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To contact HuffPost
If you're concerned about the facts we've documented, regarding the way HuffPost has chosen to operate, here's how to voice your concerns to its top people.

HuffPost advertisers
For readers who would like to express their views on HuffPost's acts and omissions to its biggest advertisers, here's a handy directory of top contact information.

"YOU'VE GOT HATE!!!" AOL blows $315 million to buy HuffPost, the Internet's largest inciter and tolerator of hatred
According to Mark Steyn, if you mix a gallon of vanilla ice cream and a gallon of dog excrement, you get something that smells pretty funky, and is inedible. We have a feeling that AOL's authorization of Tim Armstrong to blow a third of a billion dollars of shareholder money to purchase the HuffPost hate sewer will be looked back upon as one of the great corporate mistakes of all time.

Is Arianna now selling timeshares?
On Uranus? She may as well be. Because it seems that no matter what she says or does, no matter how outlandish the lies she tells, not a single mainstream reporter will confront or even question her.

May 2010: 350,000 unique monthly visitors to HuffPost originate in Muslim-majority nations
Could some of these users be part of the cyber-jihad, responding to HuffPost's persistent incitement of hatred against the U.S. military and Israel? Read this post, follow the links, and judge for yourself.

HuffPost's protection of the most egregious violators of its "policies" --- and its banning of non-violators, often on a minute-to-minute basis
HuffPost has repeatedly claimed that user comments that violate its Comment Policy and Terms of Service ("CP-TOS") may "occasionally slip through," but that it vigilantly works 24-7 to prevent these anomalies. This report, the result of years of documentation, demonstrates that contrary to HuffPost's claims, it has knowingly allowed and protected the most egregious violators of its CP-TOS to essentially "live" on the site --- some, for years --- while at the same time, banning non-violating users who dare to challenge or mock them, some, after as few as six comments. Those who wonder why HuffPost's "news" comment threads look so different from those on other major political blogsites, and often are overflowing with violations of standard commenting rules (across the blogosphere), will find this article very enlightening.

Comparing HuffPost comment threads to those on other major political blogsites

There is a stark, unmistakable difference. A discussion of:
(a) Website "comment" features in general

(b) How other major political and news websites generally keep their comment threads "clean"

(c) Examples of how HuffPost allows its comment threads to be "hijacked" by users who are among the most egregious violators of its Comment Policy and Terms of Service --- yet whom it has knowingly enabled and protected, in some cases, for years.

Anatomy of HuffPost's front page, and related pages; terminology

HuffPost's false statement re shutting down its comment threads
After another incident of radical leftist hate speech (users wishing for the death/murder of Nancy Reagan) on HuffPost was exposed in the media, Ms. Huffington once again attributed it to a handful of "trolls," and claimed the site would not shut down the comment sections of its news threads as a result. This article chronicles the fact that at the time she made this statement, HuffPost had long been in the practice of shutting down the comments section of news threads, on both a reactive and proactive* basis (*before a single comment could even be posted).

The political evolution and "legitimization" of HuffPost
How did HuffPost, launched in May 2005, become such a force in American culture and politics in the short time since then? How did it acquire such a slate of big-league advertisers, top members of the U.S. House and Senate as its official bloggers, and now, preferential treatment of its "journalists" in White House press conferences? This article chronicles HuffPost's journey from obscurity to "legitimacy."

HuffPost’s user registration procedure, policies and related matters

HuffPost has repeatedly claimed (1, 2) that it works diligently on a 24-7 basis to keep hate speech-spewing "trolls" (hit-and-run users) at bay. But is this the reality? After reviewing this article and the links it contains, the reader will come away with a far more accurate perception of the reality behind the claims.

Does any journalist have the courage to ask Arianna Huffington these three questions?
(4/30/10) Now that HuffPost has been accepted into the White House Correspondent's Association, we pose three questions that only the bravest journalist would ask Arianna about her "newspaper's" incitement of hate, and its protection of the worst-of-the-worst abusers of its comment policies.


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