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This article is excerpted from the following detailed analysis of "kevenseven," one of the most pathological violators of HuffPost's (supposed) comment policies and terms of service ("CP-TOS"), whom it has enabled and protected --- using the same screen name --- for four years:
April '08-present: User boasts about in-home interview by Secret Service re his threats against Bush on HuffPost (HuffPost: "Approved!!," protected!!)

In summary, in September 2008 --- six months after HuffPost announced that it had begun pre-moderating all user comments on its news threads --- "BradPittsburgh" dared to "flag," or call HuffPost's attention to another user's ad hominem attack on Sarah Palin, referring to her as "trailer park trash."

Such attacks are (supposedly) a violation of HuffPost's CP-TOS, yet are routine on its news pages, when directed at conservatives. Using one of his alternative screen names, "kevenhussienseven," "kevenseven" told him to "ram your fucking flag up your ass."

This was actually one of "kevenseven's" lower-key attacks on other users.

Yet HuffPost chose to ban "BradPittsburgh," and leave "kevenseven" (et al) free to continue his egregious violations of its CP-TOS --- despite innumerable user complaints, for at least the next eighteen months, under the same screen name(s). And during this time, it continued fast-banning users who stood against him, to his and his friends' explicit delight.


Here is still another example of the HuffPost-approved "civil discourse"
by "kevinhussienseven" (one of "kevenseven's" pseudonyms; see Addendum 1 at bottom), on September 2, 2008.

The title of the top news thread at this time was entitled "Palin's Church May Have Shaped Controversial Worldview."

As shown below, one user, "sherylsworld," called Sarah Palin "trailer park trash."

Another user, "BradPittsburgh," "flagged" this comment, meaning that he was alerting HuffPost, via the system it designed (see button under each comment), to a comment that violates its (supposed) Comment Policy. In response, HuffPost reviewed, approved and published the following reaction by "kevenhussienseven":
kevenhusseinseven See Profile I'm a Fan of kevenhusseinseven permalink
Take your fvcking flag and ram it up your a$$.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 07:34 PM on 09/02/2008

Now, based just on what you see above (there's far more evidence related to this), which user do you think HuffPost chose to keep active --- and which one it banned? Need you ask?

HuffPost banned BradPittsburgh --- and kept protecting "kevenseven" (and his pseudonyms).


ADDENDUM 1: As of June 2009, HuffPost was still allowing "kevenseven" to post as
"kevenhussienseven," at will

Even though HuffPost had "banned" "kevenseven" in November 2007, it soon fully reinstated him under his original screen name. There is a question as to how many times it had banned him in the past; he was originally "kevinofburbank," then went to "kevintwo," "kevinthree" and so on.

As is shown earlier in this article, however, he admits to having been banned by HuffPost approximately ten times. How many times HuffPost fully reinstated him as "kevenseven" is unknown --- but as is described below, it is now at least 15 times --- including three times in October 2009 alone.

It is unknown how many other similar names he posts under, but here are three that he admits to. The following screen captures were obtained on June 15, 2009.

Note that in his "kevenseven" user profile, he states:

"I am also posting as kevenhussienseven..."

Note that in his kevenhussienseven user profile (under which HuffPost allowed him to post 1,141 comments), he claims:
"I am, in fact, kevenseven. See: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/users/profile/kevenseven"


Continue to the full analysis of HuffPost's perpetual enabling, emboldening and protection of "kevenseven" (et al) here --- which documents:
  • His threats against other users and their children

  • His pathologically vulgar attacks on other users

  • His racial slurs

  • The fact that even though HuffPost occasionally "banned" him, it fully reinstated him within hours or days

  • His denunciations of HuffPost for daring to censor him in any way, and for banning him and his "friends"

  • How one of his "friends" --- another long-term, egregious violator of HuffPost's (supposed) comment policies and terms of service, "HumeSkeptic" (profiled here) --- was instrumental in persuading it to repeatedly reinstate him

  • The fact that HuffPost gave "kevenseven" the courtesy of numerous "warning" emails, including one telling him how long it had (temporarily) banned him for, and when he'd be reinstated.

  • The fact that as of late October 2009, HuffPost still allows "kevenseven" to post at will, while continuing to ban other, non-violating users

Return to:
HuffPost's protection of the most egregious violators of its "policies" --- and its banning of non-violators --- often on a minute-to-minute basis


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