Saturday, March 20, 2010

3/20/10: Did HuffPost claim that black people are "the laziest people ever"?

3/7/10: HuffPost smears Tea Party again: This time as racist and anti-immigrant; users unleash hate (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")

11/17/09: "Peace" activists physically assault peaceful Tea Partiers; how did HuffPost play it?

Did HuffPost really claim that black people are "the laziest people ever"?

Well, as the Hertz commercials go, not exactly.

But it sure does look like it did. And as is documented below, according to HuffPost itself, that's more than sufficient grounds to publicly condemn an individual or entity as being a "racist."

This teaser was located on Huffpost's front page on March 20, 2010:

And as you can see below, HuffPost placed this teaser right alongside the timely story of this day: the latest machinations in the healthcare reform battle:

And note that on the
story page to which this headline led, HuffPost didn't even provide a racially-sensitive variation picture --- of a white, Hispanic or Asian person, to supplement its list of the "laziest people ever." Instead, it used the same picture of the same black man:

So, does this action qualify HuffPost as being "racist"?

according to the standard that HuffPost recently used to justify smearing the Tea Party as "racist" and "anti-immigrant."

Actually, HuffPost is far guiltier of being "racist" than the Tea Party it falsely smears with that libel.

Because of two inescapable facts:
  1. The Tea Party event organizers had absolutely no control over the one attendee who made the offensive remarks in this incident, in a public venue, and they certainly didn't give him their approval.

  2. In contrast, the only reason the "story" of the "laziest people ever" appeared on HuffPost's front page is because it reviewed, approved and decided to publish it.

Even casual observers of HuffPost know that if any non-left-wing publication put up this headline, next to a picture of a black man, HuffPost would go ballistic, falsely claiming it's just one more indication of how "racist" the "right wing" in America has become.

But HuffPost apparently thinks that because it perpetrated this act, it's somehow different --- that it gets, or should get, a free pass, whereas it would crucify anyone else who did this.

News flash, HuffPost: Not anymore. Not since you declared your subversive war on the Tea Party movement, using your shameless smears, based on a guilt-by-association standard that you're far guiltier of breaching than any target you've gone after, including Fox News. And not since you decided to use shameless smear tactics and false/misleading headlines in order to incite hatred against conservatives, Israel and Jews, and American soldiers (1, 2, 3).


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