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"And you're a fucking moron"

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HuffPost's protection of the most egregious violators of its "policies" --- and its banning of non-violators --- often on a minute-to-minute basis

"LookToTheLeft" is yet another radical leftist whom HuffPost allows to pathologically violate its (supposed) Comment Policy and Terms of Service, and who, until recently, it allowed to spend the bulk of his waking hours on the site doing this. HuffPost has chosen to protect him since (at least) February 2009, during which time it's reviewed, approved and decided to publish more than 40,000 of his comments (including the 10,000 he estimates it's removed; see Oct. 5, 2009) --- which primarily consist of his endless:
  • Vulgar, explicit slurs regarding homosexuality, Sarah Palin, etc.

  • Attacks on HuffPost moderators for daring to censor him in any way

  • Vicious, obscene personal attacks against other users

  • Expressions of how much he'd like to inflict physical violence on HuffPost's moderators, and his political "enemies"

HuffPost even "banned" him once --- for 24 hours (it announced to him), after which it promptly reinstated his account, including his prized "fan" base and entire comment archive.

At the same time HuffPost was enabling "LookToTheLeft," it was actively censoring --- on a minute-to-minute basis --- non-violating users who dared to post dissenting political opinions, and ultimately banning several of them. In fact, in January 2010, he bragged that a HuffPost moderator had emailed him asking for assistance in keeping an eye out for another user that he and his friends don't like, and who'd been banned.

The following is but a sampling of HuffPost's enabling and protection of "LookToTheLeft" --- far more is available upon request.

August 13, 2009:
"LookToTheLeft" complains about "Ryan" the moderator removing his comments

How would "LookToTheLeft" know the name of any HuffPost moderator, if they weren't in direct contact?

Sept. 9:
HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish "LookToTheLeft's" vulgar, sexist slurs against Andrea Mitchell

And note how he goes after another user who called him out on this sexism:

Sept 14.: HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish "LookToTheLeft's" vulgar attack on a non-violating user --- who was censored in replying, while his attack was permitted to remain:

"Bon Jour" then responded, somewhat in-kind --- note the time-stamp at the lower-right: 9:23am:

By 9:25am, HuffPost had removed "Bon Jour's" comment ---- but left "LookToTheLeft's" attack intact:

Sept. 14, 2009: HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish "LookToTheLeft's" vulgar attack on another user: Guess which one HuffPost chose to ban?

In this instance, HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish another extremely vulgar personal attack by "LookToTheLeft" (shorthand for "suck my dick") against "Bon Jour":

Shortly after this exchange, HuffPost chose to ban one of these users. Care to guess which?

Yup --- it banned
"Bon Jour":

And as of this day, "LookToTheLeft" had been permitted by HuffPost to post 11,126 comments:

5: "LookToTheLeft" admits that HuffPost has censored and/or removed an estimated 10,000 or more of his comments:

Oct. 10: HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish "LookToTheLeft's" gay attacks on Senators Jeff Sessions and Mitch McConnell:

Oct. 11:
"LookToTheLeft" admits that HuffPost banned him --- for 24 hours

The only way he could know that HuffPost had banned him for a defined period of time would have been if it notified him of this, in advance. This is exactly the same "courtesy" that HuffPost provided to other radical leftist egregious violators (see this screen shot, regarding its temporarily banning another user whom it knew has been interviewed in his home by the U.S. Secret Service for his threats against its protectees on the site --- "kevenseven"; more here):

Oct. 29: HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish "LookToTheLeft's" personal attack on Senator Mitch McConnell as "pussy repelant" -- and his prediction that HuffPost will remove his comment after 15 seconds:

Oct. 29: "LookToTheLeft" whines about HuffPost daring to censor any of his comments:

Nov 7: HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish "LookToTheLeft's" gay attacks on Reps. Boehner, Cantor and Pence:

Nov 7: HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish "LookToTheLeft's" sexual slurs against Sarah Palin:

Nov. 7: "LookToTheLeft" whines about "Rob" the HuffPost moderator daring to censor any of his comments --- then implies how much he'd like to physically harm him:

Nov. 8: HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish "LookToTheLeft's" comment about how much he would like to physically attack pollster, consultant Frank Luntz:

Nov 10: HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish more of "LookToTheLeft's" sexual slurs against Sarah Palin:

As before, HuffPost was continuing to ban users who stood up to "LookToTheLeft" --- but it still permitted him to continue posting at will.

