Friday, March 13, 2015

HuffPost: Iranian mullah worth quoting in full; Netanyahu... "Bupkis"

On March 12, this was HuffPost's splash headline:

Note that HuffPost summarizes the key sentiment expressed by Mohammed Khatamei, the "Supreme Leader"  of the world's #1 largest state sponsor of Islamist terror, without criticism or skepticism of any kind.

Now, contrast this to how HuffPost presented the speech that Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of the state that Iran has publicly committed to wiping off the face of the Earth, gave to Congress on March 3:

In case you're not familiar with the term "bupkis," it is defined as:

Absolutely nothing; nothing of value, significance, or substance; eg "We searched for hours and found bupkis."
Think about that for  a moment.  HuffPost, the #1 most widely-read online "newspaper" in the world, which has repeatedly claimed it is "nonpartisan," gives the leader of the #1 terror state in the world an unedited platform to assail the Republican Party of America.  Yet that same "nonpartisan" newspaper insults and dismisses, in its entirety, a speech by the leader of the one free, civilized state in the Middle East, to the United States Congress, as.... nothing.

Just another day at the office for the West's #1 largest online enabler of Iranian propaganda, and inciter of hatred against Israel and Jews.  And not a whimper from the "news" media that is supposed to act as a watchdog over such egregious breaches of journalistic standards.

Addendum, 3 hours later 

And continuing HuffPost's longstanding pattern of pictorial bias to ensure that Iranian madmen look as benevolent and kindly as possible, and that Prime Minister Netanyahu looks as sinister and evil as possible, shortly after posting the above, it published these contrasting pictures:

First, we have a kindly depiction of Iran's chief mullah, looking very grandfatherly, with open hands, as if to say, "Nukes? What nukes? What are those rotten Zionists talking about now?"

Now, contrast that to this picture it chose to run of Netanyahu - angry, sinister and malevolent:

This is nothing new.  HuffPost has been doing this for more than six years.  Here's a flashback to a side-by-side piece they ran in June 2009:


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