Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Will AOL allow Arianna to continue using HuffPost's front page for her self-worship?


Amidst the news of AOL's purchase of HuffPost, and its retention of Arianna to be in control of all its content and "news," one question has not yet been asked... or answered:
Will AOL also allow her to continue to use the front page of her self-proclaimed "Internet newspaper" for her self-worship, as she has for the past several years?
Let's examine this question in a broader context.

Imagine if one day, you received a copy of a real newspaper like the
Washington Post, and plastered all over its front page was pictures of its top executive, Katherine Weymouth, and notices of all her most recent public utterances. Imagine also that the front page contained numerous references to a new book that she had written, and solicitations for speaking engagements.

You'd probably wonder,
"Is this a 'newspaper,' or a vanity site operated by a 14-year-old with Narcisstic Personality Disorder?"

But this would not happen, for several reasons: First, the
Post's board of directors wouldn't stand for it. Second, its advertisers would be screaming from the rooftops, because circulation would nosedive as the general public laughed uproariously at the Post's chutzpah for calling itself a "newspaper."

The Huffington Post, however, has been transformed from something loosely resembling an online "newspaper," into to a vehicle that is increasingly devoted to perpetuating Arianna Huffington's narcissism, and cult-of personality.

Below are some of the many examples that we and our spotters have captured over the past year:

General self-worship; using HuffPost's front page to tout "everything Arianna"

Dec. 2009: In a year-end tribute to her big-bank advertisers, Arianna used HuffPost's front page to urge her readers to stop doing business with them, via her "Move Your Money" campaign

The following was HuffPost's splash headline for December 31, 2009:

And when you clicked through to the story page, here's what came up --- note the Bank of America advertisements at the top and right margin:

At this time, just as now, many major financial institutions were advertising at HuffPost.

Ironically, it was only several weeks before this that HuffPost
started its "jihad" against BofA, which took the form of:
  • HuffPost's apparent collusion with, and shilling for SEIU political terrorists who stormed the home of a BofA executive, terrifying his 14-year-old son (1, 2, 3, 4).
Over the next few weeks, Arianna devoted an increasing amount of space on HuffPost's front page to covering her supplemental "jihad" against major U.S. banks --- and publicizing every one of her related media appearances:

And out of curiosity: Did Arianna deposit the $18 million check she reportedly got from AOL into a "community bank," as she advocated others do... or into one of the big, evil banks that she railed against? Or was this another example of her glaring hypocrisy?

Sept. 2010: Arianna launched her "Third World America" book, and propaganda campaign --- all over HuffPost's front page

We assume AOL went into its purchase of HuffPost with its eyes wide-open, and that it was aware of the fact that HuffPost:

The question is, will AOL also allow her to use its front page to publicize her every utterance, media appearance and pontification? For the $4 million it is reportedly paying her per year, one might think that they'd actually get a "news" site that's devoted primarily to... news.

Except, whoops... as we documented here last week, "news" was apparently never the mission of HuffPost; it was, rather, to "rebuild the Democratic Party," and to help liberals win elections.

Oh dear, AOL. What exactly is it that you just spent nearly a third of a billion dollars of your stockholders' money on?



  1. Poor beej. You psychotic meltdowns are getting worse as the days go by

    Claiming that your numerous socks on Huffington are "Huff-watch OPERATIVES?"

    When do you climb a tower and subsequently get put away in the rubber room?

    Tick tock

  2. "Imagine if one day, you received a copy of a real newspaper like the Washington Post, and plastered all over its front page was pictures of its top executive, Katherine Weymouth, ..."

    You poor GED educated POS

    There is no "Katherine Weymouth"

    Her name is Elizabeth. She goes as "Lally"

    Elizabeth Morris Graham Weymouth

  3. Hey Beej,

    I just want to say thank you for adding some much needed levity on HP. Most of the time, it is riddled with uptight-unfunny-stick-in-the-mud posters that are too old to get any of the comments you or I post.

    Also, I admire your devotion to your cause. Whether I agree with it or not, I respect your sedulous attempts to change what you perceive is wrong. We all should reflect that devotion to one's cause.

    One more thing--Don't let your haters get you down. I know what it's like for them to hound someone relentless. I am Brownie, one of the most vile trolls according to them, so I do know what it's like.

    So don't sweat it. Also, I have profiles on 4 of the most ardent Beej and Brownie bashers. If you would like to see them, email me at broodingdeeds@hushmail.com.

    They really are pathetic.

  4. Hey Beej,

    You've really got the goods on the HuffPo.

