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May 2010: 350,000 unique monthly visitors to HuffPost originate in Muslim-majority nations [Update Jan. 2013: Now 1.37 million]]


Update: According to Quantcast, as of January 2013, HuffPost attracted more than 1.3 million unique visitors per month from Muslim-majority countries --- including 441,000 per month from three of the main incubators of Islamist terror (bolded):
Pakistan: 273,000 (nearly tripled from May 2011, below)
Saudi Arabia: 92,000
Egypt: 76,000
Malaysia: 245,000
Turkey: 268,000

Indonesia: 239,000

United Arab Emirates: 125,000

Qatar: 29,000

Algeria: 29,000

Total: 1,376,000
Q) What would draw nearly 15,000 unique visitors per day from individuals located in incubators of Islamist terror incubators to Huffington Post?   

A) We contend it is the vital role HuffPost plays in advancing the cyber-jihad.


One of our most acute concerns has been how far and wide HuffPost's persistent, malicious incitement and tolerance of hatred against (a) the U.S. military and (b) Israel and Jews has been resonating in "the Muslim world."

It has been and remains our contention that by perpetrating
these acts, HuffPost is playing a vital role in the facilitation of the cyber-jihad --- in summary, the spreading and reinforcement of militant Islamist propaganda.

The data we've accumulated bears us out, to some degree. As you'll see below, from June 2009 through the fall of 2010, HuffPost number of unique monthly visitors from Muslim-majority nations --- including the most notorious fermenters of Islamist terror --- nearly tripled, from 135,000 to 350,000 per month. Slightly more than six months later, in the spring of 2011, that number had doubled ---
to 700,000 per month.

What is it that all those users from those particular
nations --- nearly 10,000 a day from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt alone --- want at HuffPost?

Could it be that they know HuffPost is the West's largest Internet-based inciter and tolerator of hatred against
the U.S. military and Israel and Jews? That it actively protects user to voice the most egregious hate speech against these victims, while censoring and banning other users who attempt to stand up to or complain about them --- on a minute-to-minute basis (see Section 6.1 here)?

UPDATE May 2011: HuffPost now has 700,000 unique monthly visitors from Muslim-majority nations --- including 256,000 Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt alone.

As noted below, this is nearly a 100% increase from Fall 2010 numbers (Quantcast). Here's the breakdown (rounded to nearest 1,000):
Turkey: 134,000
Malaysia: 120,000
Indonesia: 110,000
Pakistan: 88,000
Saudi Arabia: 84,000
Egypt: 84,000
Qatar: 20,000
Lebanon: 15,000
Jordan: 15,000
Algeria: 12,000
Syria: 10,000
Yemen: 8,000
Total: 700,000

What would draw 700,000 Muslims in foreign nations --- more than a third of whom are from Islamist terror incubators --- to Huffington Post?

Previously: Fall 2010 numbers show 353,000 from Muslim-majority nations

In the fall of 2010, we got part of our answer, from
Quantcast --- which reports that more than 350,000 or HuffPost's unique monthly visitors originate from Muslim-majority nations. Here's the breakdown (rounded to nearest 1,000):
Turkey: 75,000
Indonesia: 66,000
Saudi Arabia: 55,000
United Arab Emirates: 48,000
Pakistan: 43,000
Egypt: 39,000
Iran: 17,000
Lebanon: 10,000
Total: 353,000

What would draw 353,000 people from Muslim-majority nations to an English-language blog site? Could some (or many) of them be anti-U.S. military, anti-Israeli, pro-Islamist propagandists, such as those we document here and here? Are these some of these users the rabid haters whom HuffPost essentially allows to "live" on its site? Like "rich misty," documented here --- whom it actively enables protects to post his hateful anti-U.S. military, anti-Semitic propaganda, and even elevated to a "moderator"?

What about
"Amock," "Karate Kid," "BobInMo," "punk," "ascoli" and others, whom HuffPost allowed --- in violation of its "policies" --- to celebrate and advocate the murders of U.S. military contractors, most of whom are retired American soldiers, here? (Note also that HuffPost has allowed these users to post up to or more than 35,000 "comments" --- yet it routinely bans users who stand up to them, after as few as six comments, documented in this special report.)

These are questions worth asking, given that HuffPost is now the
#1 blog on Earth, one of America's top ten news sites, and was recently named "the most powerful blog in the world" by The Guardian (UK).

Previously: June 2009, HuffPost had an estimated 135,000 unique monthly visitors from Iran and Pakistan, two of the world's primary fermenters of Islamist terror

(Cross posted from Section 4

Given that much of the content on Huff-Watch deals with our allegations of severely biased, if not overtly anti-Israel, pro-Islamist, anti-U.S. military (1, 2) "news" stories at HuffPost (and its willingness to approve, publish and even protect user comments containing vicious propaganda and blood libels),
is worthwhile to consider HuffPost's "reach" in "the Muslim world."

According to the following Alexa screen, as of June 26, 2009,
2.1% of HuffPost's traffic comes from three Muslim-dominated nations: Iran (0.8%), Pakistan (0.7%) and Indonesia (0.6%), within which an estimated one-third (433 million) of the world's 1.3 billion Muslims reside:

By June 2009, HuffPost had reached approximately 9 million unique visitors per month (8.9 million in February, vs. 9.4 million in September).

This would mean that an estimated 135,000 (1.5%) of HuffPost's monthly visitors reside in the two nations that are the world's leading fermenters and exporters of Islamist terror: Iran and Pakistan.

Also see: About the cyber-jihad


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