Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Rich Misty"

Screen name: "rich_misty"

Screen capture of "rich_misty's" profile page from October 23, 2009:


Active continuously since: April 2008

Total comments HuffPost has allowed him to post to date: 41,653 (as of Oct. 23, 2009)

Commenting frequency:
Routinely "lives" on HuffPost, spending 18+ hours a day there, posting 200-300 comments per day; at his peak posted 400 comments in one 24 hour period (one every 2-3 minutes straight through)

Commenting "trademarks":
  • Expresses radical leftist views

  • Anti-U.S. military propagandist, anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist

  • Viciously attacks political opponents and users who dare to disagree with his opinions, on a personal (ad hominem) basis* and with extreme vulgarity*

  • Claims he is a criminal psychologist

  • (*Supposedly bannable violations of HuffPost's Comment Policy & Terms of Service)

HuffPost routinely protects "rich_misty"
(a) Continuously reviewing, approving and deciding to publish his pathologically policy-violating "comments"

(b) Continuously censoring the comments submitted by non-leftists who attempt to refute his allegations, or respond to his attacks, and in some cases...

(c) Banning the users in (b), if they persist

How HuffPost has continuously enabled "rich_misty":
  • As is documented in a special report (here), HuffPost has permitted "rich_misty" to endlessly spread blood libels against American soldiers on every news thread, regardless of the topic. Specifically, it has permitted him to claim that as a matter of "standard operating procedure," American soldiers sexually torture Muslim women and children. It also allowed him to repeatedly post links to websites that he (falsely) claimed show graphic pictures of these acts.

  • HuffPost repeatedly blocked, then banned, another user (a Huff-Watch operative) when he attempted to post proof that "rich_misty's" libels were false. Specifically, the operative attempted to show that the pictures were fakes, and that the site hosts vicious anti-U.S. military and anti-Semitic propaganda, HuffPost repeatedly blocked these posts from appearing, and eventually banned the user --- to "rich_misty's" delight.

  • Even after "rich_misty" openly requested that HuffPost ban his account, it refused to do so; instead, it has repeatedly banned non-violating users who oppose his abusive behavior.

  • "Rich_misty" has openly claimed that HuffPost "watches my back," and rejoices over his "protected" status.

A sampling of "rich_misty's" comments:

Regardless of the topic of the news threads upon which he is allowed to post comments, HuffPost has continuously permitted him to attack other users who are posting on-topic with incendiary, off-topic accusations:
rich misty
Go torture rape some little boy. That's more your style.
Posted 12:44 PM on 06/10/2009

rich misty
Maybe torturing some kids or something would calm you.
Posted 11:40 PM on 08/07/2009

rich misty
Why do you support torture raping little kids?
What moral authority do people who support torture sexcrimes have in a healthcare debate?
Posted 9:52 PM on 08/14/2009

An example of "rich_misty's" anti-Semitic conspiracy theories --- from during Israel's recent Operation Cast Lead:
[...] The bottom line is that many pro-war supporters here since the conflict started are izzy agents and paid posters for the izzies.
Posted 07:43 AM on 01/02/2009

A detailed profile of "rich_misty" --- and HuffPost's continuous enabling and protection of his pathological violations of its "policies," while banning non-violating users --- is featured here.


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