    But what I wonder is how you can publish such a well-constructed website and still manage to comment so frequently on the HuffPo itself?

    I need to take whatever multivitamin you're taking!

  5. @ Beej

    It's called devotion to one's cause. We should all aspire to that level of dedication.

    Huff-Watch, did you get my email?

  6. I'm just now getting caught up with comments, so I'll respond to them in the order in which they were submitted.


    Anonymous @ February 8, 2011 2:10 PM
    Anonymous @ February 9, 2011 3:17 PM

    Folks, these comments were submitted by "JohnCT" (aka "ClaudeRemains"), a charter member of the "New Castrati."
    (See definition 4 here: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=New%20Castrati).

    He slavishly devotes his life to anyone whom he claims is "Beej," "JohnQ," "Neo," and a few others. He's been interviewed by the FBI as a result of his obsession.

    The fact is, John is always wrong, on everything. What Baghdad Bob was to crisis management, what Barney Fife was to law enforcement, that's what John is to Internet sleuthing.

    John --- IP address 69.149.178.##, writing from Beaumont, TX on a Windows ME system with Firefox at 800x600 resolution; thanks SiteMeter! --- here are the facts:

    1) I am not "Beej." There is a "Beej" though, and he's a fan of HUFF-WATCH, and an operative. In fact, comment #4 (2/11 @ 11:06am) is his.

    2) I don't have a GED.

    3) You said, "You poor GED educated POS. There is no 'Katherine Weymouth.' Her name is Elizabeth. She goes as "Lally".

    I'm sure the Katharine Weymouth would be interested to know that she doesn't exist, and that she's not the publisher of the Washington Post --- exactly as I said:

    So, as always, you are wrong about everything, just as you have been for the four years of your stalking campaigns against your "enemies" on HuffPost.

    Now what? Now do you start posting threats again? Threats to have this website taken down? Threats to have people's children taken from them, threats against their pets? What happened to you, John? You used to be so fearless.

    Oh well. Maybe you discovered that the FBI knows where Beaumont, TX is. Tick tock, indeed, stalker John.


    Hi "Brownie" -

    Thanks for your thoughts, but as you'll ascertain from the above, I am not "Beej." I've learned that anyone these rabid stalkers see who's informed, articulate and snarky must, by definition, be "Beej." In fact, John (above) has devoted four years of his life to this, even to the point of taking his stalking off-line (hence, the FBI interviews).

    I don't know you, but I'm sorry to hear that you've been subjected to what sounds like stalking by this gang of cowards, as well. I mentioned in our emails, in case you haven't seen it, read through this link:

    Re your profiles, as I explained in my email, they would only be used for investigatory purposes, and only against those who have engaged in what I describe has been perpetrated against me, personally. So, forward them on if you wish.


    @ Beej, February 11, 2011 11:06 AM

    Hi my brother. :)

    Thanks, but as you know, you're a valued part of this whole enterprise. And re HuffPost, you know I'm only there periodically. It is kind of funny though, how we and the other 423 users that JohnCT claims are absolutely, positively "Beej," have now taken over his life? "His name is Beejers, and he dances in John's head..."


    @ Anonymous February 11, 2011 6:28 PM

    See above. Yes, I got it, and responded.

  7. @ JohnCT ("ClaudeRemains"):

    Changing your IP address is the best you're capable of? C'mon, John, give us some of those old-time threats. You know, the really juicy stuff. Threatening to get me killed? To hurt my dog? To take the kids of a person I've never met, and have no contact with? How about to destroy this website? C'mon John, what's wrong? A cat got your tongue?

    If you're going to keep visiting (24th visit in 4 days), you might as well speak up, John.


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  8. How the fuck do you know thatwas John who wrote in those first comments? Your such an asshole, you have been doing nothing but cuasing trouble at Huff for years and harassing him. Get a life!

  9. @ Anonymous February 13, 2011 9:46 AM:

    I'd ask if you're on prescription medication, but I've a feeling you're both sober, and sincere.

    First, here's how I know it's JohnCT. He's made no secret of the fact that he lives in Beaumont, TX. He used to reference that area all the time on HuffPost. Now, read what I can view via SiteMeter, which ties "someone" in Beaumont, TX directly to the second comment here (hover your mouse over the link):


    Domain Name swbell.net (Network)
    IP Address 69.149.178.## (SBC Internet Services)
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    Visit Exit Page http://huff-watch.blogspot.com/2011/02/will-aol-allow-arianna-to-continue.html?showComment=1297282628887
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    Visit Number 23,289

    Note: See "Visitor Exit Page" --- Comment #1297282628887 - is the code-stamp for:

    "Anonymous said...

