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11/17/09: "Peace" activists physically assault peaceful Tea Partiers; how did HuffPost play it?


Another instance of a misleading HuffPost headline and its biased "reporting" --- this time, to obfuscate a criminal act perpetrated against conservatives, that was caught on video.

On November 17, 2009, one of HuffPost's front page headlines read:

Tea Party Protest Turns Violent (VIDEO)

After reading that headline, and seeing that image capture, what would you think?

Chances are, given how the radical left has charged (falsely) that Tea Party demonstrators are violent (if not racist and/or treasonous), you might assume that this video provides documentation that supports this allegation.

Well, let's look at the video to see what really happened:

The central, indisputable fact underlying this story is:
Several Tea Party activists were physically assaulted, without provocation, by members of International ANSWER, a self-professed "peace" group.

So how did HuffPost writer Dawn Teo describe what happened? Here are the first two sentences in her report:
Tea Partiers tussled with counter protesters during at least two of the nationwide anti-immigration Tea Party rallies on Saturday.

In Ft. Lauderdale, several Tea Partiers brawled in the street with counter protesters from the Florida Chapter of Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER).

Can you imagine how HuffPost and/or Ms. Teo would have reacted had members of, say, ACORN, been peacefully demonstrating on a public thoroughfare --- and Tea Party protesters physically attacked them? Even casual observers of HuffPost know it wouldn't have been covered as "ACORN members tussle with Tea Partiers."

Or if, say, a group of HuffPost fans was peacefully demonstrating in front of Fox News Channel, and FNC supporters started beating them up? How would HuffPost react if the story were played by FNC (or other news organizations) as, "HuffPost demonstration turns violent"?

To Ms. Teo's (and HuffPost's) credit, she did disclose, at the end of her report, the following (emphasis added):
Friday, the day before the Tea Party rally, ANSWER sent out a provocative email, which is now being cited and criticized extensively in conservative blogs. The email included the following statement:
Racism is like anything else in this world: in order to make it fall, you must smash it! That is why we are calling on all people to come out tomorrow, to organize a militant confrontation with the so-called 'tea baggers.' Beating back these forces will require us to organize together, take the streets, fight the racists wherever they show their faces and drive them out of every community.

Again --- can you imagine how HuffPost would react if it discovered that the Tea Partiers had sent out an email like that --- and its members had physically assaulted counter-protesters, as a result? Let's speculate on what a similar email would sound like --- if the target was... HuffPost:
HuffPost is like anything else in this world: in order to make it fall, you must smash it! That is why we are calling on all people to come out tomorrow, to organize a militant confrontation with the so-called 'HuffPosters.' Beating back these forces will require us to organize together, take the streets, fight them wherever they show their faces and drive them out of every community.

In reality, the Tea Parties across America have been conspicuously violence-free, family-friendly gatherings, and have been distinguished for how well their attendees have cleaned up the venues after their events (unlike their leftist counterparts); see 1, 2, 3, 4. Furthermore, the Tea Partiers are not "racists;" in fact, the splinter group that was demonstrating in Ft. Lauderdale are advocates for lawful immigration to America --- as opposed to the free-for-all that we've been allowing.

So what is International ANSWER, the "peace" group behind this "provocative" email --- and the physical assault on these demonstrators?

It's a Stalinist front for the anti-American, pro-Palestinian, international revolutionary communist movement --- disguised as a "peace" group:
Profile of International ANSWER by DiscoverTheNetworks

A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism): Profile by Stand4Fact

The Politics of Peace: What's Behind the Anti-War Movement? by John Tierney, Capital Research Center

What Is the A.N.S.W.E.R.? by Michael Tremoglie

Answering ANSWER by Michelle Malkin

None of this was covered, or even alluded to, in the HuffPost report. In fact, Ms. Teo describes the group as a group of "counter-protesters." "Criminals" would be more appropriate; and given the fact that the email they (allegedly) sent out the night before provided pretty clear incitement, it may even constitute a criminal conspiracy. "Counter-protesters," indeed.

So what kinds of user comments did HuffPost review, approve and decide to publish, as a result of this misleading headline and distorted "reporting"?

