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"HumeSkeptic" - Detail

. Detailed documentation of "HumeSkeptic's" policy-violating comments from 2006-2009 --- and how HuffPost has protected and emboldened him, and routinely banned non-violating users who have dared to oppose him
(1) This is a continuation of the summary on "HumeSkeptic," here.

(2) The following are a representative sampling of the nearly 90,000 comments that HuffPost has permitted "HumeSkeptic" to post.

(2) The following comments are presented verbatim, though some are edited for brevity.

(3) The source evidence for all comments cited (and more) is available upon request.



From 2006: A sampling of attacks on other users using religious slurs, general vulgarity


Go blow your priest and let him blow you, you fucking pervert. Aren't you embarrassed that you exist? ARen't you ashamed that you call your innocent daughter a "little cunt", you sorry excuse for a human being? And you dare talk to us about your morality and scriptures? Take your scriptures and stuff them up your priest's ass next time you visit your Church for your orgies with kids, you sick pervert. [...] Go back and masturbate in your Church where your Christian morality begins and ends. You should be embarrassed you exist, you slithery creep.
posted Nov 07, 2006 at 02:29:59

Go fuck with your priest.

posted Nov 07, 2006 at 01:55:53

Go play with you kiddie friends and your priest, pervert. You fucked up hypocrite, you Bible thumping, torture loving piece of shit, you have garbage in your fucking head that's beginning to stink. Go confess to your fucking priest that you masturbate with torture videos while having a child in the house. Go tell your psychiatrist if you can't stop yourself. Do it for your child you idiot, if not for the god that created shit like you, hypocrite?
posted Nov 07, 2006 at 01:29:27

I see you are back, you filthy piece of human waste. Did you learn to write like that from your ass fucking priest during your last orgy, you pathetic excuse for a human? Go back to your fucking Christian morality class and enjoy watching torture videos with your underage Christian buddies, you torture loving fucking asshole. You should be embarrassed you exist, you bigoted racist shit.
posted Nov 07, 2006 at 01:01:00

They're all brainless dittoheads, like you. I highly recommend that you consider
pulling your head out from deep inside your own rectum, get it washed, then try using it to think for yourself, dittohead.
posted Oct 27, 2006 at 00:41:41

And I am sure you think the same way about our brain damaged soldiers coming back from Iraq, don't you you fascist scum? You don't want to see them. And you don't want to see their dead bodies either, you warmongering piece of shit.
posted Oct 27, 2006 at 00:59:46


From 2007: Anti-U.S. military propaganda, slurs


Republicans remain committed to murder, rape and torture in Iraq, they continue to support death and injury to our soldiers [...] they support pedophilia [...]
posted Oct 27, 2006 at 11:22:24
Petraeus is a tool of Bush and Cheney, with no integrity, no honor, and no concern for our soldiers. All Petraeus cares about [...] is another star and promotion. [...]
posted Aug 06, 2007 at 18:48:32

[...] Patraeus is doing what Bush and Cheney told him to do, not what is best for the country and for his troops. [...] Patraeus knows, or should know, that our soldiers are dying for US oil corporations. [...]
posted Aug 06, 2007 at 21:07:54

For those among us who believe in hell, get ready to burn. For those who don't believe, there will be hell right here on earth. We all shall pay.
posted Aug 06, 2007 at 18:35:00

We deserve to rot in hell for the mass murder committed by our fascist leaders.
Our grandchildren would be ashamed, not proud of America, as we used to be as kids.
posted Aug 06, 2007 at 09:42:12

Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fellujah,... Terrorists'R'US! In just the past five years, we have murdered well over half a million civilians in pursuit of of power and control of foreign resources. No one comes even close to the US as a terrorist organization. Terrorists'R'US!
posted Aug 06, 2007 at 10:48:42

As to your "service", provide verifiable proof that you were in the military.
expect us to take your word for it on an anonymous blog. If you can't, you are a fake and a filthy liar, here to promote Bush-Cheney fraud. Fuck off, Coward.
posted Aug 10, 2007 at 21:58:18

[...] Why is Petraeus supplying arms to al Qaeda in Iraq? What was it, 194,000 AK-47's? Shouldn't we get his ass back in Washington where it belongs? [...]
posted Aug 09, 2007 at 12:04:43

[...] We are now the biggest terrorists of all.
posted Aug 09, 2007 at 12:07:12


December 2007: "HumeSkeptic" claims he "fought" HuffPost for four months in 2006 to get his screen name reinstated, after it had banned him
(during which time it permitted him to post as "SkepticHume")



I don't take these things too seriously, Jane. They play their little games.
Once they banned me last year because all trolls ganged up on me and started flagging every post.
I fought Huffy and, after about for months, got my moniker back.

