Monday, July 12, 2010

7/12/10: "I Am Israel," Hezbollah's threats, and HuffPost's blackout


Say what you will about Adolf Jr. (Ahmadinejad), he sure knows how to inspire loyalty among his enablers.

For example, when he finally expressed his pent-up love and appreciation for Arianna Huffington back on June 13, who knew how far she'd go to reciprocate, in so short a period of time?

Let's take a look. Within the past few weeks...

Hezbollah --- Ahmadinejad's demon spawn in Lebanon, whom he supports with advanced weaponry, cash and moral justification --- has been
openly threatening the mass murder of Israeli civilians.
Yet HuffPost, the world's #1 most-read blog, has not reported one word of it.

Israel announced that it has identified
160 Hezbollah arms depots in southern Lebanon --- all supposedly outlawed by the U.N. as a condition of ending the 2006 war.
Yet HuffPost, now a top-ten U.S. "news" site, does not report a word of it.

Hezbollah supporters, armed with
sticks and eggs, disarmed a U.N. "peacekeeping force" --- whose duty, in part, is to root out illegal weapons in southern Lebanon.
Yet HuffPost, which claims it is "covering news in a 21st century kind of way," has said nothing about it.

Instead, HuffPost has chosen to devote its front page to covering such stories of critical importance as...
Lindsay Lohan's Friends: She Won't Survive Smoke-Free Jail

Palin FEC Filing: See Where SarahPAC Is Spending The Most Money

Salma Hayek & Daughter Valentina At Disneyland

Glenn Beck Sends MSNBC Message On His Nails

Senior Citizens Say The Darndest Things -- The Craziest Old People Of All Time

All this, while hundreds of thousands of Israeli civilians' lives are on the line, thanks in part to the unwillingness of media titans like Arianna Huffington to hold Ahmadinejad and his Hezbollah proxy to account for the latest war against Israel that they're threatening, and are clearly on the cusp of instigating.

And when that war erupts, HuffPost will, in all likelihood, once again revert to form, and engage in its latest day-by-day "journalistic jihad" against Israel.


So, at a moment like this, we're pleased to feature the following short film (6:18), "I AM ISRAEL," that came to our attention yesterday. It will remind you of, or enlighten you to what is at stake, and of the reality of Israel and its history with its neighbors:

Let's all say a prayer this week that the war that Ahmadinejad and his demon spawn in Hezbollah are trying to visit upon Israel can be avoided.

Because if it cannot, and if Hezbollah unleashes the advanced weaponry that Adolf Jr. has provided it, there's no telling how far the resulting inferno may spread.

Additional reading:
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Want to let HuffPost management know your thoughts?

HUFF-WATCH has documented in detail HuffPost's depraved, anti-Israel bias in regards to its day by day coverage of "flotilla of terror" (1, 2, 3). We've also documented HuffPost's history of:

If you're so inclined, you might think about dropping a (polite) note to HuffPost, to ask it to start living up to its
self-proclaimed nonpartisan journalistic principles.

Here's how.

And if that doesn't work, you might find this partial list* of HuffPost advertisers helpful to keep in mind. (*See Section 7.)


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