost was routinely banning other, non-violating users, without any warnings or emails. They were (and continue to be) merely banned --- without reprieve --- for daring to express dissenting viewpoints, or for denouncing or mocking "protected," pathological violators like "kevenseven."


ADDENDUM 5: October 25, 2009 --- HuffPost "banned" "kevenseven" again; he claims on another blogsite that it is blocking him by IP address, and seeks and obtains advice on how to break back in

From October 22-24, 2009, "kevenseven" began to openly and vulgarly attack HuffPost's management, once again, right on its own pages --- particularly "RobS," who dared to warn him that if he didn't shape up, he'd really (really, really!) be banned. (Note: To our knowledge, none of HuffPost's non-leftist users, "trolls," ever get those kind of "warning" emails --- only its resident radical leftists) Examples:

Shockingly, on October 25, 2009, HuffPost once again banned "kevenseven":

Then, we got a tip that he was blogging at another site, "PlanetPOV," claiming that HuffPost was blocking him by IP address --- a power that it claims the ability and right to do, for persistent violators of its comment policies and terms of service.

Here is a screen capture of two of "kevenseven's" posts at "PlanetPOV"; the links to the articles are posted below:

HP has banned my IP address.

KevenSeven banned at Huff, time for HuffNo Fridays again

In the second article, "kevenseven" declared:
KevenSeven says:
10/25/2009 at 3:41 PM
It just goes on.
I think they are banning me by IP address now.
I registered five or six monikers today. Several were banned before I could comment. I managed to get six fans with another before it was banned.
This asshole RobS is a tool.

Of particular note, however, is the way that "kevenseven" led off the first article: after announcing that HuffPost had banned his IP address, seeking advice on "how to frustrate them" (see bottom of screen). As his and other users' responses clearly show, he was looking for --- and received --- technological advice on how to get around this ban:

Eight of the ten comments that were posted on this thread dealt specifically with getting a new IP address, or using other technological approaches to (unlawfully) penetrate HuffPost's servers.

First up is this one, from "BlueStateMan," another long-term, pathological violator of HuffPost's comment policies and terms of service, who'd also been recently banned --- and is profiled here:
BlueStateMan says:
10/26/2009 at 1:38 AM
Unplug your computer from the router / modem.
Reboot the router / modem & reconnect.
Restart your computer.
A NEW IP Address will be automatically assigned.

Other users offered higher-level technical advice on how to get around HuffPost's IP ban:
AdLib says:
10/25/2009 at 6:06 PM
K7, here’s a list I found. You can go to one of these websites, type in Huffy and arrive there under an anonymous IP address:
Proxify (
Proxify provides you with secure (SSL) anonymous surfing. It removes cookies, scripts, ads, referrer information and optionally page titles. It hides your user agent (which provides information like the name of your browser and operating system) and optionally, the referrer information sent by the browser. [...]

But then there was an open suggestion for a classic extortion attempt, by "peacekitten," another of the long-term radical leftists and pathological violators of its policies, whom it has protected, since 2005. Specifically, "peacekitten" suggested threatening HuffPost's management --- even Arianna Huffington herself --- that if they don't reactivate his account, he would disclose to "rightwing" websites and news bureaus his allegations against HuffPost, which would not only embarrass the site, but cost it revenue:
peacekitten says:
10/26/2009 at 5:21 AM
one other suggestion kevin, is tell them you are going to post on every rightwing site you can think of all the evidence you have of HP’s hypocrisy, talk about your banning experiences, their censorship, the way you have to type in code just to make a post for such innocuous words as “magic,” “sick,” “ill,” etc. let them know in no uncertain terms you will keep hammering the right wing sites about the bullshit policies of HP, the slanted reporting that sometimes blatantly lies, every negative thing you can think about. they REALLY hate that. tell them you have been a loyal regular and mention too the racist, bigoted, vile crap that they allow right wingers to get away with while they scrub posts of self defense, and that you have plenty of examples to share. if you have any screen shots (i took LOADS of them when i was being attacked) tell them you will pass those on to the right like rush, o’reilly, etc.

the Queen (another “verboten” word on HP, btw) does NOT like it when people who are fair-minded threaten to expose her lack of same. if she starts getting slammed on o’reilly again, or rush, she’ll lose advertisers, which is what happened to her the last time.

her email btw, is i have a few others if you’re interested.

Apparently, these users and site administrators at "PlanetPOV" are unaware (or dismissive) of the fact that:
  • Were "kevenseven" to follow "peacekitten's" advice, he could potentially be prosecuted for extortion. See 18 U.S.C. § 875(d) here.

  • By aiding, abetting and conspiring with "kevenseven" to unlawfully access HuffPost's protected computers, they and he could potentially be prosecuted for fraud. See 47 U.S.C. § 1030(a)(4) here.

Will HuffPost blink, again, and fully reinstate "kevenseven"? By all precedent, the answer is yes.

Time will tell.


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