That also was fun.
posted 10:31 pm on 12/12/2007


Note: In early March 2008, HuffPost formally announced that the only user comments that it would publish from that point on are those that it had reviewed and approved ("pre-moderation").
This is documented here.

As is documented from this point forward, HuffPost knowingly permitted "HumeSkeptic" to continue his exact same pattern of abusive behavior to the present day --- even though it censors and bans non-violating users who opposed him, often within minutes.


April-May 2008: "HumeSkeptic" compliments HuffPost moderators, promises to not send them "any more nasty emails" --- then vulgarly attacks other users


Before I leave for tonight, thank you HuffPost for fixing your commenting system. It is very much appreciated. And Moderators are doing a super job. Give them a raise.
Despite all we complain about, HuffPost is still the best place on the web.
And you won't be getting any more nasty emails from me. :-)
Thank you.
Posted 11:53 PM on 04/01/2008


From the top news thread entitled: Clinton Easily Wins Ky., Obama Nomination Leader

Hey! Kentuckians, F*ck you.

Posted 08:39 PM on 05/20/2008

Oh how classy. Spoken like a true Obama Supporter.
Posted 08:46 PM on 05/20/2008

Since you liked it so much, F*ck you.
Posted 08:59 PM on 05/20/2008

Soon thereafter, HuffPost banned "dajay" --- but left "HumeSkeptic" free to continue.


June 7, 2008: "HumeSkeptic" disclosed contents of email to him from HuffPost management; it "approved" his comments


I received an email from a very nice and polite Mod about six weeks ago, explaining what was happening.

It's not their fault and not their doing. It is the system.
The Mod claimed that he/she personally approved my comments, then watched those disappeer into thin air.
Posted 09:27 PM on 06/07/2008


September 2008: User complaint about obscene attack that HuffPost reviewed, approved and published by "HumeSkeptic" against another user; HuffPost management replies but does nothing


Are you done f*cking your mother, or are you just taking a break?

Posted 09:20 PM on
Note: HuffPost was notified via email by at least one user of "HumeSkeptic's" outrageous attacks, with evidence. HuffPost replied by email, assuring the user that it would "take appropriate action." Proof of both of these emails is available upon request.

As evidenced by the posts below:
(1) HuffPost did nothing, but permitted "HumeSkeptic" to continue, without restriction.
(2) At the same time, HuffPost was banning other users who stood up to him, or expressed conservative views but didn't violate its policies --- often within minutes.

HumeSkeptic permalink
Who gives a flying f*ck what you are waiting for, Tr0ll?
Wait and rot in your own excrement as long as you want.

Posted 02:26 PM on


November 2008: HuffPost reviewed, approved and published "HumeSkeptic's" statement that if given the opportunity, he would "beat the crap out of" President Bush


On November 9, 2008, while 7 other comments were pending its approval on its top news thread:

If I had an hour to tell President Bush what was on my mind, what would I say?
I guess the first thing I would want to do is listen, to draw him out on how he's viewed his presidency and his decisions during his term. [...]

Posted 06:35 PM on 11/09/2008


I admire your patience. I would beat the cr@p out of him.

Posted 06:37 PM on 11/09/2008


ONGOING: HuffPost's reviewing, approving and publishing "HumeSkeptic's" repeated claims that he travels to Simi Valley, CA "to piss on" President Reagan's grave, and his invitations to others to join him --- while banning other users who complain about it.


HuffPost's comment policy explicitly states that the site prohibits
"...comments that celebrate the death or illness of any person, public figure or otherwise"

HuffPost has, however, given "HumeSkeptic" tacit approval to repeatedly violate this policy at will, particularly in regards to his claims that he visits President Reagan's grave for the specific purpose of urinating on it.

Such comments by "HumeSkeptic" --- which HuffPost repeatedly reviews, approves and decides to publish --- have become so prevalent that other radical leftist users (a) consider this to be "classic HumeSkeptic," and (b) often "jump on the bandwagon" and fill page after page of comment threads with their similar desires, and offers to meet him at Reagan's gravesite for this purpose.

Further, HuffPost has (a) permitted "HumeSkeptic" to vulgarly "tell off" other users who object to his statements, and (b) banned these users, if they persist --- often within minutes --- while leaving "HumeSkeptic" free to continue his pathological behavior.

