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Huffington Post: Hamas's mouthpiece in the USA


Special for The Algemeiner

On Monday, November 11, the Huffington Post featured a front-page story, sourced from the Associated Press, about Hamas hiring its first female “spokesperson,” Isra Almodallal, replete with a staged picture of her looking like a teenage U.S. blogger.

In the article, Almodallal voices her support for standard-issue genocidal Hamas threats (that all of Israel should be wiped out, as it sits on Palestinian land), and her belief that Hamas has a bad reputation not because of its terrorism, genocidal threats, or suicide bombings, but because of “unfair Israeli media.” Her new job, she says, is to make the Palestinian issues “more human” to the outside world.
She will be responsible for the Gaza government's communications with the international media.  "We are looking forward to having a different and unique language," said Almodallal in an interview in her Gaza City office, on her first week in the job. "We will make the (Palestinian) issues more human."
Ironically, earlier this year, another pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel propagandist, Ahmed Shihab-Eldin – who happens to be one of the top hosts of HuffPostLive, its video “news” service – described his job in almost identical terms: as being “to humanize” the Palestinians:
“My job... is to humanize my people, my heritage…”


 If you define “humanizing” a culture as whitewashing terrorists and publishing false, incendiary propaganda about their victims (namely Jews), as HuffPost has been doing for four years, then HuffPost’s senior management (which repeatedly, falsely claims it is a “nonpartisan” news operation) has been allowing Shihab-Eldin to fulfill his “job,” and then some.  See the following links for more details:
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Perhaps Hamas’ new propagandist spokeswoman should apply for a job with the Huffington Post.  And judging by his actions, we already know that Ahmed Shihab-Eldin is fully capable of taking over for her, in case Hamas’ propaganda begins to suffer.

November 14 update: HuffPost spits in the face of another Jew murdered by a Palestinian

On November 13, HuffPost published – deep on a secondary page – an obscurely-titled, sanitized version of the story of the savage murder of 19-year-old Eden Atias by a Palestinian teenager.  As shown in the JPG below, the URL that HuffPost assigned to the piece is “palestinian-teen-kills-israeli-soldier”; it knew full well the details of this brutal attack.  Yet the headline that HuffPost wrote, “IDF Soldier Stabbing Could Impair Peace Talks,” intentionally creates an unclear impression. Does that mean the IDF soldier stabbed someone – or that the IDF soldier was stabbed?  Did anyone die?

Contrast this with the gory, personalized, sympathetic coverage the HuffPost routinely gives to jihadis and Palestinians who meet with bad fates as a result of Hamas or PA terrorism against Jews:

Soon after, as The Algemeiner reported, a Hamas spokesperson issued an official statement by the terror group, celebrating the murder of Eden:
“Hamas welcomes the soldier stabbing in Afula. This is a natural response to the crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinian people and proof of the failure of political negotiations,” a Hamas spokesman said.
HuffPost, however, chose to ignore that story.  Was this decision made because it might clash with the positive image it had given just two days earlier to Hamas's new spokeswoman?

Instead, HuffPost’s editors (including Shihab-Eldin?) decided other “news” stories were far more deserving of top-line coverage – such as a propaganda story about Vladmir Putin, and an assortment of celebrity gossip and various nonsense, such as “the $500 milkshake.”

Apparently, this was the latest effort by HuffPost to “humanize” Palestinians – this time, at the expense of dehumanizing a 19-year-old Jew, whom one of them savagely murdered.

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