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HuffPost worships Michelle Obama, while smearing top conservative women

In order to appreciate how egregiously and maliciously Arianna Huffington has been publicly lying since HuffPost went online in 2005, by falsely claiming it is a "nonpartisan" newspaper, one need look no further than the way it treats Michelle Obama, vs. top conservative women. Specifically, it smears the wives of GOP candidates and other women in the most horrific ways imaginable, while deifying Michelle Obama. Further, despite its "nonpartisan" user comment policy, it routinely enables and protects radical leftists to post vulgar smears against conservative women, while preventing anyone from posting anything other than fawning praise for Michelle Obama.

As you read this report, keep in mind that HuffPost is enabled by many of the biggest advertisers in the world --- in part because it counts among its bloggers top members of the U.S. Congress (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

August 2, 2008: HuffPost claims Cindy McCain is a "dick"

Throughout 2008, HuffPost had been libeling and smearing Sen. John McCain (examples 1, 2), with charges that it knew, or should have known were false. On April 7, 2008 it even published a "news" story alleging that Sen. McCain called his wife, Cindy, a "c*nt," even though it knew there was absolutely no proof.

On August 2, 2008 however, HuffPost turned its poisonous guns on Cindy McCain, when it posted her picture on its front page above the headline, "Cindy McCain Is A Dick." The link led to this page (now moved here):

Excerpts of opening copy (zoom in to validate):
"Cindy McCain... is a pill-popper... and an excellent example of why people should stop after one facelift, two max. She is also a dick... (she has a) hideously plastic appearance... and she obviously has a fetish for old balls..."
And who/what is the source of this "humor", and/or "Dickipedia"? Why, none other than HuffPost itself:

At a time like this, it's worth revisiting what Huffington said about this type of speech (not to mention when it is directed at the wife of a nominee for President of the United States):
"(O)ur desire (is to) not to have the Huffington Post become a forum for... potentially libelous charges." (10/29/07)

"If you're looking for the usual flame-throwing, name-calling, and simplistic attack dog rhetoric ... don't bother coming to the Huffington Post." (5/6/05)

"We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to abusive or hateful language or comments." (3/20/08)
Keep in mind that this is the same online "newspaper" that was the first to be enabled to field a question at a presidential news conference, that it is supported by the biggest advertisers in the world, and counts among its bloggers top members of the U.S. Congress (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Now, compare the way HuffPost treated Sen. and Mrs. McCain to the way it has treated Sen. and Mrs. Obama.

February 6, 2012: HuffPost enabled Obama to bemoans how First Lady has been "dragged into politics" --- even though she put herself into the fray. Then, HuffPost instantly banished a user who attempted to point this out.

On this day, HuffPost published the following "news" story on its front page:

The link led to this page; note the hilarious contradiction --- while Obama complains about his wife being "dragged" into politics, he has her featured in a campaign ad at the top of the same page:

At 1:24pm, a user, "Jobless_Obama_2013," submitted the following comment (Permalink) for HuffPost to review (as it pre-moderates all user comments on all stories, prior to publishing them). In summary, as you can see, the comment pointed out some of the many instances in which Michelle Obama inserted herself into the political fray, on behalf of her husband:
These people are shameless. Some of MObama's classics:

"(America is) just downright mean."

"This is who we are. I've got a loud mouth.

"All of our emotional and financial resources… as a country have been totally put into the war.

"You know, he’s (Barack) got a healthy ego because anybody who decides they’re gonna be president of the United States has to think well of themselves­."

"The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more."

"We've been nullified by the fear mongers, you know? It's almost as if people have voted against their best personal issue interests because they've been so afraid of what could happen. You know, the terrorists are gonna get us."

"For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country."

" One of the things Barack will say is that … we’re right now in a war that should have never been authorized and never been waged. People like John McCain and people with a whole lot of years in Washington­, who looked at a situation and read it wrong."

She put HERSELF into politics, and makes an idiot of herself every day.
Note that at the top of this comment, it says "This comment is pending approval and won't be displayed until it is approved."

Not only did HuffPost refuse to publish the comment, but less than 30 minutes later --- by 1:51pm --- HuffPost banned the user:

Here is HuffPost's Comment Policy. See if you can determine what rule this user violated, that would merit banishment. The fact is that, as we documented in this comprehensive report, in violation of its own policies, HuffPost routinely banishes conservative users who don't violate its rules, yet actively protects the most egregious, vulgar violators of them --- and even makes them "moderators."

Below is another example of this practice, specifically as applied to presidential and vice-presidential candidates:

The "Mirror Mirror" Test: HuffPost instantly banned a user who attempted to post carbon-copies of the vulgar smears it allowed radical leftist users to post against Gov. Palin --- but which were reworded to be against Michelle Obama

Despite its Comment Policy's prohibition of comments containing vulgar, racist, personal attacks, HuffPost has made it a practice of reviewing, approving and deciding to publish such comments when they're directed at Sarah Palin and her children ("whores"; "trailer trash"; "white trash"). This test was conducted to determine what HuffPost would do if another user copied and pasted these exact comments that HuffPost approved and published regarding Sarah Palin --- but reworded them to target Michelle Obama.

As documented in The "MirrorMirror" Test,
HuffPost instantly banned the user who submitted these comments against Michelle Obama... in part, as a result of the urging of another user --- whom it had protected for years after it allowed him to advocate the murder of President Bush, and brag that he got a visit from the U.S. Secret Service as a result.

HuffPost falsely claimed that Gov. Palin wants those on the federal "No-Fly List" to buy guns

The reality: Sarah Palin never said this. Period.

Why HuffPost knew, or should have known the story was false/misleading:
Sarah Palin isn't mentioned once in either the headline or story excerpt
(the original story was published by "ThinkProgress," the Soros-funded leftist attack machine).

This false headline incited a torrent of hate-filled user comments against Gov. Palin, which HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish.

See complete documentation of this incident here

Examples of HuffPost's years-long, uninterrupted worship of Michelle Obama

As you review these images, keep in mind Arianna's repeated, false statements about HuffPost being a "nonpartisan" newspaper, which doesn't play favorites:

"Photos: Michelle OVERWHELMS Us"

"PHOTOS: Michelle SHINES At State Dinner":

"PHOTOS: Bold In Blue":

"Michelle Obama To Donate To Toys For Tots":

"First Lady Answers Calls From Kids Tracking Santa On Christmas Eve"

"PHOTOS: Michelle Packs Pair Of Ensembles For Day In Soweto":

From the August 10, 2012 DRUDGE Report: Many more instances of Michelle Obama inserting herself into the politics of the presidential race:

None of which will ever be published at HuffPost, because that
would mean that she has opened herself up to substantive criticism:



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