The following is but a sampling of hundreds of such instances in 2009
Someone just gave me a great idea for July 4:
Drive up to St Ronnie's grave and p!ss on it


Posted 11:50 AM on 07/03/2009

Unfortuantely if you guys out in Cali would have stayed Ronnie's course you wouldn't be in the mess you are in now. If memory serves me Reagan left california with a surplus.
Posted 12:00 PM on 07/03/2009

You are too wound up. Try getting la!d.
Posted 12:02 PM on 07/03/2009

Soon thereafter, HuffPost banned "obamanomics" --- but left "HumeSkeptic" free to continue.

The following demonstrates how other users recognize this as a long-term "trademark" of "HumeSkeptic's," and "piggyback" onto it:

Rather than throwing tantrums, it is much more satisfying to visit St Ronnie's grave, and p!ssing on it.
The relief is divine, especially after having consumed a few cups of latte.
Posted 11:32 AM on 07/07/2009
That never gets old Hume....!
Posted 11:36 AM on 07/07/2009

I'd Iike to fIing dog poop at it.
Posted 11:36 AM on 07/07/2009

I would not stop at pissng on Ronnies Grave, I would love to leave a nice steaming pile of my love and admiration for the man and his wonderful gilded turde Nancy
Posted 11:38 AM on 07/07/2009

Click here to see a detailed complaint email that a user sent to HuffPost management on July 7, 2009 --- and its response.


From August 9-13, 2009: "HumeSkeptic" continued his pathological "pissing-on-Reagan's-grave" comments whenever he sees another user with a Reagan avatar --- yet instead of banning him, HuffPost routinely banned the users who called him out on it:

Soon thereafter, HuffPost banned
"1_20_2013" --- but left "HumeSkeptic" free to continue.


Click here to see a detailed complaint email that the same user sent to HuffPost management on August 27, 2009, concerning:
  • "HumeSkeptic's" public disclosure of HuffPost's email to him, in which it "asked" him to stop this behavior

  • The fact that "HumeSkeptic" promised to stop it

  • The fact that he has refused to do so

  • The fact that HuffPost asked him for "suggestions on how to improve the site"


ONGOING: HuffPost reviews, approves and publishes "HumeSkeptic's" racial slurs --- and his attacks on those who flagged him for them --- then bans those who objected, or post duplicates of them, against opposing targets.



HuffPost's comment policy explicitly states that the site prohibits slurs based on religion.

Yet the following is but a sampling of the hundreds of times that HuffPost has permitted "HumeSkeptic" and his "friends" to use to use racial slurs against Gov. Sarah Palin and other white public figures, no matter the topic of the news thread.

Yet as is documented elsewhere, when a Huff-Watch operative conducted a test, to post the identical comment --- but with Michelle Obama as the "target" --- HuffPost banned the user within moments.

There goes my plan for becoming black, so I'm not mistakenly identified as a f*ck!ng Republican.
Posted 10:28 PM on 08/10/2009

Drop trou and no one is going to buy your story anyway.
Posted 10:29 PM on 08/10/2009

Soon thereafter, HuffPost removed all the comments posted by "HuguesdePayens" and blocked the account --- but left "HumeSkpetic" free to continue.

Another user, "1_20_2013," then challenged "HumeSkeptic's" racism:

1 20 2013
HumeSkeptic Tiff: There goes my plan for becoming black, so I'm not mistakenly identified as a f*ck!ng Republican.


So the only good blacks are Democrats?
I'd like to introduce you to a black conservative bouncer I know. I'm sure he'd be happy to hear your theory.
Posted 10:34 PM on 08/10/2009

Soon thereafter, HuffPost banned "1_20_2013" --- but left "HumeSkeptic" free to continue his racist rants.


ONGOING: HuffPost reviews, approves and publishes "HumeSkeptic's" ongoing use of religious slurs --- yet fast-banned a user who called him out on it.


As noted early in this article, "HumeSkeptic" is notorious on HuffPost for his routine use of vulgar religious slurs, particularly against Christians and Catholics. HuffPost's Comment Policy & Terms of Sevice (supposedly) prohibits slurs based on religion --- yet it consistently reviews, approves and decides to publish his hateful rants.

The following is but one of myriad such instances, but it also documents something more: that when another users, "DFH" called "HumeSkeptic" out on his religious slurs, HuffPost banned "DFH" moments afterwards. This exchange occurred shortly after "HumeSkeptic" had posted numerous comments such as "Fuck Catholics" and his views on how they are all depraved, etc:

Soon thereafter, HuffPost
banned "DFH" --- but left "HumeSkpetic" free to continue.

Soon thereafter, HuffPost banned "hidenout" --- but left "HumeSkpetic" free to continue.

