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8/4/09: Misleading headline sourced from... Al Jazeera (ill-informed, hateful comments ensue; HuffPost: Approved!!!")


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5/4/09: The HuffPost-alJazeera alliance: Fomenting (and approving) anti-U.S. military, anti-Christian propaganda, hate and libels

On August 4, 2009 HuffPost featured the following teaser on its front page:

The story link is here, which brings up up the following page --- showing that HuffPost's source for the story was... al Jazeera.

The story excerpt (in its entirety) reads:

The United States and the UN have condemned Israel's forcible eviction of two Palestinian families from their homes in East Jerusalem.

Washington sent a letter to the Israeli foreign ministry in Jerusalem, stressing the move went against the country's obligations under the so-called "road map" to resolve the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

US diplomats said a high-level protest will be communicated to Israel later on Monday.

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As noted in 5/4/09: The HuffPost-alJazeera alliance: Fomenting (and approving) anti-U.S. military, anti-Christian propaganda, hate and libels, al Jazeera is the jihadist-friendly "news" network that threw a party for the terrorist who murdered a 4-year-old girl's father in front of her --- then crushed her skull with the butt of his rifle. (Note: al Jazeera is also a HuffPost advertiser.)

But apparently, none of that mattered to HuffPost, as it used al Jazeera as its sole source for this "story."

Is the "story" true? Well, yes --- and no.

Yes, it is true that Israel evicted several families from the homes they were living in. But contrary to the implication of the story excerpt that HuffPost chose to use, this was not something that Israel just decided to do, on a spur of the moment. According to al Jazeera's own story (linked in the excerpt), the legal battle over these homes had been going on for 27 years:
In 1982, Israeli settler organisations began demanding rent from the Palestinian families of Sheikh Jarrah, who at that point had been living in the neighbourhood for almost 30 years - and when many of the families refused to pay this rent, the first eviction orders were issued.

The legal proceedings continued over the years, and in 2006 it was ruled by court that the settler organisations did not have rights to the land, and the Israeli land registration department agreed to revoke the settler associations' ownership.

Despite pending appeals and the lack of legal ownership of land in the neighbourhood, the settler organisations sold their property claim in 2008 to an investment company.

Two critical perspectives that HuffPost chose not to utilize

Had HuffPost even taken a look at Ha'aretz, the left-leaning website that it utilizes more often than any other in terms of internal Israel affairs, it would have discovered the following article:

The eviction of the Hanun and Gawi families followed a court decision that the homes legally belonged to a Sephardi community organization.

Although the court determined that the Arab residents had protected status as tenants, it ruled that they had violated the terms of their tenancy.

Also on August 4, an Israeli government spokesman vigorously debunked the libels behind the evictions, on CNN (h/t IsraelMatzav):

Even though HuffPost regularly features videos from LiveLeak, it did not use this one to supplement the one-sided version of the story that it presented from... al Jazeera.

The comments that this biased approach incited (and which HuffPost approved and published)

Given the hateful user comments that HuffPost incited, then reviewed, approved and decided to publish, it is clear that most simply took the story at face value and didn't dig any further. A sampling:

Hedonist88 I'm a Fan of Hedonist88 permalink
This is appaling.
It's unbelievable to think the persecuted have become the hearltess, barbaric villains we see stoping into people's private homes and evicting them - even though they have lived there for over 50 years...
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 06:16 PM on 08/03/2009

julia23 I'm a Fan of julia23 permalink
Please join us in our efforts to stop US tax dollars from going to Israel.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 10:04 AM on 08/03/2009

TENICH I'm a Fan of TENICH permalink
Yo, stop stealing land. That is why people keep shooting missiles at you, silly Israelis!
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 10:25 AM on 08/03/2009

Samlas I'm a Fan of Samlas permalink
Don't hold your breath, Israel will NEVER cease its terr0r1sm !!!!
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 10:30 AM on 08/03/2009

propaganda must die I'm a Fan of propaganda must die permalink
Good start!
The U.S. just needs about a million more letters to make everything OK.
When are we going to stop helping these people who spy on us and attack us to provoke wars on their behalf? Do not forget the U.S.S. Liberty!
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 10:55 AM on 08/03/2009

bigben1986 I'm a Fan of bigben1986 permalink
I think we should pressure our enabler politicians: Who were afraid to say anything for fear of not getting any donations from AIPAC.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 04:50 PM on 08/03/2009

fredwenn I'm a Fan of fredwenn permalink
Anybody notice this story is from Al Jazeera.....
These are baby steps toward media free of the bias of Israel's relatives in America.
We need a whole lot more Al Jazeera and a whole lot less Fox and USA Today.
THIS was what the Fairness Doctrine was all about.... for some reason the Doctrine did not pass.....
but Al Jazeera is making its way into our lives and consciousness...
Free at last ... Free At last.... thank god almighty we're free at last....!!!!!
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 02:09 PM on 08/03/2009

RustyPatina I'm a Fan of RustyPatina permalink
Israel doesn't want peace unless peace means the elimination of all Palestinians. The zionists know from long experience that the U.S. may express 'outrage' but the money will continue to flow.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 02:47 PM on 08/03/2009

floydaf I'm a Fan of floydaf permalink
We, the U.S., has got to stop paying for this. We do not get attacked because of our FREEDOMS. It's because of our support of things like this.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 04:59 PM on 08/03/2009


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