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9/10/10: HuffPost: God says to Jews, "End your zealotry!!!," but celebrates Muslims "going green," while ignoring Islamists' savagery


This extensive archive documents HuffPost's multi-year history of incitement and tolerance of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel hatred, and its shilling for militant Islam. Most recently, in HuffPost's pathological anti-Semitic bias: Children's edition, we document the galactic disparity between the way it treats Jewish children who've been murdered or orphaned by militant Islamists, versus Muslims who are killed in the course of Israel defending itself from these attacks.

Given all this, one might think HuffPost couldn't sink much deeper.

One would be very,
very wrong.
Because on September 9, 2010, HuffPost decided to run this as one of its front page headlines:
Rosh Hashanah: God's Call To End Zealotry

And what was the basis of this inflammatory claim (which Ms. Huffington falsely claims the site prohibits)? Let's take a look. Here's how
this blog article, written by Joshua Stanton, opens (emphasis added):
Our desires sometimes lead us astray from what we feel is right. But sometimes even what we feel is right proves wrong.

This becomes clear when we read Genesis 22 on the second day of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Abraham the patriarch -- one of the great prophets of the Torah -- readies himself to kill Isaac, his most beloved son, as a sacrifice to the Divine. He does so, no less, in the name of God.

Most perplexing about Abraham's actions is that the right desire motivates them: the urge to show reverence for God. But Abraham's goals are unspeakably wrong. To kill an innocent person -- much less one's own beloved son -- is an atrocity. [...]

It would seem, in fact, that Abraham was being led astray by his own zealotry...

Wow. Let's talk about what's "unspeakably wrong" with this blog.

First, do you mean Abraham just conjured up the idea in his head one day that he should kill his son, "in the name of God," Mr. Stanton? Regardless of whether one is religious or not, one should at least start with accepting the fact that according to the Torah and the Bible, God ordered Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, as a test of his devotion. Only when Abraham was about to fulfill this order did God send a messenger to stop him.

Secondly, there's only one religion that's got a very serious problem with zealots at the moment, Mr. Stanton --- and it isn't Judaism (or Christianity, or Hinduism, or Buddhism).

Mr. Stanton concludes:
[E]ven extremism has moderate forms, namely misplaced goals based on false assumptions. We can do harm in good faith, both to our relationship with God and in our relationships with other people.

This wouldn't be just a thinly-veiled attempt to vilify Jews for supporting Israel's right to defend itself from repeated, murderous attacks and threats of genocide, by implying that they're "zealots," would it?

Couldn't be, because HuffPost has explicitly prohibited anti-Semitism on its site. And we know how well that's worked out.


Now, let's compare HuffPost's "tribute" to Rosh Hashanah to its "tribute" to Ramadan.
Did God also speak to Muslims through HuffPost, or even suggest that they reign in their "zealots?"

To the contrary...


... HuffPost decided to celebrate Muslims... "going green" for Ramadan!! Here's one of the headlines HuffPost decided to put on its front page on August 30, 2010, the first night of Ramadan:

And how did HuffPost celebrate the end of Ramadan, on September 10? Why, with a veritable Coke commercial of a headline on its front page:

An excerpt from the article that HuffPost chose to run (emphasis added) under this syrupy, Kumbaya-like headline:
(CAIRO) The normally festive atmosphere for Eid in Afghanistan was tempered not only by the war but by bitterness over a threat by a small Florida church to burn copies of the Islamic holy book Quran on Saturday, the ninth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. At least 11 people were injured in scattered protests across the country, police said.

"Muslims are not going to be humiliated," cleric Mohammad Ayaz Niazi said during a sermon in Kabul. "From this mosque, I'm asking the world to prevent this crime, which could destroy global peace."

Wow, do you think that a Muslim cleric claiming that a book being burned in the U.S. --- which is
a Constitutionally-protected right --- is a "crime," and basically threatening global violence if it occurs... might be a sign of... (gasp!) "zealotry," HuffPost? Of course not. But what about all those inflammatory statements by Hamas and Hezbollah, threatening to exterminate Jews? Ditto.

Then again, HuffPost has not seen fit to publicize any of these recent acts by Muslims, that normal people would consider to be the crimes of "zealots":
Muslim Cleric Rapes 11-Year-Old Girl During Ramadan

13-Year-Old Hindu Girl Abducted, Forcibly Converted to Islam

14-Year-Old Copt Tortured by Muslim 'Masters'

Professor who Lost Hand & Job for 'Insulting Islam' Appeals

Arabic-Speaking 'Leftists' Cut Swastika into Swede's Head

British Islamists Commemorate 9/11 with American Flag Burning

Somali Attempts Suicide Blast with Hijacked Fuel Tanker

YouTube Pulls Video of Christians Burned Alive by Muslims

France Assigns Bodyguards to Moderate Imam

Much more here. The above are just some of the more than 16,000 acts of militant Islamist violence since 9/11.

Apparently, to HuffPost's crack team of 53 "editors" (presumably trained by Arianna Huffington, its Editor-In-Chief), God certainly isn't going to ask Muslims to "end (their) zealotry." Nope, that's a divine order that's exclusively directed at Jews.

Ironically or not, that's one (more) thing on which HuffPost and militant Islamists agree.

* * *
If you're as outraged as we are at HuffPost's persistent anti-Semitic bias, and how it helps to fuel the cyber-jihad, and would like to make your voice known to its senior management (politely, please), here's how.


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