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HuffPost ignores leftist violence, hate speech in Wisconsin, claims protests are "surprisingly civil"

When asked directly if the Huffington Post would have a politically left-wing influence on AOL, [Arianna] Huffington responded, “Of course not.”
- The Daily Caller, Feb. 9, 2011

“[T]oo many reporters have forgotten that the highest calling of journalists is to ferret out the truth, consequences be damned.”
- Arianna Huffington, July 29, 2008

“The editorial stance of the Huffington Post is to debunk the right-left way of thinking,
which has become completely obsolete."
- Arianna Huffington, November 14, 2007

“[T]he news is not right-wing news or left-wing news, it's the news. And that will be the sensibility, that will basically permeate our news coverage.”
- Arianna Huffington, May 3, 2005

Fresh off the heels of Arianna's repeated denials that HuffPost would in any way remain the hyper-partisan leftist propaganda and hate site that it became under her leadership for the past six years (oops --- that's what it was created to be)... along comes this:
HuffPost reported on Feb. 20 that the protests occurring in Wisconsin are "surprising civil":

What HuffPost left
out of this headline is that it's the conservatives and the Tea Party demonstrators who are "civil" --- because their leftist opponents are not behaving in a civil manner.

The radical leftists' violent, threatening, disgusting
behavior was on full display for all to see. But, as the saying goes, "There are none so blind as those who will not see."

And even though HuffPost is paying its "reporter"
Amanda Terkel to remain on the ground in Wisconsin, she apparently has seen none of what's contained below. Or, she's submitted the material, but HuffPost's crack team of 53 "editors" (or Arianna) refused to publish it.

Because for HuffPost to publish what you're about to see would clash with its incessant
"Tea Party = Racist evil violent threatening toothless hillbillies" narrative, which we already documented is a lie in our comprehensive report, "HuffPost vs the Tea Party: Which one really incites and tolerates hate speech & calls for violence?" Excerpts:
  • When one attendee at one Tea Party event made one racially inflammatory statement, HuffPost disguised an opinion article that claimed the entire Tea Party is racist to appear as a "news" story, and published it on its front page.
  • When totally unverified allegations emerged of Tea Partiers calling black Congressmen "ni**ers," HuffPost ran a "news" story on its front page, asserting it as fact. Yet when video emerged that proved it didn't happen, HuffPost never retracted the story.
  • When an outside group called for the Tea Party to stop its "hate speech," HuffPost plastered the story on its front page --- even though none of what was shown even approaches the vileness of what you're about to see here. Or what we've seen from the radical left for eight years.
But for now, sit back, relax, and see some of the many images, videos and news stories that HuffPost refused to show its global audience. And as you do, keep whispering to yourself:
"The leftist protesters in Wisconsin are acting in a civil manner... HuffPost says so, and it is not a hyper-partisan radical leftist propaganda site... Arianna says so, and she'd never, ever lie to me..."

Radical leftists committing crimes against opponents

Apparently, HuffPost's entire army of editors, and their "reporter" on the ground, were all unaware of the news of these crimes, which reached pretty much every corner of the conservative blogosphere hours before it ran this story:

Madison, WI police arrest union operative who tried to destroy Tea Party sound system

H/T Daily Caller, via Moonbattery.

Nine radical leftists arrested in WI Capitol building for blocking access to legislator's office

H/T Gateway Pundit.

Radical leftist hate speech

Hm, how could HuffPost, the most celebrated blogsite in the world, with its intrepid resources spread like tentacles to all corners of the blogosphere --- and on the ground in Madison, WI --- possibly miss all this? Purely by accident. All an honest oversight. Really.

Radical leftists openly claim Gov. Walker is just like Adolf Hitler

HuffPost's ace reporter saw none of this, and its army of editors heard nothing of it... nothing at all. And don't miss the tolerant, peaceful radical Islamist
keffiya adorned by the leftist bonehead on the right.

H/T Founding Bloggers.

