Friday, January 15, 2010

Comparing news threads: Example 2 --- HuffPost allows D-Day thread to be hijacked so a radical leftist can arrange fistfight with non-leftist


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Keep in mind that every comment that appears on this thread is there because HuffPost reviewed, approved and made the decision to publish it. And as it says at the top of each HuffPost comment thread, only those comments that it approves will appear:

As you review the comments, keep these questions in the back of your mind:
  • Do they comply with HuffPost's (supposed) Comment Policies and Terms of Service ("CP-TOS") --- or are they egregious violations of them?

  • Do these threads indicate that what Ms. Huffington has repeatedly said about HuffPost is true? That it has "zero tolerance" for comments that violate its CP-TOS, and that it vigilantly monitors its news threads 24-7 to prevent such comments from appearing? But despite these efforts, "a handful of" violating comments may "occasionally slip through"? (see Section 3 here, and all, here)

EXAMPLE 2: June 6, 2009: HuffPost permits top thread re D-Day anniversary to be hijacked by a radical leftist to arrange a fistfight with another user

If you can recall being in junior high school, and hearing chants of "Fight! Fight! Fight!," this will seem familiar

As with the Tillman thread (Example 1), HuffPost had a choice: to honor the memory of the tens of thousands of American and allied soldiers who fought, were injured or were killed in this monumental battle --- or to allow this thread to be "hijacked."

HuffPost's choice? To allow the thread to be hijacked by one of its "protected" radical leftists, "rampage," so he and another user could arrange a fistfight between them --- and other users could cheer them on.

06June09 DDay415p users arrange fistfight in Miami -

And can you guess which user HuffPost chose to ban right after this encounter? Hint: It wasn't "rampage" (proof available upon request). But that's part of HuffPost's ongoing practice of protecting the worst-of-the-worst violators of its CP-TOS, while ejecting non-violating users who challenge or mock them.


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