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"PallyWood" - An introduction

Note: This is cross-posted from the bottom of Answering The Libels, where you can find much more information on the lies that are routinely told about Israel. Also see Anti-Semitism 101 (and the Zionist canard).

Most Americans have never heard the term "PallyWood."

But if one wants to understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, particularly in terms of the "news" that one sees concerning it on certain websites, one must first understand that this conflict is not being fought primarily with bullets and bombs. The primary battlefield is the media, and the public perceptions that the "winner" is able to generate.

"PallyWood" is the name given to the Palestinian propaganda-and-libel machine, which churns out lie after lie about Jews in general, and Israeli Jews in specific. Unfortunately, by the time Israel begins to attempt to defend itself against these lies, they've made it around the world several times over. And it is usually only weeks or months later before honest observers recognize that once again, "PallyWood" has distorted public perceptions based on provable lies --- exactly as it intended to do.

The following provides the honest observer with a brief introduction to the "PallyWood" phenomenon, its tactics and strategies, and why it is so incredibly dangerous to those who wish to have a sincere, fact-based discussion on how to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The content in this article is divided into two sections:
  • Videos and multimedia presentations that discuss "PallyWood" in detail, how members of the media and "human rights" groups are complicit in propagating the lies, and the bloody result of what happens when these lies go unexposed, until it's to late. Special focus is devoted to the al Dura libel.

  • Brief articles discussing "PallyWood," primarily focused on staged photography ("fauxtography")

"The Big Lies" An excellent beginner's introduction to Palestinians' manufacturing of outrageous libels in order to incite hatred of, and violence against Israelis and Jews worldwide --- often with the invaluable complicity of "journalists" and "news" sources who accept and transmit whatever they say, without even a cursory analysis. Produced by Honest Reporting.

"Gaza Beach Tragedy" (12:18)

Second Draft's description: "On 6/9/06, [an] explosion on a Gaza beach killed a family. Palestinians and MSM blamed Israel, showing Huda Ghalia grieving wildly. What happened? A grotesque exploitation of grief." This is one more example of what is likely another "PallyWood" production, designed to incite hate and bloody vengeance against Israelis and Jews --- who, according to the evidence, had nothing whatsoever to do with this tragedy. Yet the MSM and certain "news" websites fell for this libel hook, line and sinker, and once again cast Israel as barbarians --- a narrative that has carried forth to this day, while not even caring to take a "second" look at the facts, as documented by Second Draft:

(3) "Icon Of Hatred" - The al Dura blood libel (17:30)
In this video, Second Draft provides a detailed look inside the blood libel that caused untold numbers of grisly murders of, and worldwide protests against Israelis and Jews, thanks to the lies propagated by Palestinians in Gaza. In summary, a 10 year old boy, Mohammed al Dura, was reportedly shot and killed by his father's side, amidst a firefight between Hamas and the IDF. Palestinian "news" sources immediately claimed that al Dura was shot by the IDF. A French "journalist" edited together the raw footage to make it appear that this was the case, and testified to it under oath. The global media --- without even doing a cursory investigation into the footage, knowing how often such media from Palestinian sources is proven to be faked --- uncritically echoed this narrative. As is documented in the following video, however, the evidence points not to Israeli soldiers, but to Palestinians themselves, and one "journalist" in particular --- for whatever happened to this boy.

(4) "Al Dura: 'According To Palestinian Sources...' II" (13:53)

A step-by-step analysis by Second Draft, documenting the lies, the manipulation, the gross incompetence of the French news bureau, and the complicity of the global media in propagating this blood libel, that triggered years of celebrated hatred and violence against Israelis and Jews worldwide.

For more information on certain members of the "news" media's uncritical acceptance and willful propagation of Palestinian "fauxtography" and blood libels against Israelis ("PallyWood") --- and the "conservative" blogosphere's efforts to establish the truth --- please see a detailed essay by Richard Landes, Writer-Director at Second Draft, here.

(5) "Al Dura: What Really Happened?" (3:28)

This short film, produced by Honest Reporting, showcases some of the facts that fatally undermine the Palestinians' (and a French "journalist's") claims that Mohammed al Dura was shot by Israeli soldiers.

7/13/08: News Blackout -- NYT Ignores Momentous Pro-Jewish Court Case Win in France --- NewsBusters examines the French court decision to throw out the PallyWood fauxtographer's libel case against a journalist who reported the truth regarding the al Dura incident --- and asks why the New York Times, which breathlessly and uncritically reported the Palestinians' blood libels against Israel, is now reluctant to report on the truth.

For more information, see the Wikipedia entry on the al Dura shooting (or hoax), which also discusses an epic lawsuit in France concerning this controversy. For your own sanity, however, please pay particular attention to the sources cited, and not necessarily all the narrative (as Wikipedia can be edited by those outside its organization, who may or may not be interested in the truth).

"PallyWood" staged propaganda videos and photos:

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