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  1. I love your website, homey,

  2. Huffwatch is about to get hit by the ACLU for freedom of speech infringement by a former super-poster. Details to follow.

  3. Anonymous said...
    "Huffwatch is about to get hit by the ACLU for freedom of speech infringement by a former super-poster. Details to follow."
    May 5, 2010 10:41 PM

    HuffWatch says: "Can't wait, Kevin."

  4. this is "peacekitten."

    you need to remove me from your list of so-called "anti-semitic" posters on huffingtonpost. this is a DELIBERATE misrepresentation on your part of my views, and you are LIBELING me by portraying me to others as something i am most emphatically NOT.

    you conveniently leave out comments i made on that site lamenting the tragedy of killing an israeli bride on her wedding day when the celebration site was blown up, just as i have lamented the death of palestinian children when their shelters and schools have blown up.

    if you were FAIR AND ACCURATE in your representations, you would have noted the unmitigated HELL and namecalling i went through for the above comment, but you did not.

    also, if you were FAIR in your representations of my opinions, you would have noted that i have REPEATEDLY been on the wrong side of the moderators at huffington, for a variety of reasons.

    if you are going to keep a website such as this, DON'T LIE. and more specifically DO NOT LIE ABOUT ME. if you have in fact made the study of my comments there that you claim to have, you would know that i abhor war and violence, no matter WHO it is that is waging it, and that i am absolutely opposed to the death of innocents no matter where they are.

    i am asking you politely to demonstrate your integrity by telling the TRUTH, which is that you took one comment OUT OF CONTEXT, and from it have publicly spread an INACCURATE representation of my views. you can do this by REMOVING that comment, and ANY mention of me from this website. otherwise, you will leave me no choice but to pursue possible legal remedies.

    thank you.

  5. @ "peacekitten"

    Are the following quotes from you accurate, or are they all "taken out of context" also?


    anyone who disagrees with israel's "right" to lie, break promises and ____exterminate the palestinian people____ is someone an "anti-semite" in your mind. that is the behavior of someone with a guilty conscience.
    Posted 08:25 PM on 3/26/2010

    so did the israelis. they have yet to honor a single treaty they have ever made.
    Reply Posted 09:35 PM on 3/26/2010

    this isn't anti-semitism. it's not "hate rhetoric." it's expecting israel to start behaving like ANY other nation of the world, which means you take the good with the bad. if anything, that LEGITIMIZES israel by taking it as a given that it IS a nation of the world.
    israel on the other hand, has compromised the national security of the united states, canada, australia and the netherlands because your government has paid back protection and friendship by SPYING on us, 24/7, even as we speak. your government has paid back its friends with the WORST possible kind of betrayal. there is nothing, and i mean NOTHING lower, than selling out a friend for your own gain.
    Posted 09:58 PM on 3/26/2010

    ### And regarding your claim that you are "peaceful," and "abhor war and violence"... ###

    personally, i'd be happy if they took away a few black eyes, but that's kind of hard to do over a computer screen.... ........
    Posted 11:44 AM on 2/21/2010

    the idea of an armed revolution is becoming more and more logical as the only hope to save our nation.
    Posted 06:00 PM on 1/21/2010

    well, my head is about to explode, between the big0try and the just downright embarrassing stuupidity on display from the right wing trools, who are the ones that got the whole country into this mess in the first place.
    i hope every last one of you loses your house, your health insurance, your car, your job if you have one, and is totally unable to find employment ANYWHERE. i hope you end up sleeping on the streets, get rolled at least once a week, and can't even find somebody to give you a buck for a meal.
    09:52 AM on 4/23/2010


    The fact is that you are an out-and-out anti-Semitic propagandist and conspiracy theorist. We’ve created a handy resource to for anyone who’s interested in learning the truth of what those terms mean:

    The fact is that you are a deeply disturbed individual, for calling for open armed revolution to solve your political problems (thought only rightwingers and Tea Partiers did that?), and for expressions of such unbridled hatred towards your fellow citizens (ditto!), while hiding behind the misnomer "peacekitten" (LOL!!!). All of which is only aggravated by your elitism, arrogance and gross ignorance of basic knowledge and facts.

    As to your threat to bring legal action... we hope you're good at your day job (assuming you have one), because you'll never make it in comedy. To be effective, comedy needs to be based at least in part on facts and truth.

  6. @ "peace"kitten

    Just wondering, are these comments of yours, from June 1, also "taken out of context"?

    Here, you compare Netanyahu and the IDF to Nazis:

    netanyahu's government is acting like the monsters his country was founded as protection against. [...]

    for their neocons, nothing short of the complete extermination of the p@le$tinian people will satisfy them. [...]

    it should be apparent that the current isr@eli government, headed by a man who was once driven from office in disgrace, isn't interested in having pale%tinians live on p@lest|an land.
    the isr@eli neocons want the entire race exterminated.


