Friday, January 22, 2010

To contact HuffPost's senior management


Are you concerned about HuffPost's pathological incitement of hate against the U.S. military, Israel and Jews, and conservative individuals & organizations?  About its persistent work to protect and act as PR shill for Hamas, Al Qaeda and other militant Islamist organizations? (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

If so, here's how to share your thoughts (politely, please) with its leadership.  You might also consider expressing your thoughts to HuffPost's advertisers., who are ultimately paying to enable this madness, whether they know it or not. (Note: Cadillac is actually using our tax money to advertise on HuffPost).

HuffPost senior management

(Arianna's boss)
Tim Armstrong,
Chairman and CEO
770 Broadway

New York, NY 10003
(212) 206-4400
Here's AOL's general feedback form

Arianna Huffington, President and Editor in Chief

AOL Huffington Post Media Group
Office: 646-274-2430
Other senior executives:
Mario Ruiz
HuffPost spokesman

Office: 646-274-2439

Cell: 917-864-5370

Lauren Hurvitz

AOL Corporate Communications
Office: 212-206-5020

Cell: 917-683-5118

Jennifer DeGuzman

AOL Corporate Communications

To email all of these individuals at once, just clip and paste this string into your email program:,,,,,,,

HUFF-WATCH coverage of AOL's purchase of HuffPost:

"YOU'VE GOT HATE!!!" AOL blows $315 million to buy HuffPost, the Internet's largest inciter and tolerator of hatred

Will AOL allow Arianna to continue using HuffPost's front page for her self-worship?




  1. More from the party of tolerance and diversity. Stay classy, libs!

  2. Hello:

    My name is Timmy. I am in fifth grade. I am in Mrs. Chiesa's class. We have a school project. It is to find out how internet blogs work, and how to be a blogger.

    Because Huffington Post is the biggest blog, I want to ask you if you can help with my report.

    How did you start your blog? Did you have to pass a test, or anything? Did you have to register, or pay money?

    Do you do fact-checking, the way real journalists do? Like when you approved a story of the US hiring mercenaries, did you fact check that story?

    Would anyone get mad at you if you lied about stuff? My dad says you shouldn't lie, ever.

    Do you think it is ok to lie if it for people's own good? -like when you say your sister in nice even though you know she is mean?

    I hope you answer my questions because Mrs. Chiesa will get mad if I don't turn in a good report.

    Thank you


    Timmy H.

    Toledo, Ohio

  3. Hello Timmy:

    Those are all very good questions. Please let me know if HuffPost's senior management responds to you.

    Do you know the word "odds," though? Because I'll give you 1,000-1 odds that you won't even get the courtesy of a response. (Sorry, that was a bit of sarcasm.)


  4. Advertisers should know what HuffPo says about them. Like Amitrade's founder uses his fortune to undermine democracy (Amanda Terkel). But AOL displays a huge banner ad on its front page.

  5. Well after months of reading the hateful,obscene posts after the Huff stories with NO way to report them, I had to join. NO post gets through that asks questions of the "reporter" who, BTW, has NO contact info for feedback. Additonally, if I wish to post something like the following in response, it won't post. NO contact info to find out WHY some posts get through and others don't.
    Here's my latest unposted and my question, WHY?
    2 Fans
    0 minute ago (3:28 PM)
    I'd really like to know WHY this post was NOT posted in response to TommyObama saying "And we need to KEEP their taxes low, so they can continue this job creation! Either you agree with this or you're a Marxist. Simple choice." ARE ONLY THOSE ON THE LEFT ALLOWED A VOICE HERE?
    My post that wasn't allowed:
    Actually, it's either you agree with a left wing progressiv­e path for our country or you're a redneck, bible thumping hick who is just too stupid to see how the "global" governance of our once great country is what is best for ALL of us! The bullies have spoken and if you don't agree then you're an idiot terrorist just looking to destroy this country. And you probably STILL think the constituti­on is more important then the whims of an egocentric executive branch. Followed by lots of insults and expletives­. Sit down and SHUTUP and let us get on with the job of bankruptin­g America, you racists!