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4/2/09: Ax murder of Shlomo Nativ - A grim addendum


A continuation of this article:
4/2/09: Ax murder of an Israeli child: Who said it - A terrorist spokesman, or HuffPost users (with approval)?

A GRIM ADDENDUM: A detailed analysis of how HuffPost played this story in its headlines and pictures --- vs. how it does so when the victims are Palestinians (including terrorists)

One might guess how HuffPost was going to play the horrific story of the barbaric murder of Shlomo Nativ by the wording of its teaser piece headline --- and the picture it chose to run with it:

The first thing to notice is that there is no picture of the victim, the crime scene, or mourners --- as HuffPost almost invariably employs for teasers and threads about Palestinians. See here, and later in this article, for validation of this allegation.

"Axe Attack"
? Who knew that axes can jump off store shelves and murder children! But given that HuffPost is among the best-financed and -staffed political blogsites, its extensive journalistic resources may have uncovered something the rest of the world isn't aware of. Perhaps the axes in Palestinian stores are endowed with consciousness, raging Jew-hatred, and self-mobility?

Also notice that the words "Palestinian," "terrorist" and "murder" appear nowhere in the headline of either the photo-link, or the story itself.
So it wasn't even a Palestinian axe?!

Does HuffPost really believe that putting up an accurate headline (such as,"Palestinian terrorist murders 16-year-old Israeli child with axe") would clash with its claims that it is a nonpartisan news source, only interested in reporting on "the truth"?

Further, we're unaware of why an ominous picture of IDF soldiers at night would be used in the teaser piece, as shown above.

Would not a bloody crime scene photo been more appropriate? What about the grieving victims' families (as was featured in other news stories --- and even on its own linked story thread)?

Here is the crime scene photo that was available at the time from ZAKA:

Yet HuffPost used neither of these photos for the teaser-piece.

No, as we have shown and will continue to show, HuffPost reserves that treatment only for splash headlines of Palestinians and their children who are accidentally killed in responsive military operations by the IDF --- not for Israeli children that are deliberately and savagely attacked by Islamofascist murderers.

One example is from the recent Operation Cast Lead, in which Israel had finally had enough of Hamas and related groups raining down rockets and murder on its civilians, and fought back.

Hamas inserted its fighters and rocket launchers within the civilian population and dared the IDF to attack them ---- which it did, with surgical precision. Yet of course, there were civilian casualties.

Here is what one of HuffPost's splash threads looked like on December 29, 2008:

Israeli Assault Targets Symbols Of Hamas Power
(Here; Note: If you follow this link, however, you'll note that HuffPost has since changed the wording of this headline, but the above wording is validated in the JPG page-captures, below)


"The father of Palestinian Dena Balosha, 4, left, one of five members of the same family including three children and two teenagers who were killed in an Israeli missile strike, carries her body during their funeral in the Jebaliya refugee camp, in the northern Gaza Strip, Monday, Dec. 29, 2008."

HuffPost actually matched the above photo with the statement
Israeli Assault Targets Symbols Of Hamas Power," as if 4-year-old Dena Balosha were a symbol of Hamas "power."
Could Hamas have hoped for more compliant coverage of its propaganda, and the carnage resulting from its terrorism?

The JPGs of the first two pages of the PDF of this thread are below (click to enlarge):

Given all the above, it's little wonder that radical, Israel-hating leftists can so easily check truth and humanity at the electronic door that HuffPost holds open for them, so they can come on in, set a spell, and outdo Hamas's hatred, lies and blood libels against Israel, and a murdered Israeli boy, on a day like this.

The question is, do HuffPost's advertisers, who are paying the bills, actually know what they are paying to support --- and the audience they are paying to reach?


4/8/09 ADDENDUM: The difference, vividly depicted

In contrast to the way that HuffPost chose to cover the Shlomo Nativ murder, by failing/refusing to show a picture of him or those mourning him in its headline teaser, here is how it chose to depict a Palestinian journalist who is merely being detained ---


5/29/09 ADDENDUM: When an Israeli child is murdered by a Palestinian terrorist, he's nameless in headline;
but when a Palestinian terrorist-murderer is killed, HuffPost uses his full name in headline

As is shown in the first screen shot on this thread, the headline HuffPost chose to run with this story was:

West Bank Ax Attack Kills Israeli Child, Poses Test For New PM

Yet when a Hamas terrorist --- who was accused in the murder of 10 Israeli civilians --- was ordered to surrender by the IDF, refused, and was killed in an exchange of gunfire, HuffPost put his name right in its headline, thereby "humanizing" him right from the get-go:
Abdul Majid Dudeen Killed By Israeli Forces

Please go to this article to discover just how far HuffPost went to shield Dudeen from being accurately depicted on its story thread... and the vicious, hateful comments directed at Israel that it then reviewed, approved and decided to publish.

Also see:
Archive of Anti-Israel, Ant-Semitic Bias, Libels and Hate at HuffPost


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