Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jew-haters, unite (at HuffPost)!!! All you have to lose is your inhibitions.


A few days ago, HuffPost validated once again why we contend it is the world's largest Internet-based inciter and tolerator of anti-Semitic hatred.

(See our massive archive of documentation to support this accusation

This incident relates to the torrent of user comments
containing Nazi-type Jew-hatred that, in violation of its own stated policies, HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish. A sampling:
"[Jews are all] rapists, murderers, thieves, pornographers."

"Israel and its people are built on corruption"

[Jews are] Rapists, thieves, murderers, they're all the same.. HANG 'EM HIGH!!!"

Do these accusations sound familiar? They do if you're versed in basic 20th century history --- because they perfectly mirror the Nazis' justifications for the Holocaust... and precisely echo the accusations made by neo-Nazis.

What could have provoked this level of hatred amongst the neo-Nazis and cyber-jihadis that flock to HuffPost, and whom it enables and protects?
Would you believe...

.... a "news" story about the indictment of Avigdor Lieberman, an Israeli politician, on corruption charges? Yes, really.

Background context: HuffPost vilifies and trumpets accusations against Jewish political figures --- but protects and glorifies their militant Islamist counterparts

To understand what happened on this news thread, one must first review how HuffPost's editorial decisions concerning it, and other stories of high-level corruption in the Middle East, laid the groundwork for it.

The first fact you need to grasp is that HuffPost pathologically protects militant Islamists from being held to account for their acts of corruption, terror and incitement --- while just as pathologically, it gives top-line coverage to incendiary, false allegations against Jewish political figures. For example:
  • (At right) HuffPost assigned one of its "reporters" to create an original "news" story about what it determined was a "roundup" of Lieberman's "most outrageous public statements," even using Iran's Press TV as a "source".
    Yet as we've documented over and over and over and over again, HuffPost has never posted a single news story about --- let alone a "roundup" of --- "outrageous" statements by senior figures from Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad or Al Qaeda against Israel.

  • After the Fogel family (including their 3-month-old daughter) was massacred by Palestinian terrorists a few weeks ago in the West Bank, HuffPost publicized a "news" story that claimed Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas's leaders "condemned" the attack.
    Yet HuffPost completely ignored documentation that in the preceding weeks and months, Abbas's government had been inciting Palestinians to attack Jews, and was celebrating and paying the families of those who perpetrate such attacks. Further, it completely ignored the fact that while Hamas "condemned" the attack in English, it justified it in Arabic --- and photos of its "security people" celebrating the attack on the streets of Gaza (right).
  • HuffPost gave top-line coverage to "news" of Hamas's claims it was committed to a "cease-fire" with Israel.
    Yet HuffPost completely ignored the torrent of rocket attacks that Hamas had been perpetrating against Israeli Jewish civilians in the preceding weeks, and the genocidal threats that Hamas's leaders had been issuing against Jews.
  • HuffPost gave top-line coverage to the rants of a nominee for a national security post in the Obama administration who withdrew his name from consideration, due to what he alleged was a massive Jewish conspiracy against him.
    Yet HuffPost completely ignored the broad, bipartisan opposition to him on Capitol Hill, including among top Democrats, who were publicly speaking out against him.
  • As documented here, HuffPost completely ignored the heroic medical relief efforts that Israel brought to Haiti after its recent earthquake --- which was being heralded by news organizations that are not typically friendly to the Jewish state.
    Yet at the same moment in time, HuffPost gave top-line coverage to a story that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's former housekeeper had filed suit against his wife, for "verbally abus[ing] her and forc[ing] her to change clothes and shower several times a day," years earlier.

Next, consider how HuffPost pathologically uses photo-selection and -editing to further vilify Israeli politicians --- while picking the most flattering photos of their Islamist counterparts (and others).
Below is a mere sampling:

More of this documented here, here, here.

Now, you're starting to get the idea of how HuffPost, the self-proclaimed "nonpartisan news" site, uses its status as the #1 most-read blog on Earth, and a top-ten U.S. “news” site to deliberately, maliciously incite anti-Semitic hatred against Israeli politicians. And as you're about to see, it is this exact hatred that then shows up in the user comments submitted in response --- and which appear only because HuffPost decides to publish them.

HuffPost gave the story of the Lieberman indictment top-line coverage throughout the site --- while completely ignoring the Hamas's ongoing rocket fire and genocidal threats against Jews.

At left: HuffPost positioned the Lieberman story near the top of its front page; at right: it also placed the story at the very top of its World page, at the same time.
Also, whenever one clicked on another top story, the Lieberman story would appear in the story teasers at the top of the page.

At the same time this story broke, Hamas had been engaged in more rocket fire against Israeli civilians, and its senior figures, along with Hezbollah, were threatening genocidal war against Israel.

Yet HuffPost decided to ignore all those stories, and instead, give this non-story about the Lieberman indictment top-line coverage

A sampling of the user comments containing Nazi-like Jew-hate that HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish.

One of the hallmarks of Nazi propaganda --- and that of radical Islamists --- is that "Jews are all"... fill in the blank. Criminals. Corrupt. Shysters. Liars. Chiselers. Predators. You name it. See a richly detailed history of the numerous facets of anti-Semitic hatred through time here.

A few things to keep in mind as you review these comments that
appeared on the Lieberman indictment thread:
  • HuffPost's Comment Policy claims that comments containing anti-Semitism are prohibited. Yet as we've documented in detail, not a single user comment appears anywhere on HuffPost until and unless it has reviewed, approved and decided to publish it.
  • Note in the screencaps how many of these users have 80 or more "fans," meaning that these are long-term users; they are not the hit-and-run "trolls" that Ms. Huffington falsely claims are the ones responsible for comments that violate her site's policies.

(1) While 7 other comments were pending its review, HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish this one:
"[Jews are all] rapists, murderers, thieves, pornographers..." [trackback]

(2) "Another Israeli guilty of fraud. What next hopefully the whole world would wake up and see them [Jews] for whom[sic] they really are. corrupt thieves." [trackback]

(3) "[Jews are] Rapists, thieves, murderers, they're all the same.. HANG 'EM HIGH!!!" [trackback]

(4) "Shocking! A chosen one involved in corruption." [trackback]

(5) "A corrupt Israeli? I don't believe it..." / "They're a whole other specie[s], regardless of nationality." [trackback]

(6) "Israel and its people are built on corruption." [trackback]

(7) "Please! Do any of these people look like they have any scruples." [trackback]

And that's just a sampling of the comments that HuffPost incited --- then reviewed, approved and decided to publish on this thread.


If you share our view that HuffPost's actions in regards to this story are outrageous, and are opposed to its long, long history of inciting and tolerating anti-Semitic and anti-Israel hatred, we urge you to do three things:
(1) Make your voice known to HuffPost's senior management here

(2) Consider writing or calling one or more of HuffPost's top advertisers, to let them know your thoughts on what their ad dollars are enabling.
An easy way to approach this is to scan our easy-to-use directory and find one or two corporations that you are a customer of, or have stock in.
Your concerns will automatically be given considerably more weight. Also, request a follow-up after they've had a chance to review the evidence; don't let them off the hook, or sweep this under the rug.

(3) Forward the link to this story along to others who support Israel and Jews

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