    You make such Nazi-like statements, while completely ignoring that the only party to this dispute who's actually voiced support for a genocide is... Hezbollah:
    "If they (Jews) all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide."
    - Hassan Nasrallah

    Have you ever noticed how your screeds bear a striking resemblance to those made by Hamas?

    Probably not.

  7. @ "peace"kitten-

    This must be another example of your "out of context" calls for violence:

    peacekitten (June 3)

    we should have drowned gr0ver n0rquist instead.

  8. Anti-American hate speech on the Huffington Post reached new heights in shrillness and aggression this 4th of July from Europeans & liberals against Americans.
    As a Democrat I am sick to my stomach.
    It was really bad on this article

  9. Can't wait for this site to be shut down.

  10. Huff Watch. Professional Hasbara.

  11. Commenters supporting a mass murder in a workplace:


    To Anonymous @ July 5:
    Thanks for the tip. Don't announce you're a Democrat too loudly on HuffPost though, because the radical leftists that HuffPost lets spend all their waking moments there don't take kindly to criticism, from anyone. (But keep sending in tips!)

    To Anonymous @ July 19:
    "Can't wait for this site to be shut down."
    Why would this site be shut down? Last I heard, telling the truth is still an act that's protected by our Constitution. Or are you just a coward, too afraid to explain what HW has done to merit being shut down? I vote the latter.

    To Anonymous @ July 26:
    "Huff Watch. Professional Hasbara."
    Nah, we're not that good. Just a couple of volunteers and a bottle of wine...

    To Anonymous @ August 6:
    Saw it. Disgusting. But par for the course if you've observed the radical left in action for any amount of time. Thank you.

  13. @ "peacekitten" [Continuing...]

    Just more "out of context" urgings of violence from you, I guess...

    “personally, if we commit yet another crime against humanity and start a war of aggression against iran, i think we should fill aircraft with all the supporters of that war, fly over iran and shove them all out without parachutes. they want another war, let them fight it.”

    And more "peaceful," tolerant interaction, to be "gentle" with your fellow humans (out of context again, I'm sure):

    “pi$$ off.
    you don't know me, i don't want to know you.
    read this thread. you will notice I'm not the one who's been advocating for a useless, ILLEGAL war.
    go attack the people who are doing that, and who have accused me of whopping bald-faced L|ES because they are trying to defend the indefensible.
    don't even try to lecture me.

    "“craig, you don't know the history of this discussion between me and this rabid individual.
    you are politely invited to pi$$off.”

    And finally, for some comic relief...
    "if you are so inarticulate that you cannot make your point without denigrating another living thing, that's YOUR lack, not mine.

    All out of context, of course. And all having no reflection whatsoever on the fact that you are one of the most shameless anti-Israel propagandists on HuffPost. You're welcome.

  14. @ "peacekitten"

    And these must be some more of your "peace"ful comments, so you can help people be "gentle" with one another...

    Commented Aug 16, 2010 at 21:19:27 in Politics
    “and you're a deluded 'bagger. go back to stormfront where you belong.”

    Commented Aug 16, 2010 at 19:54:01 in World
    “and obviously, you're an IDI0T of biblical proportions.”

    Commented Aug 16, 2010 at 19:51:55 in Politics
    “considering that there are maybe a dozen genuine christians left in the world, they would be woefully understaffed. the countless fake ones would be too busy at their kkkkkkklan meetings anyway.
    and maybe HOSPITALS to help the suffering would be more appropriate than anything.
    take your big0try and bl0witoutyoura$$.”

    Commented Aug 15, 2010 at 04:41:29 in Business
    “and what exactly would you know about having b@lls?
    you'd have to sew a set on first.”


    But those must be more of those darned comments that you claim are all "taken out of context," right? Right.

  15. @ "peacekitten":

    More of your tolerant, "peace"ful, gentle comments, but taken totally "out of context" again, I presume?


    please shut up, and don't address me any further.
    at least have the guts to admit that you'd rather that people starve to death in this country, d|e in the gutter from a perfectly curable or preventable disease, that education should be done away with, and we should be living like total savages.
    because savage is EXACTLY what your mindset is.
    you don't have the SLIGHTEST idea how money functions, or even what constitutes civilisation.
    YOU are the one who made a stvpid, insulting attack on "democrats" and in typical repub fashion, try to act as though you are some kind of victim.

    the word "christian" is much abused. entirely too many of those who claim that label are about as far from the concept of "christian" as can be imagined.
    better to call them what they are.
    barbaric, brutal, uncivilised, bl00dthirsty, monsters.

    get a room, you two.
    you can discuss being two of the world's living brain donors.

