Tuesday, April 10, 2007

4/8/07: "Bush Almost Blows Himself Up" --- NOT; hateful user comments ensue


This was another example of one of HuffPost's false/misleading headlines --- originating from this source, which played the story "straight."

The fact is that Bush did not "almost blow himself up" --- there was no danger, the error was on the part of the manufacturer's employees, and it is questionable as to where the picture accompanying HuffPost's story even came from.

Apparently, in an effort to not incite a repeat of the national embarrassment that it cultivated five weeks earlier, by allowing its users to express their regrets that Vice President Cheney had survived a Taliban assassination attempt, HuffPost pre-emptively shut down comments on this thread. See more in Section 1, here.
(See additional examples of HuffPost shutting down its comment threads --- in contrast to Ms. Huffington's statements that the site will not do this --- here.)

As of August 2009, the comments section of
the thread reads:
Comments for this entry are currently under maintenance but will be restored soon.

Right. We're certain that this is one of HuffPost's top priorities, and that "soon" means... soon.


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