    "Imagine if one day, you received a copy of a real newspaper like the Washington Post, and plastered all over its front page was pictures of its top executive, Katherine Weymouth, ..."

    You poor GED educated POS...


    JohnCT is the only one who, for four straight years, has been alleging "JohnQ" has a GED, and is a stupid POS. Almost verbatim, every time, for four years.

    I trust that lays that issue to rest.

    Now, for the really amusing part of your comment. I've been "harassing" JohnCT???? That allegation is so upside down, it's the equivalent of Mike Tyson complaining that a mousy guy harmed him by causing a scratch on the knuckle on the fist that Tyson used to punch him out.

    Let me give you a clue. JohnCT (under the various screen names HuffPost has allowed him to use) is a psycho-obsessive-stalker. Did you ever once ask yourself, "How do I know what he tells me is true?" John has told people a lot of stories about a lot of people. But his main obsessions have been, and remain, with anyone he believes is "Beej," or "JohnQ," or "Neo."

    How do you know that anything he says about them are true? You don't.

    Here's some things I bet your good friend John never told you, did he?

    - The fact that in early 2007, he bragged about having driven "JohnQ" off of HuffPost with his threats of physical harm coming to him, and his stalking. He was right, JohnQ did leave the site, in fear. Yet from then on, anyone who he said sounded like "JohnQ" must be him-- and it has never stopped – for FOUR YEARS.

    - The fact that John has taken his stalking offline, not just against "JohnQ," but against other HuffPost users that he doesn't like? That he has contacted schools, employers and clients, making up false stories about users once he finds out their identities, to mess with their lives?

    - The fact that John has received several FBI interviews after his stalking reached such a level that he was threatening to have the children of another user, "Neo," taken away? That she should take pictures of the kids because soon they'll be gone?

    But from a bigger perspective, a psycho like John wouldn't have been able to do squat without a willing accomplice and facilitator in HuffPost. A few months ago, he even bragged that he has the private cell phone number of its top lawyer, whom he pesters with his latest requests for users to be banned? Does that sound like a normal person? Or website?

    You need to start thinking for yourself, and ask yourself what you really KNOW, as opposed to what you've been told by an f***ing psycho.

    That's the difference between people like JohnCT, and me: I rely on verifiable facts and physical proof to make my decisions; he relies on lies.

  10. Anonymous said...

    How the fuck do you know that was John who wrote in those first comments? Your such an asshole, you have been doing nothing but cuasing trouble at Huff for years and harassing him. Get a life!

    LMAO!!! Anonymous can't distinguish between You're and Your. Also, you spelled "cuasing" wrong. It's causing you semi literate twit.

    Huff watcher, they are insane and lonely. Don't let them get you down. The fear YOU'RE{pun intended} intelligence.

    You were right about those pictures.

  11. FOAD brownie

    Huffwatcher YOU are the liar I did a search of 'JohnCT' here and you got NO proof that he ever did any of what you say, but you obsess over everyone else, why is that? I call BS and say good on JohnCT for standing up to jerkoff liars like you!

  12. Anonymous said...

    FOAD brownie

    Such hateful rhetoric. Do you kiss your loved ones with that mouth?

    Why are you hiding behind an Anonymous moniker? Post as who you are.

    Huffwatcher, I'm sorry for intruding on your affairs. I just hate to see stalkers harass you or anyone else. If you want me to digress, email me and I'll be more than happy too.

  13. @ Anonymous said...

    Huffwatcher YOU are the liar I did a search of 'JohnCT' here and you got NO proof that he ever did any of what you say, but you obsess over everyone else, why is that? I call BS and say good on JohnCT for standing up to jerkoff liars like you!
    February 15, 2011 6:15 AM


    OK well at least now, you're talking my language - facts. And you are right: I've not included JohnCT's insane stalking and threats at HUFF-WATCH. There was a reason for that, which isn't really operable anymore.

    Just for you, I'll post a sampling. I'm very busy on other things right now. Check back in 5-8 days.

    After seeing the evidence, a little part of your mind will be saying, "If this is true, then I really should be calling BS on JohnCT, for all the lies he told about "Beej"/"JohnQ" and all the rest of his "enemies."

    You should listen to that little voice, because the truth will set you free of the lies that you clearly show you've been taken in by. But take solace, you're not the only one; John is very persuasive. He should well be - he's devoted four years of his life to stalking and messing with the heads of people at HuffPost and elsewhere.