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9/1/10 onward: Updates on HuffPost's (mis)coverage of Hamas slaughter of Israeli Jews

Continued from 8/31/10: HuffPost spits in eyes of murdered Israelis (again), shills for Hamas (again); cyber-jihadis unleash hate-fest (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")

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UPDATE 1, Sept. 1: HuffPost re-buries on secondary page the story of Hamas murder of four Israeli civilians, to make room for more crap stories on its front page.

Sometime between last night and this morning, HuffPost re-buried the Hamas murder story back on its World page:

HuffPost's crack team of 53 "editors" that apparently did this so they could use that space on its front page for items they deemed were of crucial importance, such as: Conan names new show; a fistfight among women soccer players; a new resort for men and their virtual girlfriends; and its original reporting on a man who gave up a scheme to dance for his rent.

As you review this, keep in mind that as we documented here, HuffPost removed the story of Lebanon's murder of IDF Lt. Col Dov Harari after a few hours --- but left up for an entire week straight the stories of an injured elephant, and Churchill's belief in UFOs. Nope, no anti-Israel bias at HuffPost.


UPDATE 2, Sept. 1: HuffPost completely ignores Hamas's second attack on Jewish civilians --- and its threats to continue its campaign of savage terror and murder --- but keeps posting crap.

HuffPost has been busy posting crucial stories of global importance on its front page, such as a death-match between a mongoose and a cobra, a "traumatized" passenger who's suing an airline, and decor changes in the Oval Office.

Amidst all this busy-ness, HuffPost's crack team of 53 "editors" just happened to conveniently miss the story of Hamas's second attempted murder of Israeli civilians. From Haaretz, which HuffPost regularly uses --- when it wants to:
Two Israelis wounded in second West Bank shooting attack in two days

Excerpt (emphasis added):
[Hamas] said in a short SMS message sent to reporters on Wednesday that its militants opened fire at an Israeli car and wounded two Israelis, one of them seriously.

"This attack is a message to those who promised that Hebron attack, which was carried out on Tuesday, won't be repeated again," said the group's SMS message.

The victims are a couple, both in their 30s. One of the victims of the attack has been identified as Moshe Moreno, who is a rabbi for a pre-army program in the West Bank settlement of Ma'ale Efrayim. He is listed as in serious condition. His wife, who was riding in the car with him, was also lightly injured in the attack.


UPDATE 3, Sept. 1: HuffPost: "Huh? What photos of Gaza Muslims celebrating the murder of Israeli Jews? We only publish staged Pallywood propaganda pictures, sorry."

A few months ago in The HuffPost-PallyWood propaganda machine, unplugged, we documented how far HuffPost was willing to go to shill for Gaza Muslims --- nearly 70% of whom support suicide bombings against civilians (a fact HuffPost neglected to mention):

Yet when photos emerged that documented an estimated 3,000 Gaza Muslims erupting in celebrations over Hamas's murder of four Israeli Jews, and its threat to continue these savage attacks, HuffPost completely ignored

How is it that all these sources
(here, here, here, elsewhere) --- none of whom have a crack team of 53 "editors" like HuffPost does --- are able to access Reuters photos, and those on Hamas's official website, but HuffPost can't? Maybe one day, someone in a position of influence will ask HuffPost about that.


UPDATE 4, Sept. 2: HuffPost completely ignores the personal stories and funeral of the four murdered Israeli Jews, and associated pictures.

HuffPost has a fetish for telling the personal stories of people who are killed --- provided they are militant Islamists, and provided Israel is being blamed for it. For example:
  • HuffPost decided to give a full-bore, original tribute to Furkan Doğan --- whose family took him to Turkey at age two, but HuffPost referred to as an "American" --- was one of the "peace activists" killed on the Gaza terror flotilla. Note: Doğan claimed --- in the hours before the ambush of the IDF --- that his objective was to become "a martyr," a claim also made by militant Islamists on the ship. HuffPost apparently forgot to include that little tidbit in its loving tribute.
  • When a top Hamas murderer was killed in a Dubai hotel, HuffPost inserted his name in the headline; it did the same thing for another Hamas murderer who was killed in a firefight with the IDF, while it was trying to arrest him (in HuffPost's story, he's labeled an "activist"). Documented here and here.
  • When a Palestinian journalist was merely detained by the IDF, HuffPost ran a big picture of her (right), and identified her by name.
    Yet when a militant Islamist hacked a 16 year old Israeli boy to death with an axe, HuffPost did not run the boy's picture in the story, even though it was available at the time via Google. Documented here and here.

HuffPost has given no coverage to the personal stories, or even the names of the Israeli Jews who were victims of Hamas's slaughter,
all of which was readily available from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs website:
The victims were named as Yitzhak Ames, 47, and his wife Talya Ames, 45 (right) Kochava Even Chaim, 37, and Avishai Shindler, 24, all from Beit Hagai. [...] Yitzhak and Talya Ames were the parents of six children.

Talya Ames was nine months pregnant when she was killed by the terrorists. Kochava Even Chaim was a teacher in Efrat. She left behind her husband and an 8 year-old daughter. Her husband,one of the first Zaka first aid volunteers to arrive at the scene, discovered that his wife was among the victims. Avishai Shindler had only recently moved to Beit Haggai with his wife.

Kochava was a teacher in Efrat. Her husband Maimon, one of the first Zaka first aid volunteers to arrive at the scene, discovered that his wife was among the victims. Meir Damari, a resident of Beit Hagai said, "Only after many years of trying did Kochava manage to get pregnant and bring a child into the world. Now she is left without a mother," he said sadly.

Avishai, who recently completed his studies at the Shavei Hebron Yeshiva, had only recently moved to Beit Hagai with his wife Moriah after their marriage a year ago. "He and his wife quickly integrated in life in the community here. Avishai was always full of energy and joy," Meir Damari, a resident of Beit Hagai said.

And here are the funeral pictures that HuffPost ignored
(from here, here, here, elsewhere on the Web):

So what types of "personal stories" did HuffPost decide were more important for its global audience to be aware of, and to publish on its front page, instead of this one?
Here's a sampling:
Bikini pictures of Demi Moore

Tennis Player COLLAPSES At U.S. Open

A "traumatized" passenger who's suing an airline

'Housewife' Teresa: How We Blew $11 Million

You get the idea. Nope, no anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, militant Islamist-protecting bias at HuffPost, folks.

Update, Sept. 2: HuffPost keeps the story of the "traumatized" passenger who's suing an airline right up on its front page:


UPDATE 5, Sept. 2: HuffPost removes story about first Hamas attack, and doesn't publish article on second one --- but re-publishes Narwani's softball "interview" with Hamas chief propagandist, next to inconsequential stories about... Hitler.

Continuing its depraved pattern of downplaying, then quickly ignoring violence against Jews --- while acting as a PR forum for militant Islamists --- here's a screencap of HuffPost's "World" page at 10:10 this morning:

So how long do you think HuffPost decided to leave the stories about the Nazi ballerina and
Hitler on its "World" page?

Would you believe...
an entire week, straight?

So basically, HuffPost has decided that these stories --- of zero consequence to anything that is happening today --- are more important to devote space to on its World page, than to militant Islamists' savage acts of murder against Israeli Jews, and threats to commit genocide. Got it.

Wait, maybe there actually is a useful connection... because back in the 1930s, there was probably a printed equivalent of the Huffington Post, and it looked a lot like this version --- right before it began openly advocating for the extermination of Jews altogether.



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