Monday, November 1, 2010

What anti-Semitic bias? HuffPost buries plot to blow up Jewish synagogues in U.S. under list of "Top Jews," 7 stories about "Sanity" rally

For the past two years, we've meticulously documented how, when Israel or Jews are accused of any kind of wrongdoing --- even in the face of no credible evidence --- HuffPost frames these stories in the most inflammatory ways, prominently posts them, and leaves them posted for days. Yet when stories emerge that exonerate Israel, or depict militant Islamists' savage acts against Jews, and their threats and justifications of more, HuffPost downplays or ignores them. As Natan Sharansky so ably noted, such double-standards constitute classic anti-Semitism.

Today's editorial decisions by HuffPost, however, are among the most subtle, yet egregious acts of its anti-Semitic bias we've documented thus far. We assume this may be a reflection of what HuffPost's former CEO described as its approach to
"covering the news with... new ideas about balance and fairness."

Starting late Friday afternoon,
an Al Qaeda plot to bomb Jewish synagogues in Chicago was disrupted by counterterrorism officials in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, England, and the U.S.

As shown in the screencaps below, CNN, the BBC, Fox News --- and
even the terrorist-friendly, notorious Al-Jazeera --- were covering this story with gusto on Sunday, Oct. 31:

So how did HuffPost ---
a top-ten U.S. "news" site and the #1 most-read blog in the world --- decide to cover this story, at the exact same time?

Would you believe "The Internet Newspaper's" crack team of 53 "editors" (presumably trained by its Editor-In-Chief, Arianna Huffington) decided this story was of such importance that they buried it under other "news" stories including:
  • A list of "America's Top Jews"
  • Seven stories about the previous day's "Rally To Restore Sanity," two of which featured pictures of Arianna
  • A picture of a man with hundreds of face-piercings
  • Two stories about a controversy over a magazine cover photo featuring Lee Ann Rimes
  • An actor who lit up a joint on a TV show

Don't believe it?
Here's the proof --- screencaps of
HuffPost's front page, from top to bottom, taken at 11:00am on Sunday, October 31.

FRAME 1: Taken aboard one of the tour buses that Arianna spent $250,000 of HuffPost money to charter, so she could shuttle people from NY to the radical leftist "Rally To Restore Sanity."

Keep in mind that instead of this self-promotion --- by a "newspaper" that has
repeatedly claimed it is nonpartisan --- Arianna could have donated that $250,000 money to charity, where it could have fed 20,000 hungry Haitian families for a month... or provided school supplies to 12,500 children in developing nations for a year:

FRAME 2: The second story about the Rally:
(Ed. Note, is Chevrolet, now part of Government Motors, aware that its money --- some of which was provided by taxpayers --- is being used to facilitate what's documented in this article? You might write to its president and ask.)

FRAME 3: The third story about the Rally

FRAME 3b: Just after we grabbed the above screencap, HuffPost inserted a story about Sarah Palin above the three men

FRAME 4: Nope.

FRAME 5: The fourth story about the Rally, and a "news" story about an idiot lighting up a joint on Bill Maher's show:

FRAME 6: The fifth story about the "Rally," and another story about Christine O'Donnell (whom HuffPost has smeared twice in two weeks, based on anonymous sources):

FRAME 7: The sixth story about the Rally, and the first of two stories about Lee Ann Rimes' cover photo:

FRAME 8: A "news" story about a list of
"Top Jews":

FRAME 9: Nope.

FRAME 10: A "news" story about a man with hundreds of face-piercings:

FRAME 11: The seventh story about the Rally, and the second one about the Lee Ann Rimes photo controversy...
but WAIT, what's that at the very bottom of the center column?

12) Finally, the story of the bomb plot, near the bottom of the page... which HuffPost deemed to be only slightly more important than the third story of the day to feature Arianna:

13) Here's the bottom of the front page (just above their listing of news sources, and "All Things Arianna"):




If you share our view that HuffPost's pervasive anti-Semitic bias is extremely offensive --- especially for an advertiser-supported publication that has repeatedly claimed it is a nonpartisan "newspaper" --- we urge you to do three things:
(1) Make your voice known to HuffPost's senior management (politely, please), here

(2) Consider writing to one or more of HuffPost's top advertisers, to let them know your thoughts on what they're enabling with their ad dollars

(3) Forward the link to this story along to others who support Israel and Jews


HuffPost's double-standard on the issue of hate speech at rallies

As we documented
here, when one attendee at one Tea Party rally (who may or may not have been a leftist infiltrator) made one racially inflammatory statement, HuffPost disguised the rant of the filmmaker who "caught" (or staged) it on tape as a "news" story, about how the entire Tea Party is "racist," and pasted it high on its front page. (See a special report on HuffPost's "journalistic jihad" against the Tea Party here.)

Yet as Drudge pointed out since Saturday afternoon,
MSNBC and Politico documented the fact that at least two attendees of the "Rally To Restore Sanity" held up pictures of Eric Cantor --- who is Jewish, and whose ancestors were murdered by the Nazis --- with a Hitler mustache:

As you can see from all the above screencaps, however, HuffPost made absolutely no mention of this anywhere on its front page. We assume this was just one more accidental oversight


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