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Screen name
(s): "HumeSkeptic" (aka "SkepticHume")

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Screen capture of HumeSkeptic's profile page from April 19, 2010:

Summary profile:
Active continuously since: 2005

Total comments HuffPost has allowed him to post to date:
Nearly 90,000

Commenting frequency: Essentially "lives" on HuffPost for 8-12 or more hours per day, every day. Typically posts 100-200 comments per day (10-20 comments per hour for 10 hours, on average).

Commenting "trademarks" (as documented below):
  • Expresses radical leftist views

  • Viciously attacks political opponents and users who dare to disagree with his opinions, often on a personal (ad hominem) basis* and with extreme vulgarity*

  • Anti-U.S. military and anti-Israeli/anti-Semitic* propagandist

  • Routinely uses slurs* based on race and religion (anti-Christianity)

  • Routinely celebrates the death of President Reagan, claims he visits and urinates on his grave,* and invites others to join him in doing so

  • Routinely "hijacks" HuffPost's "news" comment threads to engage in off-topic banter, bashing Christians and Catholics, flirting, posting music links, etc.

    (*All are supposedly bannable violations of HuffPost's Comment Policy & Terms of Service)

HuffPost routinely enables and protects "HumeSkeptic" by (a) reviewing, approving and deciding to publish his violating comments, (b) censoring the comments submitted by non-leftists who attempt to refute his allegations, or respond to his attacks, and/or (c) banning the users.

"HumeSkeptic" advises uses that he has direct correspondence with, and influence over HuffPost management. He routinely gives "inside" information on how the site is operated, and offers to help users it has banned to get reinstated.

"HumeSkeptic" has repeatedly been instrumental in convincing HuffPost to fully reinstate several of the worst-of-the-worst CP-TOS violators after it had banned them:

  • This includes "kevenseven," whom HuffPost had permitted to repeatedly brag about being interviewed in his home by the U.S. Secret Service for his urgings on the site for the murder of President Bush, Nancy Reagan.

  • A detailed expose' on "kevenseven," and "HumeSkeptic's" role in repeatedly getting him reinstated, is contained here.

Numerous users have sent detailed complaints to HuffPost about "HumeSkeptic"
on repeated occasions. The only action HuffPost has taken is (according to him) to "ask" him (a) to refrain from such behavior, and (b) for suggestions on how to improve the site. See email 1, 2.

"HumeSkeptic" claims that in 2006 he "fought" with HuffPost for four months to get his account reinstated (HuffPost permitted him to use an alternative screen name during this period, "SkepticHume")

In August 2009, HuffPost banned three users who dared to call out HumeSkeptic on his virulent racism. See special mini-report on this issue here.

In September 2009, an internal HuffPost source confirmed that it "approves" his posts
--- and even apologized to him for the fact that some occasionally do not get published, due to technical glitches.

In October 2009 HuffPost again banned "HumeSkeptic" --- then fully reinstated him within days.


Comment samples --- from among the 90,000 that HuffPost has permitted him to post:
I see you are back, you filthy piece of human waste. Did you learn to write like that from your ass fucking priest during your last orgy, you pathetic excuse for a human? Go back to your fucking Christian morality class and enjoy watching torture videos with your underage Christian buddies, you torture loving fucking asshole. You should be embarrassed you exist, you bigoted racist shit.
posted Nov 07, 2006 at 01:01:00 [PDF here]

[...] Why is Petraeus supplying arms to al Qaeda in Iraq? What was it, 194,000 AK-47's? Shouldn't we get his ass back in Washington where it belongs? [...]
posted Aug 09, 2007 at 12:04:43

[...] We are now the biggest terrorists of all.
posted Aug 09, 2007 at 12:07:12

I received an email from a very nice and polite Mod about six weeks ago, explaining what was happening.

It's not their fault and not their doing. It is the system.
The Mod claimed that he/she personally approved my comments, then watched those disappeer into thin air.
Posted 09:27 PM on 06/07/2008

HumeSkeptic permalink
Are you done f*cking your mother, or are you just taking a break?

Posted 09:20 PM on 09/15/2008 [PDF here]

(Ed.: "SkepticHume" is "HumeSkeptic's" self-admitted alternative screen name, when HuffPost is blocking his comments from appearing.)


This is H@m.as' dream come true.
Just imagine: the tiny defenseless group standing up, all alone, against a major military power bent on oppressing and destroying a people.
[...] women holding limp little b0dies of children in their hands, crying, as an Is-ra-eli soldier aims an AK.-47 at her head.
[...] With each civilian casualty, P@lestin!ans get closer to their just goal of a homeland and freeedom, and Is-ra-el gets closer to the regime in Germany that provided the impetus for the creation of Is-ra-el.
Posted 02:49 PM on 01/03/2009

There goes my plan for becoming black, so I'm not mistakenly identified as a f*ck!ng Republican.
Posted 10:28 PM on 08/10/2009
[See special mini-report on "HumeSkeptic's" racism, and how HuffPost banned three users for calling him out on it, here]

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