Wednesday, November 24, 2010

HuffPost hypocrisy: Opulence-enjoying Arianna condemns Wall St. banker "opulence" through fake photo


Well, it's not as if HuffPost doesn't have a long, depraved history of using false and misleading headlines in order to smear and incite hatred against conservative individuals and organizations, the U.S. military, and Israel and Jews.

But one might think that for Thanksgiving, the most American of our holidays, Arianna Huffington might ease off on the smears for just one day. One would be very wrong.

At about 2pm today, HuffPost's top of the page splash was the following picture, which it matched with this headline:
Wall Street Excess Is Back: Hiring A Dwarf For A Bachelor Party, $40,000 Cell Phones

Predictably, the radical leftists that flock to the site --- and whom HuffPost allows to violate its comment policy at will --- responded to this incitement with their usual variety of hate and urgings of violence. It then moved the story down a few notches, but maintained this picture:

The hypocrisy of Arianna lambasting bankers for their alleged "opulence" aside (we'll come back to that in a moment), that picture got us wondering: does that look like any American banker you know? It didn't to us, either.

So we did a little checking. Right-clicking on the picture shows that its title is "Opulence." And shazam, guess what we found with about 10 seconds on the Google? Well, turns out it's not an American banker, it's a Russian thug. And not just a Russian thug, it's a fake Russian thug, who appeared in a European commercial for DirectTV:

Funny spot! But here's where it gets funnier.


HuffPost hypocrisy, Part 1: HuffPost accepts advertising revenue from... the (evil!) American mega-banks that it condemns


Nearly a year ago Arianna concocted her "Move Your Money" campaign to punish the big banks for their alleged sins against America. Yet now, Arianna butters her bread croissant with money she makes by selling advertising to all the big banks and financial services firms that requested/received the taxpayer bailouts that she now vilifies. These include Bank of America, CapitalOne, Chase, Discover, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, and others.

There is quite a story about what Chase is actually sponsoring at HuffPost... see its entry on a partial listing of HuffPost's biggest advertisers here. Does its CEO know that HuffPost enables and protects the most vicious anti-Semitic users (report here; archive here)? Maybe drop him an email and let him know.

But that's not all. So long as we're talking about opulence (and Arianna's hypocrisy)...


HuffPost hypocrisy, Part 2: Arianna pontificates on others' "opulence"... while she luxuriates in her mega-mansion, and on mega-yachts


Here is a story that ABC's John Stossel did on her in April 2008, in which he confronted her with some of the innumerable aspects of her raving hypocrisy:

See the video for yourself:

Nope, no hypocrisy there!!

And here's a follow-up story about how Arianna lives it up on mega-yachts (some of which, we assume, are financed by mega-banks). How big is a "mega-yacht"?

Well, one of the mega-yachts that Arianna likes to luxuriate on --- the "Rising Sun" --- is 453 feet long, and is co-owned by David Geffen and Larry Ellison. Think about it --- that's one and a half football fields in length, for a few bank-condemning celebrities to spend their vacations on:

So, while we little people enjoy our little Thanksgiving dinners, we can all rest assured that the Arianna, Queen of Opulence, will be busy condemning the very bankers whose "opulence" her advertising revenues depend upon.

Happy Thanksgiving... from your friends at HUFF-WATCH!!


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