Thursday, April 28, 2011

HuffPost approves Moderators, users to stand atop corpses from Southern storms to spew political hatred


"God is just rewarding Repubs by bringing them
- HuffPost-approved comment by Moderator "ManWithAParachute," 221 "fans," in regards to the 250+ Americans killed in last night's storms

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Thanks to all the tipsters who sent in alerts and screencaps re this latest HuffPost outrage.

Amidst news that nearly 300 Americans had been killed by the devastating storms that swept through the southern states overnight, HuffPost put the news thread dedicated to it under double-strong comment moderation.
Even though Arianna Huffington announced years ago that not a single comment would appear anywhere on her site without first being approved by a moderator, today it put up a notice that explicitly stated it on the story page:

So one might think that in the wake of this devastation, carnage and death that visited our southern neighbors, HuffPost would actually work to restrain the leftist ghouls that it has enabled and protected to violate the site's policies at will for years. One would be very disappointed.

What HuffPost allowed to occur on this thread was the most stomach-churning, chilling tirade of leftist ghoulishness we've witnessed since documenting what it perpetrated on its Gabby Giffords shooting story thread (more here).

Specifically, HuffPost's rules dictate that it does not allow, and will not publish comments containing celebrations or urgings of anyone's death or illness, or slurs based on religion or other factors, or hate of any kind, or off-topic content.

Yet on
this story thread, HuffPost enabled its Moderators and its veteran users (500+ "fans") to post comments containing claims that these Americans were killed because they voted for the wrong party --- or because they're Christians --- or because they support the Tea Party --- and that perhaps this will cause others to have a change of heart (or political affiliation).

Think we're exaggerating? Judge for yourself (and take a look at the actual thread). Then ask yourself, if you were one of the big-league advertisers whose money makes this all possible, would you really want to be visibly associated with this kind of hate --- let alone for enabling it? Is this the behavior you expect from the #1 most-read blog on Earth, and a top-ten U.S. “news” site?

A sampling of the comments

The following is a small sampling of the ghoulishness that HuffPost deliberately reviewed, approved and decided to publish on this thread. After reading these "comments," you might consider writing one or a few of HuffPost's advertisers --- especially if you do business with them in any way.

April 29 update

(Submitted by "JJ") These are some of the most chilling comments we've yet seen. The first two explicitly claim that those who died in these storms "deserved it!" Also, note that each one indicates it was "Flagged Successful," meaning that HuffPost was notified that this is an abusive comment. So how much do you want to bet that next month, next year, each of these long-term (150+ "fans") radical leftist ghouls will still be enabled and protected by HuffPost, just as it does with the worst-of-the-worst violators of its policies, while it censors and fast-bans users who dare to attempt to stand up to or mock them?

And here, HuffPost merely approved this user to claim that conservatives, presumably those who were killed in this storm, are "inhuman." HuffPost's "Comment Policy" claims that it prohibits, and will not publish, comments that are posted "with the explicit intention of provoking other commenters." Stay classy, HuffPost:

April 30 update

Despite our reports that HuffPost has been receiving dozens of complaint emails, it just keeps reviewing, approving and publishing the hate-filled comments against the victims of this tragedy by the radical leftists that it enables and protects. Thanks to reader "Gabriel" for these screencaps.

Let's start with these two comments HuffPost approved by "LittleBigCheese," claiming that "banjo futures are up," and how badly the region's meth labs will be affected:

Next up: HuffPost approved "Think Outside The Fox" to make fun of people in the South who live in "bagger trailers," which were presumably destroyed in this storm:

And finally, HuffPost approved "spinns" (1,484 "fans") to tell the victims of this storm, "red states: payback karma's a *****"


We're getting quite a few emails and comments from leftists who complain that we're not being fair; that we haven't taken account of what some conservatives said in the wake of Ted Kennedy's death, for instance.

Our response: There are hateful people across the political spectrum. But what this blog article documents is the fact that HuffPost --- which claims it is nonpartisan and professionally run, doesn't tolerate any hate speech, and whose existence is dependent on advertising dollars --- knowingly, willfully, deliberately facilitated the outpouring of radical leftist hate speech against the people who were killed in this storm.