H/T Doug Ross Journal

Heritage Foundation: "Myth vs. Fact," highlighting radical leftists in Madison comparing Gov. Walker to Adolf Hitler:

Radical leftist openly expresses his desire to participate in a gang-rape of conservative females

Fresh on the heels of the Lara Logan gang-rape by radical Islamists shouting "JEW!!! JEW!!!" (which, as we document here, HuffPost refused to report straight, either), here's more leftist "civility" that its "reporter" on the ground in Madison absolutely, positively did not see...

H/T Moonbattery.

Radical leftists tweet urgings of murder against Gov. Walker

H/T Gateway Pundit.

Wisconsin teacher's union publishes home addresses of legislators --- in threatening context

Red State:

The Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) has stepped up their protest efforts in Madison, WI in an attempt to stop Governor Scott Walker’s efforts to close his state’s projected $3.6 Billion budget shortfall over the next two years.

Gov Walker has proposed that public employee unions pay a larger portion of their health benefits & pension plans as well as limiting their collective bargaining rights to matters of basic wages.

Protests have been taking place all week with “sick out” strikes affecting major schools in Wisconsin. The opposition to Walker’s plans have been categorized as volatile with violent underpinnings such as protestors walking the halls of the state capitol saying, “Come out, come out, wherever you are!”

With more protests planned over the coming days, WEAC has provided a list on their website of the home addresses for all legislators set to vote on the Governors plan. The link which takes a user to this list only states that it has “Phone Numbers & Email Addresses” however a quick glance at the list proves otherwise.

Hm, HuffPost somehow missed that little act of "incivility," too. Now imagine if the Tea Party had done this to Democrat legislators...

Leftist doctors handing out fake "sick slips" to state workers

Why is this not "civil"? Because these "doctors" are helping to defraud the taxpayers of Wisconsin, and violate the laws there, by falsely claiming people who claimed they are state workers but who refused to show up at their jobs are "sick."
The objective is to ensure these striking workers get paid to protest and unlawfully not show up for their jobs --- even though they weren't sick --- which happens to be a crime. But HuffPost made no mention of this.

H/T Big Government. And HuffPost's "reporter" on the ground absolutely, positively did not see these signs:

More video of "doctors" handing out fake "sick slips," from the
MacIver Institute
On Saturday, a group of men and women in lab coats purporting to be doctors were handing out medical excuse notes, without examining the ‘patients.’ “I asked this doctor what he was doing and he told me they were handing out excuses to people who were feeling sick due to emotional, mental or financial distress,” said Christian Hartsock. “They never performed an exam–he asked me how I was feeling today and I said I’m from California and I’m not used to the cold, so he handed me a note.”

H/T Gateway Pundit.


Until February 5, 2011, the audience being subjected to HuffPost's hyper-partisan, radical leftist bias was
24 million visitors per month. But on February 6, when Arianna became head of all AOL content --- including its "news" --- her audience grew by a factor of 12, to nearly 300 million people. If you'd like to make your voice known on this matter, please consider writing to:


Feb. 22, 7:00pm: Whoops, looks like Arianna needs to be reminded about what she promised about bringing "all voices" to the blogs.

Thanks to reader "Morgan," we're alerted to this screencap. It was taken at the bottom of the HuffPost "news" story dedicated to Indiana Democrats fleeing to Illinois to avoid a vote on union legislation. Note that every one of the bloggers HuffPost pimps here has basically the same orientation: from Democrat-supporting to revolutionary communist (Van Jones) to treasonous leftist (Medea Benjamin).

Yet starting in 2005, and continuing to a few weeks ago, Arianna has been assuring the public that HuffPost provides a blog dialogue from "all viewpoints" to analyzing and commenting on the news stories of the day. Take a look at the bloggers listed on the left margin of HuffPost on any given day, and see how many rock-ribbed conservatives or libertarians you find.

Gee. How many of Arianna's lies have we now documented? We seem to have lost count.


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