  16. BobRobertsFeltRedundant
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    6 minutes ago (9:36 PM)
    if you plink conservati­ves using a 50 kal BMG.......­....they explodde

    it;s kind of funny to see
    Why aren't you guys doing something about BobRobertsFeltRedundant?

  17. ============

    @ those who've followed the link to this page, from here:


    Thanks to a tipster, "RoxyRocks," we get a further glimpse into "peacekitten's" demented existence.

    In addition to HuffPost enabling her to vomit her normal diet of hate at Israel and her fellow HuffPosters, it is now apparently so afraid of losing this 6-year veteran that it's allowing her to attack the site itself:

    “thank you, my friend.
    i _hate this place most of the time these days.”
    Jun 27, 2011 at 22:35:10

    “because the sheer constipati­on and paranoia of this place is of EPIC proportion­s.
    they really need to think about another line of work, because this is clearly not suited to them. or turn this into a gardening and home improvemen­t blog and be happy with that.
    they don't have the guts for any real thought or news.”
    Jun 27, 2011 at 22:34:23

    Jun 27, 2011 at 22:29:22
    “this place has degenerate­d into a place of cynicism, anger and sheer frustration.
    and they can all gostraight­ohell for it, too.”

    May 22, 2011 at 20:59:11
    “well, i'm done.
    not going to waste any more time today on such blatant censorship. there's only so much brazenhypocrisy i can stand.
    who knew that so many people could be found to do a job where theycensor the words of others for a living. all should be ashamed of themselves­. very ashamed.
    deutscheland uber alles!”


    Alas, but things wouldn't be complete without another dose of her endless elitist, psychotic rantings. Or, as Roxy said in her email, "PK seems even more wound out than normal, which is saying something." Indeed.


    Jun 27, 2011 at 22:51:19
    “PERFECT description of all the right wing extremists who continually vote against their own interests!”

    “how F U K K ING dare you.
    this is low and offensive and disgusting even for you.
    go somewhere and d i e.”

    May 22, 2011 at 20:26:03
    “beats the heck out of the usual places he picks up viruses..........”

    May 21, 2011 at 20:02:31 in Business
    “you're amorn of EPIC proportions.
    now go away. you're hopeless.”


    You'd do better to pay attention to your own interests. Especially seeing as you "hate" HuffPost, yet you cannot bear to leave it, and you denounce it... on its own pages. Something seem a bit psychotic there to ya? Probably not.

    - HW

  18. I just came across your site as I was searching for someone who is as disgusted as I am at HuffPost MODERATORS. I read much of the immigration issues in LatinoVoices. It is a magnet for racists, and haters in general. I have flagged many comments for using racial slurs and advocating murder. I am often censored because even though I do not advocate murder or use racial slurs, I use strong wording to counter the heavy handed attacks. Telling the truth is not welcome. LatinoVoices is a place to dump garbage. I submitted my complaint regarding moderators allowing vitriol to be printed and censoring my comments denouncing their racism. Guess What? No response on the first complaint or second complaint. I'm done with HuffPoser! Glad to have found your site. We need sites that rate other sites. Better yet, we need a new social site with user-friendly navigation and accurate reporting.

  19. KEEP IT UP! You're doing good work. And it's necessary as all hell!!


  20. could u tell me why most of my comments are cancelled and now my comments just blackout when i press submit i only tell the truth but huff post are against running mp s down and immigramnt comments also sleeze comments

  21. Thank you Huff-Watch,keep up the good work.Also,you probably already know this but,most of the liberals on HP are canadians paid by Ad-Busters to influence American elections.The funny/sad thing is they really think their meaningless nonsensical comments will influence the average Americans opinions.The only thing good about huff-po is that it keeps loser liberals occupied making thousands of worthless comments.LMFAO

  22. Thank you Huff-Watch,keep up the good work.

  23. Sad to see how blatantly pro-islamist/anti-israel the huffington post has become. Perhaps it should be called the "PalestinianPost" or "HamasPost" for all the apologizing it does for islamist terror, and for how it willfully ignores or minimizes the evils being committed by islamists (ISIS, Syria, Hamas etc.) against christians, jews, and other muslims in the world, but obsessively publishes headlines and stories that villify and demonize Israel. I am not an extreme left winger or right ringer. I just hate that the Huffington Post is poisoning so many minds with its latent anti-semitism and islamist/anti-israel agenda. They very cleverly occasionally post blog entries from moderates about israel, but bury those beneath hysterical "Israel is Evil!" headlines. Insidious.

    I don't know if I agree with all of your political views, but I staunchly agree that the HuffPo has become a hate-filled, pro-Hamas propaganda site. The anti-israel bias is so obvious, yet clothed in a "progressive" cloak.

    I sincerely hope the HuffingtonPost eventually becomes a legitimate, unbiased news source. But for now, thank you for calling out its ridiculous and hateful agenda and bias.