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HuffPost's protection of the most egregious violators of its "policies" --- and its banning of non-violators --- often on a minute-to-minute basis


Summary of "Mogamboguru" --- and HuffPost's enabling, protection and emboldening of him

  • "Mogomboguru" is one of HuffPost's longest-term, most protected anti-Semitic propagandists and conspiracy theorists.

  • Despite the fact that HuffPost has banned him on numerous occasions, it has fully reinstated him each time --- and has now made him an de facto moderator; he now openly boasts about his ability to get other users who dare to challenge or oppose him banned

  • As shown below, since April 2008, HuffPost has reviewed, approved and decided to publish more than 20,000 of his comments:


Examples of "Mogamboguru's" anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and propaganda

This section will be filled in, but here are some examples of his anti-Semitic propaganda and conspiracy theories --- which, according to HuffPost's Comment Policy, should never have seen the light of day:

Mogamboguru I'm a Fan of Mogamboguru I'm a fan of this user 300 fans permalink
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Why does this man with the face of a folded mountain .h.a.t.e. America?
Perhaps, because his loyalty belongs to another country...?
Reply Posted 06:13 PM on 10/27/2009

Mogamboguru See Profile I'm a Fan of Mogamboguru permalink
And even many "Is-ra-el-ha-te-rs" are in fact, Is-rae-li pro-paga-ndists [...]
Why? Because thus, the Is-ra-el-apo-loge-tics can point fingers at them and can always claim, how important and how justified Is-ra-el's measures to "def-end" herself aga-inst the pale-stin-ian "vio-lence" in fasct are.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:50 AM on 01/02/2009


"Mogamboguru" as friends with other HuffPost anti-Semitic propagandists, conspiracy theories and threateners

Some other interesting aspects of "Mogamboguru":
  • He claims to be a German journalist

  • One of his best "friends" on HuffPost, to whom he shows great deference, is its most well-known anti-Semitic propagandist, loosely known as "Snuffy" from Holland, whose trademark posts (under various screen names) include:
Israel should be pushed into the ocean. Fucking deceiving lying PIGS. No wonder they don't eat pork, they ARE pigs.
By: JewsRevilScum on July 17, 2006 at 4:06am
[screencap; user account is active; 29 comments; here]

If America was interested in solving the problem all they would have to do is cut off funding to Israel. Either that or just nuke the fuck out of that little shitty state of beanie wearing bastards who consider themselves arrogantly 'chosen people'. Waste them now and save the whole world a lot of furthur headache.
By: JewsRevilScum on July 17, 2006 at 6:26am

My nephew is in Haifa.
By: Thalia on July 26, 2006 at 12:34pm

Tell it to someone who gives a shit. Blast Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa off the map.
By: JewsRevilScum on July 26, 2006 at 12:53pm

We will see how far Israel pulls back. If they try and take the Litani River, Hezbollah will attack again and well they should. Only next time send those missiles to Tel Aviv....blast those beanie wearing pigs to hell, where they belong.
By: SatanLefttheUSA on August 16, 2006 at 11:08am
[screencap; user account is active; 819 comments here]

Time to Ki** your Isr**li friends! Third Intifada!
Posted 10:09 PM on 12/27/2008
[screencap; user was banned, but got up to at least 265 comments here, here]

A great time is capturing a jpiggie, taking his beanie and wiping my a$$ with it, then cramming that and his z i on aiz star of david flag down his jpiggie throat...
Posted 06:39 AM on 12/29/2008
[screencap; user was banned]

[...] They should lock and load and destroy js where they sleep. The rest of the world is...
Posted 04:43 AM on 12/30/2008
[screencap; user was banned, but got up to at least 13 comments — 11 after the above, here, here]ArabsRSemitesPointOut
as long as there are Js on this planet there will never be peace.....
Posted 05:00 AM on 12/30/2008
[screencap; user was banned, but got up to at least 13 comments — 9 after this one, here, here]

  • Another one of his "friends" is "peacekitten," who is among HuffPost's more "educated" and protected anti-Semitic propagandists and conspiracy theorists. Examples of her posts:
i don't think that it's any coincidence at all that now that izr@el know that h@mas has the possibility of hitting a nvclear reactor, they *might* consider softening their position. funny how they had NO problem with wiping the pals off the face of the earth until they discovered they might actually be able to strike back in a meaningful way. proof that bullies like this are nothing but c0wards.
Posted 08:11 AM on 01/02/2009
[screencap 1 and 2; user account is active; 19,168 comments here]


"Mogamboguru" as being empowered by HuffPost to get other users banned

Although he has repeatedly explained how much he detests HuffPost and its management, and claims he is leaving the site forever, he never does. And even though HuffPost has banned him on multiple occasions, it has fully reinstated him each time.

Now, although it routinely bans non-violating users, and those who challenge or mock his anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and propaganda, HuffPost has invested him with the power to have other users banned --- a fact about which he boasted, on March 31, 2010:
I am getting her banned twice a day recently.
It is really getting stressful keeping up with her daily changing monikers recently...

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