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"black series"


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HuffPost's protection of the most egregious violators of its "policies" --- and its banning of non-violators --- often on a minute-to-minute basis


HuffPost's comment policy
claims it prohibits, and will not publish comments containing ethnic hatred, anti-Semitism, or celebrations of people's deaths. Further, Arianna Huffington has repeatedly claimed that the site has a "zero tolerance policy" for hate comments of any kind --- and further, that no comments appear on HuffPost unless they've been approved by the site.

On HuffPost's story page concerning the December 2010 Israeli wildfires that killed dozens of Jews who were attempting to save Palestinians, it reviewed, approved and decided to publish a comment by "black series" that claimed:
"israel and their fiends deserved it."

The screencaps below show:
  • As always, HuffPost was pre-moderating comments on this page, meaning that, as Arianna claims, it holds comments back pending its review, and decision of whether not to publish them. The first screencap shows two comments in pending, and HuffPost's statement that comments will appear only "after being approved."

  • HuffPost made the decision to publish "black series'" "comment" at 4:15pm on December 2.
  • Sometime between then and December 5, HuffPost removed this "comment," but decided to allow "black series" to remain an authorized commenter.
This stands in stark contrast to the fact that as is shown in Sections 7 and 8 of this report, HuffPost routinely --- and to this day --- censors and fast-bans users who dare to attempt to speak out against the worst of the violators that it habitually protects... including notorious anti-Semites like "black series."

Does Chase know that it's paying to enable HuffPost to engage in this anti-Semitic hate-facilitation?

Note that in the third screencap, it shows that Chase is (we presume unknowingly) enabling HuffPost to make these decisions, and facilitate and protect vile anti-Semites like "black series." Do you think its CEO or other senior executives would like to know what its advertising is going to help support? Do you think he'd also like to know about how Chase is funding HuffPost ability to protect other vile anti-Semites like "lefty83," who refers to Jews as "hook-nosed bastards?" Here are the specifics:
(1) As noted at right, Chase's ad appeared on the profile page of "Lefty83," on November 24, 2010 -- whom HuffPost has allowed to post more than 1,000 comments.

(2) "Lefty83" came to our attention through our friends at HuffPostMonitor, who documented this anti-Semitic comment by him/her on Nov. 23, in response to a story about Israel and Jews -
"Hook nosed bastards."

(3) So what did HuffPost do, in response? It removed that comment, but as shown in the profile page (taken 15 hours later), it left "Lefty83's" account active, then continued to review, approve and publish comments by him/her. And as of December 5, 2010, HuffPost still permitted "lefty83" to remain active, while at the same time, it was banning other users:

If you'd like to contact Chase, here's the info. But please observe our tips for contacting them, here, because we must assume that it has absolutely no idea that it is visibly associated with this madness:
JP Morgan Chase
James Dimon, Chairman & CEO
JPMorgan Chase
270 Park Avenue Floor 12
New York, NY 10017-7924
212-270-6000 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 212-270-6000 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Code of Conduct here
Ann Marie Hauser, Corporate Social Responsibility

Update, May 16, 2011: HuffPost is still enabling, protecting "black series" to vent his anti-Semitic hatred --- while it continues to censor and fast-ban users who dare to stand up to the radical leftists that flock to, and are welcomed by the site

As we documented here, on May 15, HuffPost once again constructed a false, inflammatory headline that could only serve to incite hate against Israel.

On May 16, a reader spotted the following comment that it allowed "black series" in response:
"Isral[sic], an embarrassm­ent for world peace."

Does that comment breach HuffPost's comment policy? Not really. But it comes a lot closer than anything said by the dozens and dozens of conservative users who attempt to stand up to the radical leftists and cyber-jihadis that HuffPost attracts and protects --- yet whom it routinely censors and fast-bans.


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HuffPost's protection of the most egregious violators of its "policies" --- and its banning of non-violators --- often on a minute-to-minute basis

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