August 31, 2009 --- On the thread discussing the California wildfires, in which several people were killed, HuffPost approved "HumeSkeptic" to go on bashing spree against Jesus Christ and Christians:


August 1, 2009: "HumeSkeptic" openly denounced and insulted HuffPost's moderators


The following are but a few of hundreds of incidents in which "HumeSkeptic" (and his radical leftist "friends") openly attack HuffPost itself, for daring to in any way censor their hateful, policy-violating comments and behavior. Yet whereas other users who express disparaging remarks about HuffPost are quickly banned, "HumeSkeptic" is permitted to engage in this behavior at will.
I wrote a half-page long description of basic logical bases for atheism and agnosticism, complete with examples, for ethancorso. It appeared, then they scrubbed it. I should have saved it, knowing how utterly stupid they are.
In any event, I'm tired now to do it over.
Good night,friends.
Posted 02:24 AM on 08/01/2009

It's so frustrating. I don't know what kind of stupid people they have hired.
Posted 02:14 AM on 08/01/2009


September-October 2009: HuffPost repeatedly banned one of "HumeSkeptic's" friends, "kevenseven" --- presumably for his threats against, and obsessive stalking of other users.
(HuffPost also knows that he was interviewed by the U.S. Secret Service for his threats on the site against President Bush and Nancy Reagan.)

"HumeSkeptic" publicly offered to help persuade HuffPost to fully reinstate "kevenseven" --- which it did, each time.


A detailed account of the disturbing saga of HuffPost's continuous enabling, emboldening and protection of "kevenseven" is documented here.


On September 12, HuffPost banned "kevenseven" for his obsessive attacks on other users, often using extreme vulgarity:

Yet on September 13, HuffPost fully reinstated him (including his complete archive, and prized "fan" base; see second frame) --- at which time he once again engaged in his vulgar attacks, even involving bestiality:

This behavior continued straight through until September 24, when "kevenseven" began obsessively stalking and repeatedly accusing a female user of having committed a murder, for which he threatened that she "will burn." This occurred on all of HuffPost's top "news" threads, for days on end.

Example --- on a "news" thread dealing with the appointment of a replacement for Sen. Ted Kennedy:

The above is one of about 50 instances in which this went on, around the clock, over the coming days. When other users called "kevenseven" out on the obsessive, threatening behavior that HuffPost was allowing him to engage in, it permitted him to respond with even more vulgar personal attacks. Examples:

HuffPost banned "kevenseven" again, on September 29:

It allowed him to return, however, as "raisedTexian," and to flood its "news" threads with his appeals for users to petition for his reinstatement. As shown below, "HumeSkeptic" offered to use his personal influence with HuffPost to help him:

And as had been its practice in the past, thanks in part to "HumeSkeptic's appeal, HuffPost fully reinstated "kevenseven" on October 1:

And once again, HuffPost permitted "kevenseven" to resume his violations of HuffPost's policies and his obsessive stalking
of the same female user. He even defended his behavior when directly called a "stalker" by another user:

It should be noted that many thousands of these comments were reviewed, approved and published by HuffPost since April 2008, when it began approving him to brag that he'd be interviewed in his home by the U.S. Secret Service, for his urgings of violence/threats on the site. Yet as this documentation (and more, not disclosed thus far) clearly shows, HuffPost made the decision time and time and time again to protect "kevenseven."
And yet, during this entire period, HuffPost was routinely banning other, non-violating users, without any warnings or emails. They were (and continue to be) merely banned --- without reprieve --- for daring to express dissenting viewpoints, or for denouncing or mocking "protected," pathological violators like "kevenseven."


September 2009: HuffPost apologized to "HumeSkeptic" for comments he submitted but which were not published, even though it "approved" them


Via an internal source at HuffPost that, we are not at liberty to disclose (at this time), we have received confirmation that it apologized to "HumeSkeptic" for comments he submitted, which it claimed it approved, but which, due to an unknown technical glitch, were not published. Further, it assured him that if he resubmits his comments, they will be approved and published.

This further validates the fact that:
(a) HuffPost pre-moderates user comments on its news threads

(b) It has divided users into "caste" systems, in which obsessive radical leftists like "HumeSkeptic" get personalized attention, courtesies and protection--- even though he is one of the most pathological violators of the site's policies


October 2009: HuffPost "banned" "HumeSkeptic," but fully reinstated him several days later


Throughout the fall of 2009, "HumeSkeptic" continued with his pathological attacks on other users, his posting of off-topic content, and his inflammatory denunciations of Christianity, and those who observe it.

The following was one of "HumeSkeptic's" last posts before HuffPost (again) banned him, on or about October 4. On a news thread concerning a major health insurer cutting its own employees' health benefits... HuffPost approved him to discuss cannibalism
(specifically, consuming human babies):

Yet on October 8, HuffPost once again fully reinstated "HumeSkeptic" --- while continuing its practice of banning other, non-violating users, without reprieve.

