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HuffPost gives Palestinian murderer, IDF victim same moral status

This was apparently HuffPost's latest effort to advance the cyber-jihad. As it is now the most widely-read, advertiser-supported "news" site in the world, this article further demonstrates why we refer to HuffPost as the Internet's largest purveyor of bias and inciter of hate against Israel and Jews.
In the pre-dawn hours of June 1, a Palestinian terrorist cut through the border fence separating Gaza and Israel, penetrated a certain distance into Israeli territory, then murdered 21 year old Staff Sgt. Netanel Moshiashvili:
IDF Staff Sgt. Netanel Moshiashvili, murdered by a Palestinian terrorist
The Palestinian murderer, Ahmed Abu Nasser, was killed by the IDF in return gunfire. A spokesman for the Palestinian terrorist group Islamic Jihad claimed the purpose of this "heroic act" was to kidnap an IDF soldier (another spokesman later denied this).

The Jerusalem Post reported the story at 3:58am EST (9:58am Israel time) on June 1, under the headline: "Palestinian terrorist kills IDF soldier near Gaza border." Similarly, at 4:03am EST (10:03am Israel time) on June 1, the Times of Israel reported the story under the headline, "Air Force strikes Gaza and mortars hit Israel after terrorist kills IDF soldier."

Both papers featured pictures Sgt. Moshiashvili's name and pictures.

By 4:15am EST, HuffPost had all the information it needed to put together an informative story about the murder of Sgt. Moshiashvili. And if it wanted to, HuffPost could have given him the personalized, sympathetic, front-page treatment that it routinely gives to Palestinians (including terrorists) who are allegedly harmed by Israelis (examples here, here, here, here):

HuffPost put Sgt. Moshiashvili and his murderer on the same moral plane, by claiming they were engaged in a "clash"

Despite having all the relevant facts at hand at the time, HuffPost decided to give Sgt. Netanel Moshiashvili and his murderer the exact same moral status, as demonstrated by the headline it chose to run: "Gaza Militant Clashes With Israeli Soldiers":

Why would HuffPost claim that this was a "clash" between Gaza "militants" and Israeli soldiers? When one hears the term "clash," it is normal to envision two football teams facing off on the field - or two boxers facing off in the ring. The word "clash" is not applicable to a situation in which a terrorist infiltrates a national border and murders one of the soldiers who is entrusted to protect that border.
Also, note how HuffPost chose to not use a picture of Sgt. Moshiashvili --- and instead, opted to use a generic picture of a tank and various soldiers. As our friends at HuffPostMonitor noted, this stands in stark contrast to the personalized, humanizing attention that HuffPost routinely gives to Palestinian "victims" of Israeli actions.

HuffPost buried the story of Sgt. Moshiashvili's murder at the very bottom of a secondary page
As if that weren't enough, even though HuffPost rushes stories of Palestinian grievances against Israel to its front page, it decided to bury the story at the very bottom of a secondary (World) page, well beyond the view of the casual observer:

How can we prove this? Take a look at this PDF of the HuffPost's front page taken at 11:00am EST on June 1:

01June FPHLs 11a

Now, take a look at HuffPost's "World" page, also taken at 11:00am on June 1 - keep scrolling until you get to the very, very bottom:
01June WPHLs 11a - see last entry

That was the only coverage that HuffPost gave the story of the murder of Sgt. Netanel Moshiashvili. And within hours, HuffPost took the story down - a dramatic departure from the stories about alleged Israeli atrocities, which it keeps up for days.

Instead of running a story about Sgt. Moshiashvili's funeral (as it does for Palestinian terrorists), HuffPost featured a plethora of days-old nonsense stories

Hours after Sgt. Moshiashvili was murdered, numerous sources reported the widely-attended funeral service held for him, which featured this photo:

HuffPost completely ignored the funeral story, and featured not a single photo of him or of the grieving mourners in attendance.
This decision stands in sharp contrast to HuffPost's practice when Palestinian terrorists or criminals are killed or hurt by Israel, in which case it routinely rushes the stories to its front page --- replete with the "victim's" name, pictures, and pictures of the weeping mourners:
Rather than featuring any stories concerning the "human" side of Sgt. Moshiashvili, and his funeral --- as it does for Palestinian terrorists --- HuffPost decided to run days-old nonsense stories.
The following PDF was taken of HuffPost's "World" page on June 3. Note that it features the following stories (date published in parenthesis) --- but nothing about Sgt. Moshiashvili:

(May 31) "Crown Prince's Embarrassing Toilet Toss"

(May 30) "Shocking Torture Method Used At Guantanamo (Sesame St.)"

(May 30) "Police Raid Dozens Of Brothels (Ireland)"

(May 30) "'Wickedest City On Earth' Seeks Protection (Jamaica)"
03June WPHLs 1210a

Additional reading
The following articles, along with this detailed archive, further demonstrate HuffPost's pathological anti-Semitic, anti-Israel bias --- and how it effectively acts as a PR tool for Palestinian murderers and their supporters:
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More of HuffPost giving front-page, personalized coverage of Muslim deaths; Jewish victims of Muslim violence? Nope.
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Action Items
The two things that enable HuffPost to engage in this behavior are:
  • The money it gets from its roster of top-flight advertisers.
  • The silence of "journalists" who avidly read HuffPost, yet avert their eyes from the reality that's staring them in the face --- and which we report, and send them, on a regular basis
Here's how you can help:
  • Contact HuffPost's advertisers --- especially those with whom you already do business.
    Let them know your thoughts on how HuffPost has been using the money they provide it to engage in this persistent pattern of anti-Semitic, pro-Islamist bias.
  • Send this article to journalists, newspapers and TV networks that you trust --- whether on a local or national basis.
    Ask them to take a look at our documentation, and urge them to do some investigating. As you can see, throughout HUFF-WATCH is an encyclopedic cornucopia of physical evidence that backs up every aspect of every one of our allegations.


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