Friday, June 5, 2009

RESOURCES regarding anti-Semitism and anti-Israel libels, bias


Huff-Watch developed the following key resources to aid the newcomer and the honest observer to learn about modern and historic anti-Semitism, how it applies to modern criticism of Israel, and why HuffPost's acts and omissions regarding Israel and Jews are so troubling.

Anti-Semitism 101 (and the Zionist canard)

Some are going to point to Huff-Watch's documentation of the anti-Semitism on HuffPost and say, "But that's not anti-Semitism!!! It's legitimate criticism of Israel!!!"

This article documents the myriad reasons why
(a) the way that HuffPost distorts its headlines regarding Israeli affairs
(b) the vicious comments that its users submit in response
(c) its decision to review, approve and publish so many of them

... are all facets of anti-Semitism.
Most people today have little to no idea of the actual nature or history of anti-Semitism, and of its manifestations in the modern world --- or on supposedly "nonpartisan," "legitimized" news websites, like HuffPost. This article provides the newcomer (and even those who are willing to re-examine their premises) with essential knowledge --- including the fact that after radical Islamists, radical leftists are the most prolific espousers of anti-Semitic hatred, propaganda and libels today (often under the guise of "anti-Zionism"). Extensive videos and expert commentary and analysis are provided.

Answering The Libels

One of the major problems facing pro-Jewish, pro-Israel activists is the lack of a unified body of Web resources that help educate others to the truth behind the most vicious anti-Israel libels that:
  • Are churned out by Islamist propagandists
  • Are often uncritically echoed by Western "news" sources, including HuffPost
This article (which contains lots of videos) provides a well-rounded body of factual evidence and expert commentary. A special section (at bottom) focuses on the Palestinian propaganda industry, aka "PallyWood" --- and the bloody result of its most incendiary blood libels. (Cross-posted below)

"PallyWood" - An introduction

Most Americans have never heard the term "PallyWood." But if one wants to understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, particularly in terms of the "news" that one sees concerning it on certain websites, one must first understand that this conflict is not being fought primarily with bullets and bombs.
The primary battlefield --- as radical and militant Islamists and their enablers have accepted --- is the media, and the public perceptions that the "winner" is able to generate.
This article provides the honest observer with a brief introduction to the "PallyWood" phenomenon, its tactics and strategies, and why it is so subversive to those who wish to have an honest, sincere, fact-based discussion on how to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

About The Cyber-Jihad

The Internet has become the primary medium through which radical Islamists and jihadists spread and reinforce their propaganda — a centerpiece of which is their incendiary anti-Israel, anti-Semitic libels and conspiracy theories. Al Qaeda even has its own Web propaganda division. One of these groups’ stated missions is to infiltrate Western websites to spread their messages of hate.

Given the fact that 700,000 of HuffPost's unique monthly visitors originate in Muslim-majority nations (250,000 in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Pakistan alone) --- this body of articles and reports will help the honest observer to intelligently ponder these questions:
  • Are some of the users who spew anti-Semitic rhetoric on HuffPost affiliated with or sympathetic to these groups?

  • Are they posting comments from behind "American"-sounding screen names?

  • Do they forward links to HuffPost's biased articles against Israel to others, as a means of "legitimizing" their propaganda --- being that HuffPost is now the #1 blog on the planet, and has itself become "legitimized"?

Additional Resources To Fight The Libels

For those who wish to learn more, this article provides a categorized body of websites that are distinguished for the quality of their research, documentation, analysis and commentary.

Five videos about Israel that HuffPost somehow missed, in its quest to "ferret out the truth"

Should HuffPost decide, one day, to start offsetting the hatred and unfairly negative perceptions of Israel that it has propagated, and to begin (really) "ferreting out the truth" about the Jewish state, a good first move would be to publish the following five videos. Call it a latent "video affirmative action program."

Latma videos - get 'em here!!
Satire at its best, courtesy of Caroline Glick and her troupe of amazing satirists. "The Three Terrors," and "We Con The World."


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