Sunday, September 23, 2012

Why militant Islamists love HuffPost: Morsi vs Bibi edition

A few days ago, we documented the fact that HuffPost constructed another one of its screaming headlines against Benjamin Netanyahu, that was based on another demonstrable lie that it had manufactured about him, and Israel:

The subtext of HuffPost's lie was that Bibi is trying to influence the U.S. elections --- a standard-issue accusation that anti-Semites use against Jews the world over.  HuffPost's lie had the exact effect it intended: it incited a torrent of hateful, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel user comments, which it dutifully reviewed, approved and decided to publish.  (As we've documented HuffPost has been inciting and tolerating hatred against Jews and Israel for four years.)

Today, HuffPost ran on its front page a story concerning a NY Times interview with Mohamed Morsi,
Egypt's new "president," representing the Muslim Brotherhood, and how he is now dictating the terms under which the U.S. can rebuild its relationship with the Muslim world.  

So, did HuffPost call out Morsi's unmitigated arrogance and belligerence, and his attempts to meddle in U.S. elections?  Did HuffPost point out that Egypt receives $1.5 billion a year in U.S. military aid, yet couldn't ---- or wouldn't --- put down the recent terrorist attack on our embassy there?  Did HuffPost express outrage at the fact that Morsi's general prosecutor wants the U.S. to execute any American who insults Islam?  Did HuffPost go on a rant about how Egypt is allowing Christians to be crucified, gays to be murdered, and women to be oppressed?

No.   Here's the front-page headline HuffPost chose to run regarding Morsi's interview, and outrageous statements:

That benevolent headline leads to this story page, which only contains an excerpt of the NY Times' article.

That's it.  No HuffPost editorializing, none of its lie-based accusations, no incitement of hate against this man, nothing.  

This is one more example of why militant Islamists around the world love HuffPost.  And this is one more reason why we contend HuffPost is the West's #1 global facilitator of the cyber-jihad against Jews, Israel and the U.S. military.  

Will any "journalist" ever hold Arianna Huffington --- Editor In Chief of the world's #1 most-read online "newspaper" --- to account for her incitement, lies and bias?


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