By November 12, although it removed some of his comments, his archive was up to 13, 928:

And by November 22, he was up to 14,440 comments:


UPDATE, Dec. 10-26, 2009:
After banning
"LookToTheLeft" for one week, HuffPost fully reinstated him ---- while continuing to fast-ban (without reprieve) non-violating users who dare to speak out against him and his fellow radical leftists

On or about December 3, HuffPost banned "LookToTheLeft," which caused his radical leftist "friends" to organize a protest and email campaign. Within a few hours, he returned as "LeftWingBeagle," but HuffPost reportedly banned him within a few minutes. He then came back as "FREE LTTL," and again, HuffPost banned him within a few hours.

On December 10, HuffPost fully reinstated "LookToTheLeft's" account, including his comment archive and prized "fan" base. Here are some examples of the "welcome back" posts that marked this... event, including "LookToTheLeft's," indicating that this is the last chance HuffPost is giving him:

And as of December 10, "LookToTheLeft" was up to 15,091 comments:

Here are some examples of the thoughtful, policy-compliant comments that HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish from "LooktotheLeft" since then --- while it was banning non-leftist users after as few as six comments, for daring to dissent:

But it wasn't until December 25, Christmas day, that "LooktotheLeft" really explained how protected he is by HuffPost. Specifically, he claims that according to his "mod(erator) 'friends'," they've blocked or removed 4,000 of his comments, after twice banning and fully reinstating him:

As of December 26, "LooktotheLeft" had 15,655 comments left in his archive. This means that since February 2009, HuffPost has actually reviewed, approved and decided to publish approximately 20,000 total comments by him --- an average of 2,000 comments per month for ten months:

Breaking this down, that means that assuming he's on HuffPost for ten hours each day, HuffPost has permitted him to post one comment every eight minutes, every day, for ten months.

And yet, as documented here, while HuffPost was knowingly allowing "LooktotheLeft" to violate its policies with abandon, it was banning non-violating users whose only "violation" was daring to stand up to users like him --- some, after as few as six comments.


UPDATE, January 6, 2010:
HuffPost emailed "LookToTheLeft," asking him for assistance

On January 6, "LookToTheLeft" posted the following comment. In HuffPost parlance, "sock" means alternative screen name.
hey dude, some m*od e-mailed me wondering what Beej's latest sock is. If anyone would know it'd be you
Posted 07:57 AM on 01/06/2010

And who is this "cipotffo" that "LookToTheLeft" asked about this? None other than the "sock" of "Rampage," who, as documented in Example 2 here, HuffPost allowed to arrange a fistfight with another user, whom he threatened to put in the hospital.

Yet as of January 6, as shown below, while HuffPost was busy enlisting the help from "LookToTheLeft" to get rid of users who annoy him, it had permitted him to get up to 16,074 comments, and "cipotffo" to get up to 7,797 comments (since October 2009).

And as noted above, what was "cipotffo's" latest contribution to civil HuffPost dialogue?
All rpeublicans are not only cr00ked, but serial che_aters as well as child m0lesters.
Posted 12:17 PM on 01/06/2010

How ironic, given that HuffPost claims it prohibits comments
that "are posted with the explicit intention of provoking other commenters or the staff at Huffington Post."


UPDATE, March 12, 2010:
HuffPost continues to protect and enable LTTL's pathological behavior, and makes him an honorary moderator --- while fast-banning non-violating users who stand up to or mock him

You already know the score, so let's just do some highlights:

HuffPost has reviewed, approved and decided to publish 20,058 comments. Actually far more, but who's counting?

And what do those comments consist of? The usual fare of gay bashing and vulgarity of course... but it's okay, because he's a liberal. Now were he a conservative, it'd be a very different matter.

Some charming examples of LTTL's vulgar and gay attacks that HuffPost approved and published:

And now, the exact same gay attack posted twice in one day (even though HuffPost claims it bans repetitious posts):

And here, HuffPost approves LTTL to threaten another user that he/she is going to be banned:

Which, of course, HuffPost

And here, LTTL admits that HuffPost has banned, then reinstated him four times (under the same screen name), and removed 3,300 of his comments:

And all the while, HuffPost has been fast-banning non-violating users who dare to stand up to this kind of insanity.


