Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Screen name(s): "BlueStateMan" (et al)

Screen capture of "BlueStateMan's" profile page from April 29, 2009 (see detailed profile linked at the bottom of this page, which extends through October 2009):


Active continuously since: 2005

Total comments HuffPost has allowed him to post to date: Estimated at 50,000+ (under several similar screen names --- the first of which lasted more than three years)

Commenting frequency: Often spends 8-12 or more hours per day on HuffPost. Typically posts 100+ comments per day (10 comments per hour for 10 hours, on average); at peak, 500 comments in one 24-hour period (one every two minutes straight through)

Commenting "trademarks":
  • Expresses radical leftist views

  • Viciously attacks political opponents and users who dare to disagree with his opinions, on a personal (ad hominem) basis* and with extreme vulgarity*, including homophobic attacks*

  • Has openly threatened other users*

  • Has repeatedly denounced HuffPost* for daring to censor or delay publishing his comments in any way, referring to them as "ThreadNazis."

    (*All are supposedly bannable violations of HuffPost's Comment Policy & Terms of Service)

HuffPost routinely protects "BlueStateMan"
(a) Reviewing, approving and deciding to publish his rants for four years

(b) Censoring the comments submitted by non-leftists who attempt to refute his allegations, or respond to his attacks, and/or..

(c) Banning other users if they persist in antagonizing him

How HuffPost has continuously enabled "BlueStateMan":
  • Despite numerous user complaints, HuffPost refused to take any action against him until on or about May 1, 2009 --- after more than three continuous years of permitting him to post his abusive comments under that screen name.

  • HuffPost permitted him to return within a few hours/days under the screen name "BlueStateMensch," under which it permitted him to post nearly 8,000 comments in slightly more than 60 days (average 133 per day, or one every four minutes for 10 hours straight), the bulk of which were egregious violations of its policies.

  • Although HuffPost has (temporarily) "banned" him several more times, it has allowed him to establish new screen names, and to rack up thousands more comments under them, with his inimitable "style." He does not even attempt to hide who he is; he admits it. And as he posts almost exclusively on HuffPost's top news threads, where the overwhelming majority of its moderators' and users' attention is focused at any given time, it would be impossible for any knowing observer to not be able to spot him, and his pathological violations of its (supposed) polices, within a few seconds.

  • On October 24, 2009, he again openly threatened a female user whom his "friends" had already "outed" (disclosed her name, location, occupation, pictures, etc., against her will, on the pages of HuffPost and beyond), and had been stalking for years. Specifically, he told "her" to "expect a visit," presumably from him, for mentioning the name of a friend of his. When the user asked if this should be considered a threat, he responded that it was "a promise."

  • He is still active, and is now warning other users that HuffPost will ban them if they tangle with him --- which it has repeatedly done.

A detailed analysis of "BlueStateMan" is featured here:
4/28/09: Suicidal user: "We must 'wipe out' Republicans to survive!!!" (HuffPost: "Approved!!!")

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