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"Bush Almost Blows Himself Up"

This was another example of one of HuffPost's false/misleading headlines --- originating from this source, which played the story "straight." The fact is that Bush did not "almost blow himself up" --- there was no danger, the error was on the part of the manufacturer's employees, and it is questionable as to where the picture accompanying HuffPost's story even came from. Apparently in an effort to not incite a repeat of the national embarrassment that it cultivated six weeks earlier, by allowing its users to express their regrets that Vice President Cheney had survived a Taliban assassination attetmpt, HuffPost pre-emptively shut down comments on this thread. (Not: See additional examples of HuffPost shutting down its comment threads --- in contrast to Ms. Huffington's statements that the site will not do this --- here.)

Articles from other sources:

5/13/09: Lies, Damned Lies, and Military Sexual Assault Statistics
By Jenn Q. Public
Summary: A scathing examination of the reality behind an inflammatory blog headline at HuffPost, which insinuated that the Pentagon is lying about supposed epidemic-level sexual assault statistics in the U.S. military. The author takes the reader step-by-step through what she alleges was the hysterical misrepresentations that the HuffPost blogger put forth, and which HuffPost didn't check for veracity --- including the blogger's assertion in an essay a year earlier "in which she suggests that soldiers rape because Bush lied to justify the illegal occupation of Iraq."

2/20/09: HuffPo Writer Alex Leo Used Doctored Video to Attack FNC's John Gibson
By Kerry Pickett, Newsbusters
Summary: HuffPost published another one of its screaming headlines, this time alleging that John Gibson used a racially inflammatory insult against Attorney General Eric Holder. Pickett shows that the video that HuffPost uncritically relied upon was a fake. After putting up an initial fight, HuffPost finally removed the video and issued a retraction.
Note: Johnny Dollar's Place did an extensive follow-up here.

2/18/09: Defending Michelle Bachmann or Huffpo: Purveyor of Lies
Evil Conservative
Summary: Evil Conservative parses the statements and sources that he alleges led to another inflammatory HuffPost headline, which turned out to be extremely misleading, at best.

12/4/08: Huffington Post Lies. Again. And They Know It.
Erick Ericson,
Summary: A good catch regarding how HuffPost once again distorted Sen. McCain's actual words to make it appear that he is clueless about vital matters (earlier examples documented on Huff-Watch here, here). Soon after, HuffPost changed its headline to something that resembles the truth --- but not before Erick obtained a screen capture to prove his points.

9/13/08: Desperate Times For Democrats - The Huffington Post Lies Again!
The Political Republican Opinion
Summary: The PRO demolishes HuffPost for allegedly picking up and uncritically running with an untrue, libelous assault on Sarah Palin, under one of its screaming headlines, alleging that she "had a direct role in charging rape victims for exams."

9/8/08: Huffing HuffPo Desperate For A GOP Gaffe
By Michelle Malkin
Malkin documented a HuffPost headline that falsely insinuated Sarah Palin made an incorrect statement on where Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac obtain their capital and funding. Malkin claimed that as well-known data demonstrates, "The only ones without a clue here are the HuffPo’s Obama water-carriers."

9/6/08: Move On Huffington Post: Lies, Lying and Liars
By Chris Navarro, American Presidential Politics
Navarro challenges what he alleges are HuffPost's repeated assaults on Sarah Palin based on false claims --- as always, fashioned into its screaming headlines --- and MoveOn's role in propagating these libels.

6/23/08: HuffingtonPost Exposed: The Truth - O’Reilly Trounces Olbermann in Ratings
By Audacity of Hypocrisy
AoH documents how HuffPost used a headline to push the notion that Keith Olbermann had beaten Bill O'Reilly --- when in fact there was only one of these two men in this "race."

1/10/08: HuffPo Effrontery: U.S. Fabricated Iranian Boat Incident
By Warner Todd Huston, NewsBusters
Huston dissects another HuffPost headline that, as has been documented here at Huff-Watch, reflects its continuing pattern of its assaults on the U.S. military. Huston concludes: "[I]t was the Iranians who perpetrated this incident, not the U.S.Navy. Only an apologist for the enemy could construe this matter in any other way. So, the HufPo is going from mere looniness to traitorous support of the enemy by sponsoring this sort of anti-American tripe."


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