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6/17/10: Updates to HuffPost's anti-Semitism, and photo bias to make genocidal tyrants look their best



UPDATE #1, June 16: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reaffirms one of the reasons for his deepening love for Arianna Huffington: Her willingness to make him and his genocidal tyrants look their best, while making others... look their worst

A continuation of this satirical post, from a few days ago...

Date: June 16, 2010

From: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

To: Arianna Huffington

Re: Your fetish for making bloodthirsty tyrants look admirable!

My Dear Arianna:

How delighted I am to see that you've reaffirmed your willingness to continue using the power of your "nonpartisan newspaper" (LOL!!!) to project the worst possible depictions of the civilized leaders, while giving the exact opposite treatment to bloodthirsty tyrants like me. For example, I showed the disparate treatment you gave to me, and to the Zionist pig Netanyahu, as representative of your multi-year effort to always make me look my very best:

But on June 16, you really outdid yourself, on behalf of a dear friend of mine. On that day, you had a nearly top-of-the-page story about the CEO of BP. Keeping in mind, of course, that he did not personally cause the leak in your Gulf of Mexico, here is how you chose to portray him:

Yet on the same day, on the same page, a few boxes down, how did you choose to depict my dear friend Kim Jong Il, the psychopathic tyrant who, as you must know:

Oh, my dear Arianna, how could a psychopathic tyrant like me not love you even more?

Now if you'd take up my proposal for a more... permanent joint venture between us, I could get you fitted for your new outfits... to make your transition from free woman, to full-bore servant of mine, complete. Below, I had one of my artists work up this conception (yes, I know you wear glasses, Arianna!):

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5/13/09: (Kennedy-esque) Obama "warns" (sinister-looking) Netenyahu; predictable Israel-hatred ensues (with approval!!!)

5/20/09 onward: Pathological photo-bias re Netanyahu, Ahmadinejad


UPDATE #2, June 17: HuffPost blogger interviews Roseanne Barr --- who posed as a Nazi for a magazine cover story --- on Israel, but apparently "forgot" to ask her about that

Back on July 31, 2009, HUFF-WATCH reported that one of HuffPost's most notorious
official bloggers, Roseanne Barr, was exposed in top conservative blogs for having posed as a Nazi, eating freshly-baked "Jew people" out of an oven, for the cover of a magazine. Further, we reported, that even after this incident had been widely reported in the conservative blogosphere, HuffPost kept Barr as an official blogger. Our story is here:
7/31/09: Official blogger Roseanne Barr dresses up as Hitler, puts "Jews" in oven (HuffPost: "You're not fired!!!")

Well, today, HuffPost approved and published an interview with Barr, entitled:
Roseanne Barr Says Israel Must End Their Blockade and Occupation of Gaza

And amidst Barr's anti-Israel screed, does the "interviewer" (or one of HuffPost's 53 crack editors) ever once broach the subject of why she would pose as a Nazi, eating Jews fresh out of the oven? Of course not. (Here is a PDF of the original story, in case HuffPost decides to do some post-editing...)

The article does, however, include numerous incidents of Barr calling Jews and Christians... Nazis:

The thing that infuriates me and I have argued this with all of the neocons, is that many Christians believe that all Jews must die in Israel during their terrible Armageddon story in order for Christ to return [...] They are close to being neo-Nazis.

I took the whole Book of Revelations to Jews and explained the Nazi-like philosophy behind their support of Israel, and they just laughed and said, "It doesn't matter what they believe. The guy (Jesus) isn't coming back. So what?" I said, "Their support includes agitating for war with Iran, which to them is Magog. Armageddon is the war of Gog and Magog." It draws closer. [...]

"Listen to Palin drop hints about all the Jews in America moving there. Their thinking is for real and their think tanks write about it all the time."

As a reminder, here are some quotes worth considering:
[At HuffPost] there are guidelines that have to be followed -- and they include a prohibition on conspiracy theories or inflammatory claims.

These are actually very good ground rules for Fox News to adopt. I'll send you a copy and cc Roger [Ailes].
For context, it's good to remember that Glenn Beck didn't come out of nowhere. He's the latest example of what the great historian Richard Hofstadter called "the paranoid style in American politics," which he defined as angry minds that traffic in "heated exaggeration, suspiciousness, and conspiratorial fantasy," and that see "the fate of conspiracy in apocalyptic terms... always manning the barricades of civilization."
- Arianna Huffington, February 1, 2010
also see related HUFF-WATCH story: Beyond hypocrisy: Arianna Huffington accuses Fox of "inciting" hate
You agree that you will not... (3)(iii) submit material that is... defamatory, libelous... hateful, racially or ethnically offensive... or is otherwise inappropriate."
- HuffPost Terms of Service, see analysis here


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6/6/10: HuffPost publishes incendiary anti-Semitic libels (again) --- this time, from one of its own "reporters"

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UPDATE #3, June 18: Amidst gaggle of leftist hacks and a token conservative, President Obama invites Arianna Huffington to dine with him

Of course. Now that Obama has thrown Israel to the wolves, and is aligning himself with and funding its enemies*, why would he not want to dine with one of the world's most powerful inciters and tolerators of anti-Israel hatred - Arianna Huffington?

Sadly, her highness was apparently too busy to beak bread with him. From Jim Hoft @ GatewayPundit - who also reminds us of Obama's recent refusal to dine with Benjamin Netanyahu - via HuffPost:

President Obama met for lunch on Thursday with a group of predominantly progressive columnists to discuss a range of topics, chief among them the oil spill in the Gulf.

Attendees included Gail Collins of the New York Times, Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC and Gerald Seib, the Washington bureau chief of The Wall Street Journal, all of whom were spotted leaving the West Wing at roughly 1:45 p.m.

The lunch lasted more than an hour, said a White House spokesman. But no further details were offered. For full disclosure, Huffington Post co-founder and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington was invited to attend but could not make it due to a scheduling conflict.

After shilling for Obama throughout his campaign, and only announcing a few weeks after the election that aside from her daughters, he's the only person in the world she text-messages, what a surprise to know that Ms. Huffington is still so close to him.

*More: From CreepingSharia:
Camera research indicates a direct correlation between increased aid to Palestine and increased homicides:


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