Although HuffPost did allow some conservatives to post their thoughts as well, the overwhelming majority of the comment thread for this story was filled with items such as these --- the direct result of HuffPost's misleading headline and half-assed "reporting":
bluntobject I'm a Fan of bluntobject I'm a fan of this user 11 fans permalink
This is all these redneck, ignorant republicans are about -- brawling. I am only sorry that more of this teabag-trash weren't popped in the face. He deserved it, and more!
Reply Posted 11:28 AM on 11/17/2009

mcthfg I'm a Fan of mcthfg I'm a fan of this user 29 fans permalink
I'm all for beating the crap out of tea baggers.
They continually use the language of violence and revolution - well, this is how it feels. They continually attempt to take away the rights of people with whom they don't agree, and people won't stand for it.
They need to be shown that there are consequences to their actions.
Reply Posted 11:22 AM on 11/17/2009

Mainer36 I'm a Fan of Mainer36 I'm a fan of this user 6 fans permalink
If the TEABAGGERS cant take it, they shouldnt start it.
Reply Posted 11:20 AM on 11/17/2009

Serror No Like Facts I'm a Fan of Serror No Like Facts I'm a fan of this user permalink
teabaggers take a pummeling?
Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of hired corporate cheerleaders.
Reply Posted 12:06 PM on 11/17/2009

MTOrtega I'm a Fan of MTOrtega I'm a fan of this user 2 fans permalink
Tea Baggers are cretins.
Neo-nazi's are worse.
Both groups should be locked up.
The key thrown away.
Reply Posted 03:29 PM on 11/17/2009

dubster I'm a Fan of dubster I'm a fan of this user 9 fans permalink
I'm so proud! Finally someone had the gall to step up to those racist xenophobes and smashed their face. It's that simple. When you espouse a macho rhetoric, you better be able to back it up. Don't be surprised when your spiel is filled with bravado but when that swagger is challenged, please don't be surprised when your belligerence is matched! I'm very elated a group like ANSWER handled business.
Reply Posted 06:33 PM on 11/17/2009

PWM I'm a Fan of PWM I'm a fan of this user 241 fans permalink
The teabaggers started the fight. They believe in freedom of speech, but only for them.
Reply Posted 10:14 AM on 11/17/2009

Jo3Wang I'm a Fan of Jo3Wang I'm a fan of this user permalink
These people were lucky it was only ANSWER. Too bad the ARA members weren't there to show ANSWER how it's done.
Reply Posted 09:34 AM on 11/17/2009

lazercat2008 I'm a Fan of lazercat2008 I'm a fan of this user 208 fans permalink
The Neo Nutzis have every right to protest immigration with the rest of the haters. It's called freedom of speech.
Reply Posted 10:21 AM on 11/17/2009

Stephen Lahanas I'm a Fan of Stephen Lahanas I'm a fan of this user 13 fans permalink
Great way to help further destabilize the nation in a time of crisis, thanks a bunch Glenn Beck.
Reply Posted 10:17 AM on 11/17/2009

SchmataHari I'm a Fan of SchmataHari I'm a fan of this user permalink
Tea Parties cannot "turn" violent. They are violence by their very nature. These teaBAGGERS only know hatred, and bigotry. Ignoramusses every one of them. [...]
Reply Posted 10:12 AM on 11/17/2009

Genep34 I'm a Fan of Genep34 I'm a fan of this user 51 fans permalink
It is about time someone stood up to these ignorant white power cowards.
Reply Posted 10:35 AM on 11/17/2009

Golfer59 I'm a Fan of Golfer59 I'm a fan of this user 10 fans permalink
I love it!!! The republican party at it's best.
Reply Posted 10:32 AM on 11/17/2009

RevolutionMan I'm a Fan of RevolutionMan I'm a fan of this user 3 fans permalink
For all the rallies that they hold advocating violence against those they oppose it was not a surprise to find that someone fought back. I am just amazed that they seem outraged at the response they got when I am sure it was exactly what they wanted.
Reply Posted 08:58 AM on 11/18/2009

JaCar I'm a Fan of JaCar I'm a fan of this user 5 fans permalink
Teabaggers instigating violence and showing their racism? They want violence, that's why they're there. To intimidate and deny others their voice. Violence is never a good answer, but these protesters had a right to be there and defend themselves from these Klansmen.
Reply Posted 12:16 AM on 11/18/2009

The stimulus and the response, indeed.



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