Saturday, April 25, 2015

HuffPost smears NY police, whitewashes Swedish law enforcement

Continuing its jihad of lies and incitement against American police officers in general, and the NYPD in specific, while whitewashing and ignoring radical Islamism, on April 25 HuffPost published the following story on its World page:
Swedish Cops In New York Give Local Police 'A Schooling'
The story describes how four Swedish policemen on vacation in New York City broke up a fight between two men on a subway train, and included video to show how gentle they were with the suspects.  This, according to HuffPost's "journalist," Paul Vale, is indicative of how these police officers gave the NYPD "a schooling," a highly insulting, loaded term.

Let's keep a few facts in mind:
  • There were four trained police officers on scene, versus two punks.  Nice odds.
  • These police officers knew they were on video; you can't take three steps in public in a crowded scenario like that subway car without ten people emerging with cellphone video cameras.  
  • Every day, NYPD officers render hundreds of acts of courage, of generosity and over-and-above gentleness that are not caught on video, and which HuffPost neither reports on, nor solicits stories regarding. (It wouldn't fit their narrative of incitement and lies, anyway.)
Let's also keep a few other facts in mind --about Sweden's law enforcement system -- facts that HuffPost's readers may not be aware of, because the self-proclaimed "nonpartisan" newspaper will not report them:
Linda, a Swedish girl, gang-raped by
Muslim immigrants, who said
she was "asking for it," because she
was unveiled.
  • Swedish courts either letting Muslim rapists (and rape-gangs) go free, or giving them shockingly light sentences (source).
  • Sweden's top "counter-extremist" official has suggested that one way to help prevent Muslim-driven crime and terrorism would be to create a new jobs program for Muslim immigrants, and even to give them preferential treatment in the hiring process.
According to HuffPost, none of those facts and stories matter, and its readers should not be exposed to them.  After all, if they were, they might realize the reality of our situation, which would defuse 99% of the hate and misconceptions that HuffPost thrives on inciting, most often, against American police officers, the U.S. military, and Israel.

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