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7/13/09: The anti-Hamas story that HuffPost didn't publish


In this article, we documented how, when Britain canceled 5 out of 182 military licenses with Israel, HuffPost ran it as a splash headline --- replete with pictures (real or faux) injured Palestinians --- implying that all such contracts were canceled.

Predictably, a torrent of anti-Israel hate, libels and propaganda was unleashed by HuffPost users, which it dutifully reviewed, approved and decided to publish.

Yet contained at the very end of the story, as shown below, was this little factoid:
"Rights groups have also accused Hamas of war crimes for allegedly using civilian areas for cover to carry out attacks and firing rockets indiscriminately into civilian areas."

Yet HuffPost did not feature this as a headline, or even as a story --- just as it typically doesn't when the truth behind Hamas's lies and barbarism is revealed. (Update: See recent examples of this in Addendum items)

This is in stark contrast to the fact that HuffPost routinely and prominently runs allegations about Israeli wrongdoing --- regardless of whether or not they're true --- which are often matched with inflammatory, decontextualized pictures.

The following are but several recent examples of this:
On July 6, HuffPost's splash headline was its continuing coverage of Iran's disputed elections. When one clicked to read that story, at the top of the page, one found two anti-Israel "teasers" - one, alleging the European Union "slammed" Israel on its policies, the other discussing Orthodox rabbis acting badly in a protest:

The following screen capture was HuffPost's splash headline from Israel's recent Operation Cast Lead --- when the U.N. claimed that Israel had deliberately attacked its headquarters in Gaza:

As has been documented in so many other instances, the U.N.'s allegation was false, another example of the pernicious result of "PallyWood" propaganda. One by one, the U.N., and the news media that reported this story based on initial allegations, began issuing retractions. Here is the U.N.'s retraction of this allegation. Yet HuffPost issued no retraction.

is an article on Huff-Watch that documents other instances in which Israel was accused of "war crimes" and "atrocities," and how HuffPost featured these stories with great fanfare. Another article at Huff-Watch (here) documents proof of Hamas's barbarism, versus the false libels against Israel that are commonplace at HuffPost.

Yet again, items such as these are almost never featured at HuffPost --- and never with the prominence assigned to anti-Israel "stories."

Were HuffPost the nonpartisan news source that it claims to be, only interested in pursuing and publishing "the truth," this revelation --- that Hamas had been charged with committing war crimes --- should have been a fairly major story. Instead, it was not featured at all.

Huff-Watch agrees with Natan Sharansky, who
argues that critical omissions and double-standards such as these (when combined with the regularity with which HuffPost casts Israel into the most negative possible light), is itself a form of anti-Semitism (see definition here). This may help to explain why, as is documented so extensively on Huff-Watch, there is such an apparently high level of tolerance for vicious anti-Israel, anti-Semitic user comments at HuffPost.


ADDENDUM: More examples of HuffPost's bias against Israel --- and its willingness to shield Hamas from exposure of the reality behind its lies and terrorism

If there's a "legtimized" American "news" media source that is more willing to act as an echo chamber and amplifier for anti-Israel, Palestinian-sympathizing propaganda than HuffPost at this point, we're unaware of it, given the following:
HuffPost's ongoing blackout of credible rebuttals to the anti-Israel stories it publishes
8/19/09: HuffPost publishes anti-Semitic blood libel without any proof; users unleash anti-Semitic hate (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")

9/24/09: HuffPost's blackout of Netanyahu's blockbuster speech at the U.N.

9/16/09: HuffPost runs another al-Jazeera libel against Israel; users unleash hate (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")

8/4/09: Misleading headline sourced from... Al Jazeera (ill-informed, hateful comments ensue; HuffPost: Approved!!!")

See more at:
Archive of anti-Israel, ant-Semitic bias, libels and hate at HuffPost


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