UPDATE, April 20, 2010:
More of LTTL's racist and homophobic attacks --- with HuffPost's protection

Over the past month, HuffPost has banned at least 20 non-violating users who dare to stand up to the pathological violators it protects, such as LTTL. Proof will be forthcoming. Here's a sampling of the latest of LTTL's persistent racist and homophobic attacks on political opponents:

Racist attack against Justice Clarence Thomas:

Homophobic attacks:


UPDATE, May 10, 2010:
HuffPost continues to enable LTTL's insane, vulgar attacks --- and even his threats to have other users banned --- which it almost invariably fulfills, at his request

As it has been doing for months, HuffPost has allowed LTTL to repeatedly post his vulgar "first-letter-of-each-line" vulgar attacks, most often against Sarah Palin, and politicians whom he alleges are homosexuals.

Example: "Sarah Palin Is A Fucking Retard"

This wasn't a one-time shot, or even a 500-time shot. It is an every day occurrence with LTTL and HuffPost. Here is page 1 of his profile from May 10 --- see if you can determine how many of these 25 posts conform to HuffPost's (supposed) Comment Policy and Terms of Service.

And for those users who dare to object, or voice a different opinion, HuffPost continues to enable and embolden LTTL to threaten to have them banned (a request which it almost invariably honors), as in the instance below, in which he asks "Beatrice_Boubese," "back to be banned again?"

It is now only a matter of time before HuffPost bans that user. UPDATE: Once again, HuffPost did exactly what LTTL requested --- it banned "Beatrice Boubese", but left him active, and protected:

And at this point, after however many times HuffPost has banned him, and the tens of thousands of comments he claims they've prevented from appearing or removed by him, it still has reviewed, approved and decided to publish (and keep published) 23,656 of his comments:


UPDATE, July 1, 2010:
HuffPost continues to enable LTTL's obsession with Sarah Palin, and even to post implied threats/urgings of violence against her:


And HuffPost continue to protect, enable and embolden this maniac... while banning users who dare to speak out against him, or mock him.


UPDATE, October 19, 2010:
After several more times of banning, then reinstating him, HuffPost continues to enable LTTL's extreme vulgarity, misogyny, homophobia, and disparagement of those with mental disabilities

Details to come --- but for now, isn't it comforting to know that after all this time, HuffPost is still protecting this maniac -- and that Bank of America is unwittingly helping to enable it to happen? Just in case you decide you'd like to contact BofA to ask if it knows what it's facilitating... you can get their contact info here.

2010 update:

According to the off-topic chatter that HuffPost allows its raving lefitsts to endlessly engage in, turns out that the reason "LookToTheLeft" had been able to sit there all day and post his wild-eyed hate is because he works for... (brace yourself)... the government. And apparently, once his bosses found out what he was doing, they put the kibosh on his 8-hour-a-day non-work-related computer use. Which is why his daily posting at HuffPost has nosedived, and he's only posted 1,000 or so comments as of June 2011.

But don't fret, turns out he also set up his own little hate-blog, where he can indulge in his obsessions to his heart's content: see:
And as you can see, no matter how fast it bans non-violating conservative users who attempt to stand up to lunatic leftists who even threaten to murder top government officials, and notable public figures, and other users, HuffPost still protects them... and LooktotheLeft, to violate its rules at will...

... and that includes "blogpimping," or posting links to his hate-blog so other leftist maniacs can follow him there, for totally uncensored..."fun."

Update: "SheilaOKC" sends us a tip on how "LookToTheLeft" really feels about America:
"I could care less if others think I don’t love this sickening country. Since when is it a mandatory that we all love our country and remain loyal to it simply by virtue of having been unlucky enough to have been born here? I don’t love it and I’m proud to say it."

Nice to know he works for the government, hm?

That's ok, it fits his thoroughly cowardly M.O. In many Eurotrash nations he'd be viewed as a hero! (Looks at France). Wonder why he doesn't just up and move to one of them, seeing as he was so "unlucky" as to be born in this "sickening country" that he hates so much.

HuffPost leftists --- nothing like 'em.


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HuffPost's protection of the most egregious violators of its "policies" --- and its banning of non-violators --- often on a minute-to-minute basis



  1. So you just go around the web copying people's comments? Where are the rightwing hate comments from Freeperville?

  2. HP is disgusting. I have been warned for "Ad Hominem" attacks because I called someone a liar, which they were. It was ok, though, that a poster told me to teabag "my sweaty balls", and that at two other times posters have written nasty things about my photo and my adorable 19 month old grandson (also in the photo). I'm not sure I can count high enough to note the number of times I have been called a "racist", simply for disagreeing with someone or for posting facts about how many "minorities" are on welfare.