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"Superbus" was another victim of HuffPost's willingness to ban users who dare to challenge or mock its radical leftists. This episode focuses on how it has protected one of its most maniacal users, "kevenseven," for years. See a summary here.

The following is excerpted from the full analysis of HuffPost's protection of "kevenseven," here:
April '08-present: User boasts about in-home interview by Secret Service re his threats against Bush on HuffPost (HuffPost: "Approved!!," protected!!)

HuffPost continued to protect "kevenseven" not only from criticism, but from being subjected to the same (supposed) Comment Policy and Terms of Service that other users are (supposedly) required to observe.

One prime example is below: a user, "Superbus," dared to express a political opinion with which "kevenseven" disagrees. "Kevenseven" responded by suggesting more physical violence (something he's been doing for only about four years on HuffPost):

Now, if you were in charge of an advertiser-supported political website, knowing all you do at this point, which user would you ban?
You got it: HuffPost chose to ban "Superbus," and to leave "kevenseven" free to post at will.


Continue to the full analysis of HuffPost's perpetual enabling, emboldening and protection of "kevenseven" (et al) here --- which documents:
  • His threats against other users and their children

  • His pathologically vulgar attacks on other users

  • His racial slurs

  • The fact that even though HuffPost occasionally "banned" him, it fully reinstated him within hours or days

  • His denunciations of HuffPost for daring to censor him in any way, and for banning him and his "friends"

  • How one of his "friends" --- another long-term, egregious violator of HuffPost's (supposed) comment policies and terms of service, "HumeSkeptic" (profiled here) --- was instrumental in persuading it to repeatedly reinstate him

  • The fact that HuffPost gave "kevenseven" the courtesy of numerous "warning" emails, including one telling him how long it had (temporarily) banned him for, and when he'd be reinstated.

  • The fact that as of late October 2009, HuffPost still allows "kevenseven" to post at will, while continuing to ban other, non-violating users

Return to:
HuffPost's protection of the most egregious violators of its "policies" --- and its banning of non-violators --- often on a minute-to-minute basis


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