Show us the equivalent of that ever happening on the conservative side of the blogosphere, and then we'll chat, complainers.


Flashback: Arianna's laws:
  • "We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to abusive or hateful language or comments." (3/20/08)

  • "If you're looking for the usual flame-throwing, name-calling, and simplistic attack dog rhetoric ... don't bother coming to the Huffington Post." (5/6/05)
  • "Our comments on the news site were originally post-moderated (i.e., objectionable comments were removed only after our moderators were alerted). We eventually decided that it was worth the substantial effort and expense to have human pre-moderation on both blogs and news." (July 2008)



  1. Those are great comments, I especially liked the ones about ignorance of climate change.

  2. What gets me is some of them take issue with others of them for wishing death and destruction on Southerners.

    But their reasoning is, "They aren't all Republicans!"

  3. I was in disbelieve of some of the reactions posted on Huffington in the wake of the disaster.
    This was that is the first time I ever witnessed Americans cheering and mocking the deaths of fellow Americans.
    As if this where a political victory.
    My attempts to speak up about this where not approved by Huffington and not posted.

  4. Yeah, these really stink.

    Does anyone remember the nasty comments and even the laughing about the folks who drowned in Hurricane Katrina?


    People can be really awful no matter what their politics may be.

  5. Deeply saddened and disturbed, I took the trouble in-between work today to send the below letter to the long list of Huffington Post advertisers.
    I my heart I don’t believe that any reasonable person or company could stand behind of what took place on Huffington Post yesterday as people where dying under the rubble whilst others searched for loved ones in the dark.
    But I also understand that they are busy people with the primary responsibility to their customers and employees and cannot be expect to keep an eye on everything that is published under their sponsorship.

    Dear Sirs,

    I am a long time member of Huffington Post and understand that you are an advertiser on the site.
    The cheering and mocking of the deaths and destruction in the southern states yesterday on Huffington Post is a national shame not to mention an embarrassment for all Americans in front of the International community.
    The shear lack of empathy, decency and basic humanity displayed in the wake of tragedy is disturbing and also escalating.

    This is first time in my lifetime and I’m no spring chicken that I have witnessed a media outlet approving and publishing the cheering and mocking of the deaths of their fellow Americans in the wake of a natural disaster.

    As a long time member (4 years) it is also my humble opinion that Huffington Post has nurtured this increasingly radical attitude by exploiting and politicizing events for political expedience.

    I understand that all partisan political sites exploit, but in Huffington’s case the frequency and particularly the degree of viciousness is unique.
    Thank you for reading

    Regards, ……

  6. Did you happen to see any of the Right Wing blogs when Ted Kennedy passed away?

  7. @ Anonymous 2:17pm:

    Thank you so much. Very, very well said.

  8. @ Anonymous 7:33pm, who asked: "Did you happen to see any of the Right Wing blogs when Ted Kennedy passed away?"

    Gee, no, I didn't. What happened? Assuming you're an apologist, let's just skip past the "But Mooommmmm, they did it first!!!" and get right to the part of the apples-to-apples comparison:

    Show me a right-wing website that:
    (a) is supported by top-flight advertisers,
    (b) on the promise that it is nonpartisan,
    (c) claims it vigilantly moderates comments on a nonpartisan basis to prevent hate before it even appears, and
    (d) deliberately reviewed, approved and decided to publish the equivalent of this, against Ted Kennedy.

    Go for it.

    Oh, and when you realize you can't find anything that is even in the same galaxy that is comparable, you might mosey on over to these threads, to see some more of the peaceful, tolerant, sympathetic, inclusive, diverse, respectful left:





    Yeah, yeah, we all know that it's different when the left does it. They only do it because they care so gosh darned much about everyone --- especially the "little people."

  9. Bitter aren't we? I really could give a flying Rat's bohonkus of what Huffpo publishes. I take my news and commentary wherever I find it and that includes you Righties, too. We're all big boys and girls. But don't you have something better to do than cherry-pick all day to make your point?

  10. @ Anonymous 8:15pm:

    It would have been much more dignified of you to just say, "Wow, well, you're right."

