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This article is excerpted from the following detailed analysis of "kevenseven," one of the most pathological violators of HuffPost's (supposed) comment policies and terms of service ("CP-TOS"), whom it has enabled and protected --- using the same screen name --- for four years:
April '08-present: User boasts about in-home interview by Secret Service re his threats against Bush on HuffPost (HuffPost: "Approved!!," protected!!)

In summary, in April 2008 --- shortly after HuffPost announced that it had begun pre-moderating all user comments on its news threads --- it chose to ban a user, "BreakingnewsJustintime," who dared to voice opposition to "kevenseven's" (a) urging of the murder of President Bush, (b) bragging that he'd been interviewed in his home by the U.S. Secret Service, and (c) "outing" and insulting the agents, by name.

Yet HuffPost chose to leave "kevenseven" free to continue his egregious violations of its CP-TOS --- which it has continued to enable him to do, despite innumerable user complaints, for at least the next eighteen months, under the same screen name. And during this time, it continued fast-banning users who stood against him, to his and his friends' explicit delight.


On April 15, 2008, HuffPost's top news thread was entitled: Obama: Clinton Using GOP Playbook.

As HuffPost management had not only still not banned "kevenseven," but was continuing to review, approve and publish his comments, he began insulting the Secret Service agents who interviewed him:
kevenseven See Profile I'm a Fan of kevenseven
Hey, you want to watch any suggestion of wishing premature mortality on a Secret Service protectee.
Two guys who looked like rejects from the Blues Brothers came to see me just last Friday for a comment I posted on Huff last Dec.
Early last Dec.
They are definitely on the case....four and a half months later they want me to explain a snotty comment about the shrub*.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 02:03 AM on 04/15/2008
[*NOTE.: “Shrub” is leftist slang on HuffPost for President Bush.]

When asked by another user about the incident, “kevenseven” acknowledged his threat, further insulted the Secret Service agents, and even said he told them that he could offer “a Congressman” who would “vouch” for him.

Then, when still another user, "BreakingnewsJustintime," asked whether he was not being reckless by insulting the Secret Service agents who interviewed him, “kevenseven” indicated that he felt he was immune from consequences (which was proven true, as HuffPost still would not ban him --- and even when it did, it would fully reinstate him, several days later):
AdLib See Profile I'm a Fan of AdLib
That's messed up! What did you say originally (in general, without starting the wheels turning again) and what did you say to them?
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 02:21 AM on 04/15/2008

kevenseven See Profile I'm a Fan of kevenseven
There was a headline "WH aides makeover B**H". I wrote "The first thing to do is cut off his h**d." This, they took to be a threat worth investigating. 4 and a half months after it was written.
I told them that I could call a congressman and put him on the phone with them if they needed someone to vouch for me.
And that they were just a bit hypervigilant.
Truly, the lead guy came off as if he has never so much as giggled once in his life. Probably never had sex with the lights on.
Six times this guy asked if I thought that that did not sound like a threat.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 02:31 AM on 04/15/2008

See Profile I'm a Fan of BreakingnewsJustintime
What do you think they'll do when they read that you called them "rejects from the Blues Brothers"?
You're stuck on stupid.

Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 02:30 AM on 04/15/2008

kevenseven See Profile I'm a Fan of kevenseven
What the f**k do I care how they respond to this? It is not illegal to make light of SS agents. You are a fool.
Reply Favorite Flag as abusive Posted 02:33 AM on 04/15/2008

Now, knowing all you do about HuffPost at this point, which user do you think it chose to ban, soon after this exchange --- "kevenseven," or "BreakingnewsJustintime?"
You got it: HuffPost banned "BreakingnewsJustintime," but left "kevenseven" free to continue posting at will.


Continue to the full analysis of HuffPost's perpetual enabling, emboldening and protection of "kevenseven," here --- which documents:
  • His threats against other users and their children

  • His pathologically vulgar attacks on other users

  • His racial slurs

  • The fact that even though HuffPost occasionally "banned" him, it fully reinstated him within hours or days

  • His denunciations of HuffPost for daring to censor him in any way, and for banning him and his "friends"

  • How one of his "friends" --- another long-term, egregious violator of HuffPost's (supposed) comment policies and terms of service, "HumeSkeptic" (profiled here) --- was instrumental in persuading it to repeatedly reinstate him

Return to:
HuffPost's protection of the most egregious violators of its "policies" --- and its banning of non-violators --- often on a minute-to-minute basis

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