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9/16/09: HuffPost runs another al-Jazeera libel against Israel; users unleash hate (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")


On September 16, 2009, HuffPost once again ran on its front page a libel against Israel by the notorious, jihadist-celebrating al-Jazeera.

This isn't the first time that HuffPost has done this (
1, 2). (Note: al-Jazeera is also a HuffPost advertiser.)

In this case, mid-way down on the front page, we found this inflammatory story teaser:

And not only does HuffPost give al-Jazeera the "by-line," it actually features its logo prominently right on the story page (something it doesn't do when it pulls stories from the Washington Post, ABC News or any others):

Of course, there's no way to validate any of what this woman in the video says. For all we know, it could be pure "PallyWood" propaganda (see last section, here). What we do know is that in the Middle East, allegations of infidels (let alone Jews) sexually abusing Muslim women is serious business --- and can incite bloody carnage as a result. As an international jet-setter, one might assume that Ms. Huffington, HuffPost's namesake and Editor-In-Chief, is well aware of this fact.

But that doesn't really matter, because so long as "news" stories like this can get disseminated without any substantive analysis, it gives "currency" to the now-discredited narrative of Israeli human rights and war crimes violations (which several notable "news" organizations, but not HuffPost, are issuing retractions on -
here). And of course, there's no need for context; no need for disclosing how Palestinian and Islamist terror groups are training women to be suicide bombers (more here), have perfected the "butt bomb," and to bring contraband into prisons, etc. No, apparently it's better to just let al-Jazeera tell the story without disclosing those pesky facts, and placing them into the context of this story.

And as if that all weren't bad enough, HuffPost thoughtfully provided a link beneath the video window, so users can "watch more al-Jazeera videos":

As noted here, what HuffPost has refused to provide its readers, however, is the Israeli reaction to this kind of inflammatory propaganda, libels and conspiracy theories --- most notably from Prime Minister Netanyahu, or the IDF (more here).

So what kinds of user comments did this incitement inspire --- which HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish (chronologically presented; PDFs available upon request)?
Wisdo I'm a Fan of Wisdo I'm a fan of this user 40 fans permalink
the majority of Palestinians are "political prisoners" they receive no trial.
Reply Posted 06:38 AM on 09/17/2009

itsjustanillusion I'm a Fan of itsjustanillusion I'm a fan of this user 5 fans permalink
Internal body searches are supposedly against the rules. Oh I forgot Israel doesn't follow the rules.
Reply Posted 01:37 PM on 09/16/2009

kmichelleb I'm a Fan of kmichelleb I'm a fan of this user permalink
I wonder if you would feel the same way if it was a nun in a habit that was repeatedly strip searched and given cavity checks. The Muslim women in Palestine are abused by their occupiers, and it is not just another poor muslim story to justify their perferred dress. Why is it that a nun can be modeset before God, but a Muslim woman can not.
Reply Posted 05:55 PM on 09/16/2009


harmlesstree I'm a Fan of harmlesstree I'm a fan of this user 19 fans permalink
[...] On foreign affairs, Aljazeera English is, by far, the best Network in the English Speaking world - this extends beyond the middle east. The have a point of view, yes - especially with regard to the Palestinian/Israel conflict. But, it happens to be the correct point of view, unlike Fox. They actually show you the consequences of Israel policies.
Reply Posted 05:36 PM on 09/16/2009

hanoum I'm a Fan of hanoum I'm a fan of this user 10 fans permalink
Co-sign, BIG TIME
Reply Posted 09:59 AM on 09/17/2009


Prattvictory2 I'm a Fan of Prattvictory2 I'm a fan of this user 17 fans permalink
Short list of the crimes that has 11,000 Palestinians in prison.
Not having the proper papers. Building code violations. Out past curfew. Being Palestinian.
Reply Posted 12:07 PM on 09/16/2009


ProudNeoCon I'm a Fan of ProudNeoCon I'm a fan of this user 35 fans permalink
Last time I check we strip search prisoners in US...
Reply Posted 11:07 AM on 09/16/2009

Jyoti Naik I'm a Fan of Jyoti Naik I'm a fan of this user 37 fans permalink
Yes but they are special casue God talks to them.
Reply Posted 02:15 PM on 09/16/2009


toomuchtolose I'm a Fan of toomuchtolose I'm a fan of this user 3 fans permalink
Apparently most of the responses to this story indicate the readers neither believe it or, if it is true, they feel "so what?" That seems to be the attitude of the supporters of Israel. No matter what is done by Israelis or in the name of Israel, it is condoned, even if the rest of the world is appalled. Once they determine in their minds that Palestinians are sub-human, the Israelis feel nothing and permit anything. It's a very sad thing. Any comment opposing what Israel is doing generates accusations of anti-semitism. They don't see it for what it is. It's anti-monsterism, and if the shoe fits, they are welcome to put their feet in it.
Reply Posted 04:35 PM on 09/16/2009

v eyepete I'm a Fan of v eyepete I'm a fan of this user 26 fans permalink
Will someone stop all this hate already and the reason we must fight wars in foreign lands. I am really sick of it.
Reply Posted 12:42 PM on 09/16/2009

Goefel I'm a Fan of Goefel I'm a fan of this user 10 fans permalink
Really? Another accusation directed at the most moral army in the world.
I can't believe it. The army of Israel is more righteous than the US army.
And Israel is the most righteous country to date.
They do not violate any laws, because they are God's people.
Anyone who attempts to dispute this, is in complete denial of the great power of the state.
Reply Posted 02:15 PM on 09/16/2009

MMIIXX I'm a Fan of MMIIXX I'm a fan of this user 13 fans permalink
the abused grows up to be the abuser ...same as it ever was.
the ladies are lucky they where allowed to keep all their organs*
Reply Posted 03:59 PM on 09/16/2009
[*Ed.: This is a reference to a blood libel against Jews that HuffPost published a few days earlier, here, falsely alleging that they murder Palestinians to harvest their organs.]

duxguts I'm a Fan of duxguts I'm a fan of this user 22 fans permalink
I would like to know if she was one of the over 9000 hostages the Israelis are holding.
Reply Posted 12:09 AM on 09/18/2009


Anti-Semitism 101 (and the Zionist canard)

Answering The Libels

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