The following screen capture was taken of "HumeSkeptic's" profile on October 21, 2009:

And as noted earlier, HuffPost permits him to essentially "live" on the site, posting between 8-12 or more hours every day, adding to the nearly 72,000 comments it has allowed him to post since December 2005.

* * *

November 2009 & beyond: Ongoing violations, as reviewed and approved by HuffPost

As you read the following, recall that on each HuffPost news thread, right above the comments begin, is the following:
“Want to reply to a comment? Hint: Click "Reply" at the bottom of the comment; after being approved your comment will appear directly underneath the comment you replied to”
Also remember that HuffPost claims in its Comment Policy and its FAQ: Comments & Moderation that:
"We only delete those comments that (among other things...) are posted with the explicit intention of provoking other commenters or the staff at Huffington Post"

HumeSkeptic I'm a Fan of HumeSkeptic I'm a fan of this user 1528 fans permalink
Many Americans have been brainwashed to believe that the primary goals of corporations are to create jobs for them and protect them from their government.
"Big governemt is ev!l but big corporations are benevolent and all good" is what RushLimbaugh pumps into the otherwise empty skulls of his ditt0heads.
And, when ditt0heads become full of the stuff coming out of RushLimbaughs rear end, they become Teabaggers.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 03:13 PM on 11/11/2009

101CheshireCat I'm a Fan of 101CheshireCat I'm a fan of this user 97 fans permalink
I see the new semi load of baled hay showed up at your barn early.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 03:14 PM on 11/11/2009

HumeSkeptic I'm a Fan of HumeSkeptic I'm a fan of this user 1528 fans permalink
That's because you are looking at the open legs of your wife.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 03:20 PM on 11/11/2009

More thoughtful, policy-compliant discourse from "HumeSkeptic" --- as of Nov. 11, he's up to 74,231 comments --- about 2,500 more than he had on October 21:
December 22, 2009: HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish the following attack by "HumeSkeptic" against another user, "RSU," who posted a political comment --- and whom he acknowledges is a recently-retired veteran of 20+ years in the U.S. military:
HumeSkeptic I'm a Fan of HumeSkeptic I'm a fan of this user 1646 fans permalink
You have nothing to complain about.
We, the tax payers, have fed you all your life with our hard earned money. You should feel grateful and keep quiet.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 10:07 AM on 12/22/2009
This is nothing new. HuffPost has been permitting "HumeSkeptic" to relentlessly attack "RSU" and other veterans for years. His line of attack generally involves telling them they have essentially been living on government welfare, and that they should (a) express their appreciation to citizens like him, and (b) keep quiet on political matters (abundant examples available upon request). And as of Dec. 22, HuffPost has permitted "HumeSkeptic" to post a total of 77,929 comments (after all the ones it has removed, which he has often complained about) --- about 3,500 more than where he was five weeks earlier (Nov. 11):
April 2010: HuffPost continues to enable and protect HumeSkeptic, and share with him the inner workings of the site

We'll soon be posting a feature on HumeSkeptic's overt racism --- and how HuffPost enables and protects him to post it, while banning users who dare to stand up to him. A preview can be found here.

For now, we point out two things:
1) HuffPost has now reviewed, approved and decided to publish nearly 90,000 of HumeSkeptic's comments, and enabled him to to spend his entire life on its pages --- for five years:

2) HuffPost continues to share with HumeSkeptic the "inner workings" of the site, even though he is one of the most egregious violators of its comment policy. In the passage below, HuffPost has apparently decided to give certain users the ability to delete the comments of others. HumeSkeptic explains the "inside scoop" h e got from his contacts at HuffPost as to whether this is true, and how the system works:


Given how long HuffPost has been protecting, enabling and emboldening "HumeSkeptic," it's worth reflecting
on other comments that haven't appeared on any of HuffPost's "news" threads --- from Arianna Huffington herself:
"(O)ur desire (is to) not to have the Huffington Post become a forum for unending personal battles and potentially libelous charges." (10/29/07)

"If you're looking for the usual flame-throwing, name-calling, and simplistic attack dog rhetoric ... don't bother coming to the Huffington Post." (5/6/05)

"We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to abusive or hateful language or comments – such comments are taken down as quickly as they come to the attention of our moderators." (3/20/08)

"(A) few ugly - and anonymously posted -- comments appear(ed) on HuffPost, which were removed as soon as we become aware of them..." (2/28/08)
Oh, if only that were all true, what a different site HuffPost would be.


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