Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The "MirrorMirror" Test - Part 2


Continued from Part 1 of The "MirrorMirror" Test,

(1) The comments that "MirrorMirror" will attempt to use; the "before" (vulgar attacks on Sarah Palin that HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish) and the "after" (to be submitted in defense of Sarah Palin, and against Michelle Obama)

We will begin by showcasing the before-and-after versions of the comments that Huff-Watch operative "MirrorMirror" will use in this test.

Question to righties...Is Sarah a mother figure, or a whore Figure to y'all ?

Is Michelle Obama a mother figure or a whore figure to leftists?

[Sarah Palin is] White tr@sh.

Palin is great. Michelle Obama is black trash.

God made Sarah for the sole puprose of reproduction.

God made Michelle Obama for the sole purpose of reproduction.

So, there is NEVER a time in a man's life when he is too mature to respond to the towntrampsarahpalin look?
Liberals like to beat up on Sarah Palin's appearance. Question: Is there NEVER a time in a liberal man's life when he is too mature to respond to Michelle Obama's town tramp look?

Live and let live?
Not when her goal is to turn America into some kind of theocracy with leaders who have no clue how to govern.
She doesn't know anything because she thinks it's all about jeebus!

Plus she's an eff'n r@cist!

Michelle Obama's goal is to turn America into some kind of dictatorship. She thinks it's all about the Messiah! Plus she's an eff'n racist!"

Will [Palin] get a Fox show??

A reality show "The day in the life of a tr@iler park qu een"
Maybe Michelle Obama will have a TV show someday-
"A Day In The Life Of A Ghetto Queen."

Why is Piper always attached to her mother's hip? [...] Is Palin so intent on raising another generation of political quacks that she won't let the child be a child? [...]
Why are Sasha and Malia always attached to Michelle Obama's hip? Is Michelle so intent on raising another generation of political quacks that she won't let the children be children?

(2) "The Test" --- Start at 12:55am EST on July 27, 2009:

The thread is located here. Here is "MirrorMirror's" comment archive at 12:30am --- showing that it is brand new and unused, with 0 comments:

COMMENT (1) 12:55am -
We'll start off with something relatively innocuous:

"Liberals like to beat up on Sarah Palin's appearance. Question: Is there NEVER a time in a liberal man's life when he is too mature to respond to Michelle Obama's town tramp look?"


Ratcheting it up a bit:
"God made Michelle Obama for the sole purpose of reproduction."

(3) 1:25am - HUFFPOST BLOCKED:

Ratcheting it up a bit:
"Is Michelle Obama a mother figure or a whore figure to leftists?"
(This above went to pending. After observing other users' posts, changed "whore" to "wh0re", as this seemed to bypass a word filter and was clearly approved by HuffPost.)

"Is Michelle Obama a mother figure or a wh0re figure to leftists?"
(This also went to pending, and HuffPost would not publish it.)


Now to turn it up; we will turn to one of "HumeSkeptic's" classics --- which he and his "friends" have used repeatedly, routinely since the fall of 2008, to describe Sarah Palin and her daughters --- "white trash."

"MirrorMirror" waited for an opportunity to respond to a user claiming that Sarah Palin is "white trash." The closest available was at 1:35am, when another user called Sarah Palin "bad rubbish" ---
"Palin is great. Michelle Obama is bl@ck tr@sh."

This one elicited a notable response from "kevenseven":
"Oh, man, you are gonna get banned and quick."

There are a number of reasons why "kevenseven's" comment is so notable:
  • He is one of the longest-term, most egregious violators of HuffPost's Comment Policies
  • HuffPost has permitted him to repeatedly brag that he was interviewed in his home by the U.S. Secret Service for his threats and urgings of violence against its protectees on the site, namely President Bush and Nancy Reagan. He has also explicitly threatened other users' children, and engaged in a wide variety of other egregious violations of HuffPost's policies.

  • HuffPost has "banned" him --- then quickly and fully reinstated him --- at least 15 times in two years, despite innumerable times it has been notified of his activities.

  • HuffPost has routinely removed the comments posted by, and banned users who dare speak out against his egregious violations of its policies, and his vicious, personal attacks on them --- including using racist and homophobic hatred.

  • A summary of "kevenseven's" activities on HuffPost, and its protection of him, is here; a detailed analysis is here.

(5) 1:40am - HUFFPOST BLOCKED:

In response to "kevenseven's" warning, "MirrorMirror" attempted to ask the following:
"Really? why? Hu.ff approved this and everyone laughed--

HumeSkeptic I'm a Fan of HumeSkeptic permalink
[Palin is]
White tr@sh.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 12:44 PM on 07/25/2009"



Another user, "MzTraci," replied to "MirrorMirror's" comment by saying, "FlaggedforBeingARacistPieceofS--t."
(Note: "Flagged" means that one user is calling HuffPost's attention to a comment by another user, by hitting the "Flag As Abusive" button underneath each comment, as a potential violation of its policies. What's interesting here is that "flagging" HuffPost's most egregious violators has no effect, as numerous conservatives who post there will attest.)

In response, "MirrorMirror" submitted the same comment that was directed to "kevenseven," but this time, for some reason, HuffPost chose to publish it:


And by 2:02am, HuffPost had banned "MirrorMirror":

A few minutes later, at 2:08am, when "MirrorMirror" tried to publish a response to another comment, HuffPost confirmed that he was "banned":

  • The thread upon which all of this transpired (here) was overflowing with vicious, vulgar, racist, personal attacks and libels against Sarah Palin and her family. HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish these comments, even though they were in clear violation of its Comment Policy. Many of these libels and attacks were submitted by long-term violators of HuffPost's policies.

  • Regular users of HuffPost know that this is not an isolated phenomenon. To the contrary, as one long-term user ("Ramirez") has noted, "Every HuffPost thread eventually devolves into attacks on Sarah Palin." It's true. And these comments only appear because HuffPost permits them to.

  • "MirrorMirror" conducted this test to determine if HuffPost's Comment Policy is nonpartisan, as it explicitly says it is. Specifically, this test was designed to see if the same "rules" that HuffPost applies to criticism of Sarah Palin also apply to Michelle Obama. Clearly, they do not.

  • Out of six comments submitted, HuffPost blocked two, then banned "MirrorMirror," for doing nothing more than directing the exact same insults that its radical leftists are permitted to post against Sarah Palin, but redirected to Michelle Obama. And whereas the other "offenders" were free to continue posting for months, HuffPost banned "MirrorMirror" in a matter of minutes.

  • This all comports with the rest of the documentation on Huff-Watch, which conclusively shows that HuffPost routinely censors and bans non-violating users, who dare to speak out against its "protected" caste of radical leftists, the most pathological, egregious violators of its Comment Policy.


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