Thursday, November 26, 2009



"TheFabOne" is a notoriously vile, obscene radical leftist that HuffPost not only enables, but protects --- by surgically removing his most vulgar comments, but leaving him free to continue posting --- as shown below. This stands in sharp contrast to the fact that HuffPost censors and bans, in as few as six comments, non-violating users who dare to stand up to or mock users such "TheFabOne." See detailed report here.

Example: Re Sarah Palin - November 20, 2009:

The following screencap was obtained at 9:51pm:
"She had to go home to catch Levi's Playgirl spread, because her pussy was wet.............."

Not only did HuffPost approve and decide to publish the above comment, it later surgically removed it, and left "TheFabOne" active and free to continue "commenting":

The following screencap was obtained at 12:23am - nearly three hours later --- yet the most recent comment showing in his archive was posted at 8:53pm --- a half hour before his... comment above:

And by March 2010, HuffPost still permitted "TheFabOne" to remain active ----while at the same time, banning non-violating conservatives who dare to stand up against users like him, on a minute-to-minute basis:

More to come.


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