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8/7/10: HuffPost again devalues the Holocaust: Writer stereotypes Jews, insinuates gay marriage opponents are Nazis

  • HuffPost is the #1 most-read blog in the world, and a top-ten U.S. "news" website. It has repeatedly claimed that it is “nonpartisan,” seeks “to debunk the left-right way of thinking,” and “to ferret out the truth, consequences be damned.” It also claims it prohibits "inflammatory claims."
  • In this incident, HuffPost decided to disguise a hate-filled editorial (blog article) as a news story, which alleged --- among other inflammatory things --- that "Jews should rejoice at the overturning of Proposition 8," because gays were also victimized by the Nazis at Auschwitz.
  • HuffPost further allowed the writer to claim he speaks for Jews across America, and to make blanket assertions regarding "what Jews believe," for which he provides no evidence.
  • Rather than being an isolated incident, this is part of HuffPost's long history of violating its own (supposed) standards when it comes to Jews and Israel, as HUFF-WATCH has extensively documented.

"Godwin's Law"
states that given enough time, all Internet discussions — regardless of topic or scope — inevitably wind up with someone making a comparison to Hitler or Nazis. In regards to subjects dealing with Jews and Israelis, such actions almost invariably constitute anti-Semitism, as defined by Natan Sharansky in Seeing Anti-Semitism In 3D.

On August 7, 2010, HuffPost actually short-circuited
Godwin's Law, by making the decision to publish an insane rant --- disguised as a "news" story --- that opens by comparing broad swaths (if not majorities) of Americans, major religions, and even President Obama, to Nazis. And in doing so, once again, HuffPost shamelessly diminished the reality of the Holocaust.

You may be thinking, "That's a tall order! How did HuffPost do all those things, on one day?

Let's start at the beginning.
From its 2005 debut to the present day, HuffPost's front page design has consisted of opinion pieces (blog articles) placed along the left column, and news stories in the center and right columns.

This is the design approach Ms. Huffington defined in 2005, so readers can easily distinguish the types of content on the site. And this is exactly the model it has followed to this day... except in certain instances when it decided to deviate from it, to disguise vicious, spittle-flying attack rants as "news" items (See "Update, April 21" here, and
1, 2).

Now, let's take a look at HuffPost's front page, mid-way down, on August 7. Here's what one would have seen:


Jews should "rejoice" at the overturning of Proposition 8? Really? Why's that, HuffPost?

Well when one clicks on that headline, here's the page that came up --- an opinion article by "Rabbi" Michael Lerner, which opens with this:
Homosexuals were with us in Auschwitz and were persecuted along with Jews throughout Western societies for the past several thousand years, so we stand with them in the struggle for full acceptance and full legal equality, including marriage equality, in the 21st century. But even had they not shared our fate, the denial of rights and the double standards used to justify such denials are always a threat to Jews as well as to everyone else on the planet!

So let's see. First, does "Rabbi" Michael Lerner really speak for the entire U.S. Jewish community ("we" stand with... anyone)? Really? The U.S. Jewish community is not a monolith --- and to suggest otherwise is trademark of stereotyping, prejudice and bigotry --- despite what he says.
He continues:
"The rights of homosexuals are supported by an overwhelming majority of the American Jewish community."

Really? Where's the proof of that, "Rabbi" Lerner? In fact, according to the World Congress of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Jews, you are absolutely wrong:
Does the Jewish community support same sex marriage? Can it present the world with a unified voice on the matter? Does it need to try to come with a unified voice? The short answer to all 3 questions is no, no and no.

But since when does HuffPost need to do any stinkin' fact-checking, especially on opinion pieces it decides to disguise as "news"?

Second, according to Lerner, anyone who is opposed to gay marriage is a Nazi (or at least is acting like one).

"Rabbi" Lerner? Really, HuffPost (and your
crack team of 53 "editors")? Does this include...
  • President Obama, who is also openly against gay marriage?

  • A strong majority of Americans, across the board, who are against gay marriage, according to a 2009 Pew Research national survey (right)?

  • The 70% of blacks in California who voted to support Proposition 8? (more)

Of course, none of those groups or individuals are mentioned in "Rabbi" Lerner's screed.


So who exactly is "Rabbi" Michael Lerner?

Here is a good place to start to discover the disgusting reality of this man, and what he's said about Jews, Israel and America (and don't miss the extensive sidebar links!).


Continue to Part 2 to see:
Is this the first time HuffPost has made such a hideously bad decision regarding editorial writers and Jewish affairs? Uh, no.

Conclusion: This incident goes way beyond irresponsibility --- and in the context of all preceding ones, dances on the line of anti-Semitism

Why this is so important; how to make your voice known to HuffPost


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