    But like an overgrown infant, you come back with, "We're all big boys and girls." No, we're not. Here was your original comment:

    "Did you happen to see any of the Right Wing blogs when Ted Kennedy passed away?
    April 29, 2011 7:33 PM"

    I asked you for an apples-to-apples comparison, and then you come back even more unhinged, and say "Bitter aren't we? I really could give a flying Rat's bohonkus of what Huffpo publishes." Well obviously you do, seeing as you came to a HuffPost watchdog site to... defend HuffPost.

    Next time, at least try to be a bit consistent.

  11. I believe unhinged might just be a bit dramatic. I came here because it was linked in another board as an example of leftie hypocrisy. Again, when you cherry-pick that's how you make a feeble point. I didn't site any examples because obviously I spend my days picking apart right-wing sites and keep and archive of examples on my right-wing watch site. I didn't have the inclination or the time to humor you. Your audience is just not that important to me. But at the evidence of how many users have jumped into this conversation and come to your rescue and the plethora of advertisers I see that may not be a concern of yours.

  12. To the above poster.April 30, 2011 10:14 AM

    The difference is that Huffington prides it’s self in its standards and is also the most heavily moderated site.
    Nothing is posted there not approved by an army of moderators.
    Moreover, the comments displayed here are not cherry picked but merely a small sampling out of hundreds of similar ones and worse.
    Making fun of the people in the south.
    Blaming the disaster on their culture and supposed politics.
    Calls for denying them federal help
    And climate change zealots self-righteously gloating whilst promoting their politics.

    After being called out by watch dog sites like this, Huffington moderators go in a day later and weed out retroactively what they approved a day or more before after everybody read it and has moved to the next outrage generator published there.
    It’s almost daily cycle of approving, heating the rhetoric, poring gas on the fire of anger and then cleaning out the evidence.

    Instead of innuendo you could have also posted those right wing sites and links to what you are referring to.
    Are those obscure blog spots or anything rivaling Huffington?
    Is it hundreds/ thousands of mean spirited posts page after page like on Huffington or the odd totally uncalled for post on a site not moderated or barely?

  13. Care to comment? I'll bet this site is down with this post on fox nation, no ill wishes there huh?

    azcolt [Moderator] 0 minutes agoOh, shoot...I thought they said "0bama bin Biden"...Read more:

  14. Got to love the real party of hate.

  15. @ Anonymous 11:57pm:

    Here's a tip: When you write in to claim some sort of "a-ha!" moment, make sure your link works. Yours doesn't. It leads to the page concerning Bin Laden's demise, that's it.

    Now, let's assume for the moment that you copied and pasted what was actually on your screen.

    How does that compare to what is documented on this page, or in the two previous ones, with this moderator?




    And while you're at it, I'd like to see how censored and banned the users who complained about this moderator. And how protected that moderator, day after day, week after week, month after month, to keep verbalizing his threats and solicitations of murder.

    C'mon, go for it! If you want to play in this league, and do an apples-to-apples comparison, that's what you gotta bring.

  16. Give me a break. You know you are the author of many of these posts. You post nasty things and then use them to incite anger? LAME... You are a laughingstock Lameass.

  17. “Give me a break. You know you are the author of many of these posts. You post nasty things and then use them to incite anger? LAME... You are a laughingstock Lameass.”

    By your logic, Huffpo is permitting one or a handful of posters to have hundreds if not thousands of user accounts?

  18. HuffingtonPost does not restrict its users to one user account. It is perfectly legal. but you knew that already.

    You appear to be more than a little preoccupied with that website.

  19. It’s a well known fact that Huffpo with slanted emotional opinion pieces and often misleading headlines seeks to generate outrage, encourages animosity and verbal witch hunts against
    Jews, Israel and our Troops when expedient.
    The criminalization of anybody Republican
    The libel of the Tea Party .
    The blanket condemnation of all Southern States and their people, belittling them.

    They openly permit name calling, personal attacks and viciousness, even rewards this behavior with special moderators powers.
    And with their heavy handed moderation practices are in control of what is being posted.
    It is important to call Hufffpo out on their manipulation of their readers, goading participants into hate speech of unprecedented frequency and degree.
    Many think it’s cute and congratulate each other for being deeply offensive and cruel.
    “Radical Chic “