Saturday, April 23, 2011

For the third time, HuffPost allows murder-threatening Moderator to return, resume threats


Our newest special report documents the fact that for the third time in two months, HuffPost has allowed one of its most long-term, threat-spewing, radical leftist Moderator
s to return to the site, after banning him. These bans occurred almost immediately after our reports on HuffPost's and his actions were published, in December 2010 and February 2011.

Now, in his fourth incarnation, HuffPost has been enabling this individual --- known as "foxinretreat" --- to continue posting his explicit threats and solicitations of murder and violence against notable conservative public figures (which are felonies).

Here are a few recent examples of the "comments" submitted by this Moderator, now posting as
"kochsarecrooks," that HuffPost reviewed, approved and decided to publish, while up to 165 others were stuck in "Pending," awaiting its review:
"Moltov cocktails to hit WS (Wall St.) and the banksters soon. I have no problem with that, I'm serious."

"Open warfare on the Kochs! Bomb them!!"

"Time to destroy the right wing - bomb Koch HQ!!"

There are
three critical differences, however, in what HuffPost is now enabling this clearly-disturbed individual to post, over and over again:
(1) He is developing a violent obsession with Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)

(2) Unlike his prior posts, which didn't include his location, he has now disclosed that he lives only a short distance away from Rep. Ryan's district

(3) He has now stated his clear intention to infiltrate a Ryan public event, to confront --- and possibly attack him
  • "I'm in IL over the border but I plan on working on getting rid of Ryan as well."
  • "I'm 10 miles south of WI in IL, it would be fun to see what parades he's participating in unless he's too much of a coward to show up."
  • "I'll have to find out if you have to show an ID to attend a Paul Ryan town hall meeting. I can cross state lines and infiltrate one very easily..."

As we've documented for two years now, HuffPost has been knowingly, deliberately inciting hatred against conservative individuals and organizations (primarily the Tea Party) based on false and misleading allegations.

Our new report documents in extreme detail the response to this incitement: the physical danger into which HuffPost has knowingly, willfully placed certain conservative public figures, which now includes Rep. Ryan.

If you read the report, you will see the details of HuffPost's continuing, colossal betrayal of its repeated public commitments to (a) maintain a "civil," safe commenting environment, and (b) enforce its "zero tolerance" policy against violations of its rules, or the law. Further, you'll discover that rather than being an isolated incident, which HuffPost can brush off as an "accident," it is, in reality, part of a multi-year pattern of its enabling and protecting the worst-of-the-worst violators of its polices (if not the law), while censoring and banning non-violating users who attempt to complain, speak out against or mock them.

If you agree that our concerns are legitimate, we urge urge you to take the steps indicated in ACTION ITEMS at the end of our report.

Go to our new report: "FoxInRetreat's third return - Full screencap documentation"



  1. This website is a hoot, I can't wait to post the link to it and the mockings go viral.

  2. You will have a hard time mocking the truth.